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  1. Remember this was filmed in 1998, when he was 32, he was on the cusp of celebrity chef then
  2. Topless Diner on Rt 95 in the south Tits and Grits
  3. Thanks folks, I tell you how the Cubans were,
  4. nypork

    Zagat 2005

    Zagat's-a trickle down economy for jerks-I'm a newly appointed chef at a restaurant in Brooklyn that has had a downward spiral in Zagats-23-20-19 over the last three issues-today I get a phone call and the caller starts lauding me on the achievement of gaining a 19 in the book-my first instinct is to say"sucker" but I'm looking for people to enjoy my food and let him ramble on-he reads the entry and all-which was semi-flattering but I knew the history-so I go thanks alot-can I get you a reservation-he stammers and goes well I'm form comapny so and so and we create the plaques with the zagat listing. We'll while I hope to bring a better rating to this place next year-I politely declined, but then it became an aggressive sale to the point of rude, so I hung up-I'll keep the one that says 23 in the window and hope for the best. Moral of the story, I don't know-I t was just my Zagat story and I'm drunk rightnow. Woohoo!!
  5. nypork

    Spice Market

    You got to remember who wrote the review, I do believe Hesser and JG are good buddies, he wrote a blurb for her book and the Times got a little flack for not disclosing that at the time of the review. So maybe there was a little bias in the review. I do believe besides the original JG, his empire is just a bunch of 1 and two star joints living off his name-I went to vong for my gf birthday and we were ready to drink some wine, but they seemed more interested in removing our glasses, than refilling them. And here thirty dollar beef and noodle bowl tasted like they ordered from Ollies. Au revior
  6. I got there at 12 on the dot,mainly because iI had to get to work by two(one of the worst thing about being a chef, all the cool food events are on the weekends when I have to work) but anyway. My girlfriend and I split up from the start, and met each other what seemed to be every 15 minutes to eat what we had. It worked quite well and by the time I left for work around 130 we had tried everything but the Blue Smoke ribs(I used to work there, so I knew what they were all about) I do believe good planning is the key,
  7. Wow that's too bad, I went there last year when it first opened and had a spectacular dinner. Grace Lamb(didnt know she was the owner at the time) graciously walked us up the steps and sat us down and chattted for awhile. Our waiter was quite attentive and knowledable about the food, but for three of the courses the Chef herself delivered the goods with detailed explanations. But maybe thats the plan, kill them with kindess at first and ride it out on the hoopla you create-I'll have to go back and investigate and see what the problem is.
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