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  1. I think the show is well written, informative and shot very nicely. There is a lot of good info on there. However, I find the host to be awful. I hate the way he eats, popping food into his mouth and leaving his fingers up in the air while he chews. And his smug little expressions are corny and he talks frequently with his mouth full of food. It sometimes sounds like the microphone is in his mouth and it's just gross. I recently watched the Spain episode. The scene with him eating the suckling pigs' head in the beginning was disgusting. That baby pig deserved better. And he always refe
  2. Is that the place between 7-Eleven and Lutherville Bike Shop?
  3. Surprisingly, I haven't seen any spots on FOX as of yet. I'm betting they will be advertising the crap out of it during the American Idol final next week.
  4. Well I am not fully aware of what is going on in Baltimore, but the Yankee's in town w/Orioles could be part of the combo. Usually attracts a big crowd. ← You got it. Yankees are in town. Streets filled with New Yorkers. Stay clear of Inner Harbor.
  5. Faidley's is a MUST and an excellent choice for lunch. Mama's is most definitely open for dinner Sunday night and still my main rec for you. Please, I'm begging you, whatever you do, do not go to Phillips in Inner Harbor. It is a tourist trap hell hole. McCormick and Schmicks is OK, but it's a generic chain and rather expensive. LP Steamers is a good choice. Browns Wharf I would skip. You could also try Nick's Fish House across the harbor. Same type of menu as Mama's, but more outdoor seating. The food will be better at Mam's though. http://www.nicksfishhouse.com/
  6. Mama's on the Half Shell in Canton (5 min cab ride from Inner Harbor) is right up your alley. Great seafood, great oyster bar, true Baltimore. http://www.mamasonthehalfshell.com/
  7. How are you getting the "F Word" in the U.S.?
  8. Poor Ramsay. Looks like Kelly is off this week. And her replacement is the stunning Whoopie Goldberg. Seems like he likes to flirt with the ladies. Um, maybe not today.
  9. http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2005/06/22/...ain703506.shtml And that interviewer (Lara Logan) was far from annoying.
  10. What? Soigne closed?? Damn, I heard really good things and never got to try it. If anyone knows the deal, let us know? I'll be hitting Brewer's Art this Saturday eve for dinner. Thanks!
  11. I will be in Herndon for work all week by myself. Looking for some good Sushi. I'd be willing to drive like 10 minutes from my luxurious Holiday Inn Express on Elden St. Any recommendations for a bar with above-average food in the same area would also be helpful.
  12. They have to know. Ming Tsai had a freakin air compressor and a fan on the set for the duck. I doubt those are regular items they keep lying around. And they don't really talk about any kind of menu with their sous chefs in the beginning, everybody just seems to start cooking.
  13. If your in "downtown" Charlotte Amalie St Thomas, you can try Glady's Cafe in the Royal Dane Mall. Pretty authentic West Indian fare - oxtail, mutton, salt fish and roti's. The place is nice, but it's tucked back in the mall off the main street so no views. Also, a place called Cuzzin's on Back Street is supposedly good for West Indian food.
  14. Vie's is on the extreme East End of St. John. It's very easy to find, but at least a 45 minute drive from the St. Thomas ferry in Cruz Bay. Unless you are spending a full day on STJ and have your own rental car, I would skip it.
  15. Lars- I would be interested. Keep us informed. Where are you going Wed. eve? Rob
  16. You can jump in a cab and also try Bo Brooks Crabhouse or Captain James Landing, both in the Canton neighborhood, east of Inner Harbor. Both have crabs by the dozen, dumped on your table. Wash your hands frequently..they'll be all orange and cut up at the wedding.
  17. Uncle Joe's Rocks! I forgot. Sorry about your visit to Asolare. I've only been once, and was not impressed enough to return.
  18. Ahh, St. John. I will be heading there this Feb. for my 6th trip in 4 years. I even got married there last year. I agree with RickG, La Tapa has excellent food and a great location/setting. I've prob ate there more times than any other STJ place. I'll break down my suggestions: $$$- The Stone Terrace - Everything I have had here has been good. Killer wine list Tage - Best meal I have ever had in the Caribbean. $$- Morgans Mango - was kinda weak a couple of years ago, but has recently been excellent The Lime Inn - Good food at good prices. Get the whole fish with jerk spices Cafe Ro
  19. If your coming in only for the game and just want wings and beers, you have plenty of options. Pickles Pub is right across from the stadium, as is DSX, Max's and The Wharf Rat. Over in Federal Hill (5 minute cab), hit Magerks (real Philly cheesesteaks), Mothers or Ropewalk Tavern.
  20. bobby29


    Nice to see Matt getting his props. I have been visiting Fuji for almost 20 years now, and still think it's one of the best in the area.
  21. I've recently been turned on to Indian food thanks to a visit to Delhi Dhaba in Bethesda. The food was very good. So up here in B'more I know of Ambassador Dining Room, Banjara, Akbar, and India Rasoi, but I've never been. Any reccomendations would be great.
  22. I agree with much of the above. Ixia and Tapas Teatro (one of my personal faves) are excellent. Henninger's can also be quite good. However, my most recent visits to Vespa and Corks were not as good as I had hoped. I will add two more in Fells Point: Kali's Court - Very romantic setting. Greek influenced menu, think fresh fish prepared a multitude of ways. This could be getting up there in $$$ though. www.kaliscourt.com Ze Mean Bean Cafe - Nice setting. Eastern European slant on the menu, but don't think it's all borscht and pierogies. Very reasonable prices. Sorry, can't find a websi
  23. I've been to Chiu's for lunch several times and it has been very good each time, so I don't think it was a fluke. Try Kawasaki on N Charles St. I always find they have very fresh fish and the sushi chefs know what they are doing. Matsuri in Federal Hill is good, but has never knocked my socks off. If you get a chance to make it out to the county, try Edo Sushi in Cockeysville. Very good Sushi and gets on Baltimore Magazine's 'Best Of' list every year.
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