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  1. I had a most horrid lunch yesterday at Saphire, but will give it another shot before I abandon that ship, it used to be my favourite in Laguna. K'ya at Casa El Camino is a nice restaurant offering small plates, they also have a roof top bar that is tres cool Tarek
  2. The set menu is about twenty varied small plates, all tremendous,and it was for about 55 euros last year.I loved it Tarek
  3. Tarek

    Fine Chocolate

    Has anybody tried the 100% Bonnat and Pralus bars? I found them terrific, and perhaps less bitter than Michel Cluizel noir infini Tarek
  4. I would strongly suggest Rabanel's atelier, single menu of small plates. Lunch is twelve plates, and twenty for dinner and they will pair it with wine if you wish Nothing short of phenomenal Tarek
  5. Are you sure these came from Genin? I know he only sells by the Kilo, no halves unless your friend---- java script:emoticon('')
  6. Tarek

    Fine Chocolate

    I found it at Cost plus world market, I liked it a lot especially the Tanzania here is the importer's web site http://www.avantisavoia.com/index.cfm/m/29...l/categoryID/15 Tarek
  7. Tarek

    Fine Chocolate

    Robert, Thanx very much for sharing your insights, did you happen to try the Olivier line of french bars? I just tried the ghana and tanzania, but I'll wait for your opinion Tarek
  8. o.k now the withdrawal symptoms are raging, i need some of those caramelsjava script:emoticon(''), Last year he was charging fifty euros per kilo, which is about half what the top dogs- Herme, Roger, Hevin and the rest are charging, I wish he shiped his products to the U.S Tarek
  9. Another store you should consider visiting for design AND content is Boule on San Vicente blvd in Los Angeles( boulela.com ), tremendous store this side of Pierre Herme Tarek
  10. I would say chocolate bars 70% of the time, but somedays a truffle or a bonbon filled with caramel or better yet a palet d'or is heavenly and no sustitute Tarek
  11. I do not have a problem with the FDA wanting to add or subtract ingredients from chocolate or anything else for that matter, what I do not understand is WHY HIDE IT print whatever you want on the ingredients and let us all decide if we want to buy or not Why put ingredients in chocolate and not divulge? Tarek
  12. If you happen to be spending a few days on the Cote, and don't mind a three and a half hour train ride, you could mosy on up to Arles, where Jean Luc Rabanel will feed you twenty fantastic small plates that compares to nothing you will have in Nice or its environs It will set you back a grand total of fifty five Euros not including wine. one seating at eight P.M and a no choise menu, he will choose the plates for you, and he is always there Three week advance reservation is required. Tarek
  13. I think it is still very good, the number of small plates you order will decide your cost, wine by the glass is also excellent, alternatively you could try Drouant, very good too Tarek
  14. I visited the atelier last July, that was my third visit. You typically have to call and get an o.k first I found Jaques to be a very pleasant and accomodating type. you buy by the kilo, wheather chocolate or caramels, and they are among the top of Z top of Z top Tarek
  15. I think Aire would probably be my only suggestion, Troquet closed a while back Tarek
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