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  1. I can get everything delivered. Books, booze, crap pizza, shit chinese, hell even apparently narcotics if you know the correct ordering technique. So why the hell no Pho? Why no Banh Mi?

    Not sure about the Bahn Mi except that it's kinda hard to justify free delivery on a sandwich that's being sold for $2.75

    Pho? The noodles, sprouts & basil wouldn't stand up to the 30 minutes it would take to deliver it. Soggy Phô? Don't think sô!

    Keith, turn off the laptop, get off your ass and walk the 5km! It'll help you vent off some of this frustration you've been feeling.


    This is just wrong.

    There is a huge take-out/delivery market for pho in areas with a larger vietnamese population (northern virginia, for example). You just put the broth in a soup container and the noodles in one of those chinese food contaners. The sprouts and stuff come in a plastic bag.

    Vancouver is also guilty for not giving enough basil or other herbs (sawtooth, for instance). I'm sure you can grow it here, stop being so stingy Vancouver pho shops!!!

  2. I went there today and while I was not very impressed, there is a lot of potential here.

    First, I don't think we can ever expect homemade tortillas here and to do so sets expectations so high that it is no surprise that you would be disappointed. Even the great burrito places I've been to in LA and San Diego rarely use homemade tortillas. This is not a mexican place, but a tex-mex joint.

    I had the chicken burrito and the meat was well seasoned, although there was no hint of the chipotle marinade they supposedly used. I do agree that it was quite understuffed. There was plenty of meat, but not enough of the other fillers, like rice and beans. Rice and beans are incredibly cheap, so it's odd that they don't put a little more in. I don't like leaving a burrito shop hungry.

    There was a bit of a wait, but that's not surprising in a new restaurant. The staff was incredibly nice and even offered complimentary chips and salsa to make up for our wait.

    It wouldn't be hard to make this into a decent burrito place.

  3. Joe,

    I have been your one of your biggest proponents in the past because I do think the 90 minute thing isn't perfect and can easily cause more problems than it relieves, and I like that you don't shy down from pointing out these flaws to a room full of Ray's fans. But this horse is dead, bro. There's no reason to keep bringing this up - anyone who wants to read the same debate all over again can go back a few pages.

    And as to your question about why certain restaurants get more coverage, I think part of it is due to the fact that the average person can't afford the restaurants you mentioned. Heck, the majority of the Palena talk is about food in their cafe. I'd love to go to Maestro as much as the next society donor, but it'll have to wait.



  4. I'm still trying to get the bad taste out of my mouth from dinner a few nights ago at LUMIERE.

    Surely this was unnecessary.

    I can imagine that perhaps in one or the other dish your exceptionally high personal expectations were not met, or perhaps you had a bad night, or perhaps you are from planet Klingon, but to say that you are "still trying to get the bad taste out" of your mouth after a meal at Lumiere must rank as one of the more egregious exaggerations ever posted in this forum.

    I am new to Vancouver and have no real ties to the area, although I have seen Feenie on TV and I certainly look up to him for his culinary prowess. That said, I did not read any hostility in the original post. I thought it was clear that the poster was using the term "bad taste taste out of my mouth" as a figure of speech. You guys need to calm down.

  5. It's difficult to imagine more bang for a small buck than the pho at Kim Phung. However I would rate the Seafood Laksa, (at $7.00) at the Cafe Delite a very close second - and certainly the best I have had on this side of the pond. They also do a brilliant Nasi Lemak with coffee - which, as old south-east Asia hands will tell you, is one of the finer hangover breakfasts.

    The Sushi King is also a fine example of value for money. Consistently fresh and large portions of sushi at ridiculously low prices - even if this is somewhat artlessly prepared.

    This place is hideously overrated. Pho broth should be clear, not brown.

  6. You guys reccomend kim phung a lot for pho. Now unless I was there on a very off day, I'd have to disagree. This is not good pho. First, the color of the broth should be clear or close to clear, not brown. Further, the flavor of the broth should be meaty first and spicy second. I'm not using spicy here to connote heat, but the presence of a lot of spices.

    The best pho I have had in Vancouver so far has been Pho Van at fraser and 18th.

  7. Although, as a Psychologist, I was offended the psychological nonsense they were spouting.

    Hmmm, I got the sense that it was Dr. Hall who was providing the psychological commentary of himself from his academic perspective as the dean of psychology at the University of Maryland at College Park.

    Given that he spends $50-60k a year there, I suppose a car & driver, swivel seat, etc. is cost-effective. And of course, this article is pretty good publicity. Maybe people will go there just to watch the Hall show, as it were. ??? Does anyone know of another restaurant that goes to this length for a customer?

    On another note, I thought the gullet guys would be all over this story and I thought I would be quite late in the conversation. Does no one read Young & Hungry or is it that no one else thought it was very interesting or? :unsure:

    I was more talking about stuff like this:

    Marcel’s would make an interesting laboratory for a study in organizational psychology.

    trust me, he's getting ribbed from people in his department for this.

  8. Don't like Ray's policies? You could just go next door and get pho instead. If you do, I can guarantee you:

    1. No one will care if you stay longer than 90 minutes

    2. No need for reservations at all.

    3. Much less with the arrogance.

    4. Much fresher meat (dry aging? YUCK!!!!!)

    5. You'll spend about a tenth of what you would have spent at Ray's.

    6. The iced coffee is much better.

    7. Your friends will think you're one of those "cultured" people.

    Who needs Ray's?!!?!?

  9. You need to stop blindly defending whose you you rever. This thread isn't about great meals at the lab (which I've had). This is about Iron Chef and  Roberto got schooled. Shame on him if he didn't do his homework. If he turned up at the SAT's unprepared without a No. 2 pencil should we just give him a 1600. I'm a big fan but I know when to call a spade a spade.

    in the words of the great rupert giles,

    "I made these points earlier, but fine, no one listens to me."

  10. Hey, I love Roberto as much as the next guy but I don't think you can argue with:

    1. He knew there was a 1 hour time limit.

    2. Every visiting chef who has never cooked at Kitchen Stadium America before has still managed to put out more than 2 dishes.

    Speed ain't the number one thing I look for in a chef either, but you should be able to adapt to the limits placed upon you.

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