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  1. I was at cdp in May, anyone else try the new chef?
  2. Bigorre I don't know if you went back and tried it since it reopened? Well... Yum! I went on Thursday night had visitors from Vancouver that wanted to see the new decor... very very nice. New menu .. I had seared scallops for starter ( cooked perefctly) and foie gras& duck confit filled ravioli, main . My friend had the salmon rillettes starter and the confit of lamb shank ( which isn't new but still excellent) and our other dinning companion had salad starter and roasted duck breats. We were very impressed with all the changes. We had last gone together in October 2003. We noticed one big change that no item on the main course menu is over $29.
  3. My 2 cents... Rocco vs Jeffry C. , Typical Art vs Business !
  4. Carswell, good morning! I have been to the Ritz for high tea, the ambience is wonderful in the garden!! The tea isn't bad either. I don't konw if you are a tea drinker, have you ever had a great cup of tea after your meal in a restaurant? ( in Montreal)
  5. OK. I was reading about all your coffee experiences and being a tea toddler I wanted to know beside making a wonderful cup of tea at home, and bringing your own tea with you ( As the owner of Melwood Creek Tea co in Melbourne FL suggested I do) does anyone know a place that makes a decent cup of tea? I'm thinking not only afternoon tea but also after dinner. (Tea not tisane)
  6. Hi! I'm new ... have been reading postings for a couple of weeks and just had to join to put my2 cents in! I got by following a thread from Phaelon56 accessed from a tea and coffe forum . The whole topic here seems to be about coffee Does anyone know about getting a good cup of tea besides at home? To have anything decent in Montreal I think you have to bring your own. Coffee drinkers a lucky they have a 50/50 chance of getting a decent cup of coffee after a meal but tea well forget it.
  7. Yes Hedoness, they certainly did torch it until the top was caramelized!!!!!!
  8. Hi ! I was watching Jay Leno the other night... I belive it was Friday night April 23rd show and Rocco ( THE chef of "The Restaurant" reality show) did a nutella on what seemed to be french bread ( cut full lengthwise) with bananas on top then sprinkled white sugar over all ... then crystalized it like a crème brulée ( wich toasted the bread also a lillte) and put the other half of the bread on top to make a sandwich. Jay seemed to think it was Grrreat!
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