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  1. Uh correct! Barbera isn' the only feminine wine Yes how could'n think of Vernaccia? "Alla marsalese" means "the way they cook in Marsala" (the city in sicily), for example "triglie alla livornese" (mullets alla livornese)
  2. The correct spelling is scaloppine AL Marsala. This is because we're writing about wine and in italian grammar wine (vino) is masculine so both the article and the preposition became masculine: a (preposition), il (article) = al (preposition combined with the definit article). The only wine that is feminine is the Barbera (for example scaloppine alla Barbera: a+la=alla)
  3. Slurppp!!! I love ricotta tarts, you can find it everywhere in Rome, here is another version: make the dough with half Kg of flour, 250 gr of soft butter, 225 gr of sugar, 3 eggs, grated lemon rind and a pinch of salt For the stuffing, mix 400 gr of goat ricotta, 200gr of sugar, chocolate drops, (or, as my grandmother used to do, a little bit of Alchermes or almonds) an egg plus a yolk; bake at 180 C for about 40 minutes. Yes, but from my local market not from Campo de' Fiori (and on Wednesday because tomorrow is Festa della Liberazione) This is what I will found (plus more I believe): agretti (or barba di frate - monk beard), fava beans, peas Broccoli at the end of the season, delicious with sausage Puntarelle, a roman classic: Use only the fake asparagus, cut lengthwise into thin strips and put them into a bowl of very cold water until they curl up then toss with a vinaigrette made with anchovies fillets, evoo and fresh lemon juice (not vinegar) Another classic Roman dish is broccoli soup in skate broth (skate in italian means Razza, in roman dialect we call the razza "Arzilla", so this is what you have to expect in a roman trattoria when you order "minestra di broccoli in brodo d'arzilla"). Making it at home, you'll need broccoli, skate, garlic, salted anchovies, tomatoes fillets, dry white wine, dried chili, evoo and fresh pasta dough First at all prapare the skate stock with the cleaned skate, water and a little bit of wine. In a saucepan pour evoo, garlic, cleaned anchovies and chili, add the broccoli and cover for 5-10 minutes add tomatoes, cover with the skate broth, cut some fresh pasta dough giving a little square shape (quadrucci) Add the quadrucci to the soup until done (4-5 minutes) Enjoy it with a fresh Bianco from Cerveteri
  4. This is not necessary if you buy carciofo romanesco - (roman artichokes). A different way to eat artichokes: making ravioli : Ingredients: artichokes, asparagus, pecorino cheese, mentuccia http://www.agraria.org/coltivazionierbacee...e/mentuccia.htm, garlic, shallot, bay leaves, prosciutto crudo (cured ham), evoo, black pepper. Trim and chop the artichokes and cook for few minutes in a saucepan with evo, chopped mentuccia, garlic and pepper. Then, bake them for about 20-25 minute at 170 C. Then blend with grated pecorino and mentuccia. In the meantime cook the asparagus reserving the water and prepare the pasta dough with 200 grams of flour, 2 whole eggs and half egg shell of evoo; wrap with cling film and let it rest for 30 minutes. Use the rolling pin, cut in stripes and put on the artichokes stuffing, cover with another stripe and cut. Put the chopped asparagus in a saucepan with evo, chopped shallot, garlic and bay leaves Remove garlic and bay leaves, blend and use the reserved water to make a tick sauce Cook the ravioli in salted boiling water and serve with prosciutto.
  5. From the book La cucina lombarda the luganega sausage with vanilla is luganegheta and is from Sondrio, the luganega from Monza is with pork shoulder, salt, withe pepper, grated grana padano or parmigiano reggiano, nutmeg or cinnamon, marsala. Unfortunately there is no recipe, but here they write 70% of unfat pork meat, 25% of pork fat , 5% of grated grana and withe wine. A very good source for Lombardia cuisine is this site (in italian, scroll down and download the pdf file). Osso buco alla milanese ingredients: veal shank (with marrow), parlsey, rosemary, sage, lemon, withe wine, butter, beff stock, tomatoes (they started to use tomatoes in osso buco from the end of 1700), garlic, salt and pepper. brown the meat with the butter, add withe wine and let it evaporate. Add tomatoes and beff stock. In the meantime prepare the gremolada: chop garlic, parlsey, rosemary, sage and lemon rind Shortly before serving add the gremolada variatons: you can add pancetta or prosciutto, marjoram and anchovies.
  6. The luaganega sausage is from Lucania (now the Basilicata region) “Lucanica, a lucanis populi a quibus romani milites primum didicerunt” Marco Terenzio Varrone (116-27 B.C.) and is prepared with the pork shoulder, pepper, withe wine, stock and grated grana padano cheese.
  7. information about barbera http://www.barbera.it/inglese/pag/index.htm
  8. calimero

    Fresh Green Olives

    I found this http://baconpress.blogspot.com/2005/09/ext...ive-branch.html
  9. when you'll be in Rome, if you go to San Pietro, visit this shop: Peroni, in Piazza Dell'Unità, 29 (closed on saturday afternoon and on sunday) http://www.peronisnc.it/ the map, just because it's difficult to find it, Piazza dell'unità is a market and the Peroni's shop is an "underground" shop - http://www.peronisnc.it/contatti.asp - there is everything you need (maybe the stampo per rosetta no...), it's dangerous because everytime i go there i want buy everything Another very good shop is near Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano: Tervi (probably even better than Peroni) http://www.tervi.it/ via della ferratella in laterano 1 When you are in Rome, go to a newspaper kiosk and ask for the Rome AZ (Azeta di Roma), the best rome's street guide, and if you need an internet point go to Easy Internet Cafe the cheapest in Rome (maybe now they'll ask for your ID card because the new antiterrorist law, but I'm not sure) http://www.easyinternetcafe.com/ Via Barberini 2, just off Piazza Barberini. It is located downtown, on the main bus lines, within walking distance from Piazza di Spagna (Spanish Steps).
  10. calimero

    Dinner! 2005

    Nopal cactus risotto mussles soup and tiramisu
  11. calimero


    Bruschetta with fresh pecorino cheese topped with truffles Rosetta with wild boar prosciutto, mozzarella, tomato and fresh origano
  12. It's "Gatta Mangiona" (glutton cat), in via ozanam in monteverde neighborood: actually i think is one of the best pizzerie in Rome, but a little bit expensive. Instead, try "il Moschin", "Pout pourri", "Osteria del traslocatore" in Garbatella neighborod, very cheap and only for locals.
  13. calimero

    Dinner! 2005

    Octopus salad Grouper ravioli with broccoli tomatoes and bottarga (tuna eggs) Mixed fish (mussels, clams, shrimps, prawns, quids etc.) lemon sorbetto to finish All with a good bottle of falanghina
  14. Mouthwatering!! But it isn't saltimbocca alla romana: saltimbocca alla romana are made with veal, prosciutto and sage (not marsala, but dry withe wine such as Frascati)
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