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  1. There could be even more precedent. Could Mo Pho Noodles qualify? I prefer Pho Shizzle.
  2. So will there be takeout at dasto? Because you know the community needs it! (just kidding). ;)
  3. When I was a kid, I invented my own superstition. At I Chinese restaurant, after reading my fortune, I wouldn't tell anyone what it said, and then I would. . . well. . . I would eat it. Yes. I would eat the paper fortune, b/c I believed that it was the only way to make it come true. Or maybe b/c I thought it would gross out my little sister.
  4. The Rib Pit is. . . to use a politically incorrect term, Ghetto. Dingy and dirty, it's only a tiny walk up counter with no seats, and barely any place to congregate. There is a thick wall of bulletproof glass that separates you from your order taker. But ohh..... Those ribs...
  5. The food and these things is always pretty lousy b/c of Park Service regulations about what type of cooking equipment can be used for vending. That's why the "demonstrations" are always soooo much better than what they actually sell.
  6. Actually, it IS Mr. Yung's. Or it is in the same space is Mr. Yungs. I've been a few times. It's decent, but not spectacular. My favorite place in C-town is still the place that's next door, Cafe Deli.
  7. I may be interested. Possibly for this weekend, definitely for the general BBQ group. I agree that the BBQ battle is like all the other "food festivals" that come to DC -- crappy, b/c you can't get anything. I'm a big fan of the Rib Pit, and a minor fan of Old Glory and Capitol Q.
  8. Why would anyone want to open a store in a county with the world's stupidest wine laws?
  9. I'm going to be in Vegas next week and have reservations at Picasso. I've never been. How is it lately? What should I expect? Any suggestions?
  10. If you're up for a day trip, the best tapas restaurant in America is in D.C. -- Jaleo as mentioned upthread.
  11. So how many Good Eats episodes are in the can? What subjects can we look forward to seeing in the future?
  12. A couple of weeks ago at the Maine Avenue Wharf they were selling a Bushel of the SMALLS for $75.
  13. And for the Trifecta, DonRocks was mentioned by Tom today in his chat.
  14. Coolest thing about that place? Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band played there during the 70s.
  15. I've seen juices at Whole Foods that contain "Dehyrated Cane Juice,"
  16. And for some of us who live in the city, the Wegmans in Sterling might just as well be in the moon.
  17. Dignan my old friend, where ya been? We miss you at the other forums.
  18. Note: If you've never been to the area before, you really aren't going through DC, but around DC. If you're looking for an adventure, you could take a detour into the city, but it sounds like you are looking for a quick good bite, and then want to get back on the highway. If that's the case, I reccomend not coming into the city, b/c of traffic, parking, and the fact you'll probably get lost. :) Breadline is great, but note: it's only open Mon-Fri, and for lunch only, so if you aren't here around that time, you're out of luck.
  19. I made my first post April 23, not April 9. They seem to be gone. Over on chowhound (Kohser area) someone posted that they heard a rumor that the Prime Grill, a kosher place from NYC is going in the space. I'll believe it when I see it. I think 8Track is probably closest to the truth -- the owner Jack Abramoff is in a heap of trouble right now, and the restaurant wasn't his real business, just a side adventure.
  20. There's a new Jewish deli opening soon in Ballston called Chutzpah, on the corner of Wilson and Quincy-ish, I believe. Hopefully it will fill the void... There are other Chutzpahs elsewhere too. But alas, I'm a city dweller, and rarely trek out to the burbs, although a decent pastrami on rye may tempt me. Also, you are right -- Chutzpah is a "Jewish" deli, but not a "Kosher" deli. Although I don't keep kosher, I still bemoan the fact that there are no kosher restaurants in the city.
  21. 1. I believe the dish up top is roast pork chow foon. 2. The eggplant dish, like (most) everything else, was excellent.
  22. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that the American panel wasn't used to the tastes and style of Sakai's cooking. Sort of like when Bobby Flay went to Japan to battle Morimoto and fed the Japanese panel Tameles.
  23. If you're coming down Saturday be aware that there is another march/protest on that day, and these people won't be as friendly. The anti-World Bank/IMF people (think: riots in Seattle) are coming to town, and sometimes it gets ugly.
  24. Caribou doesn't have Wifi (or any internet access). But you can sit outside with a book for a while. Further up 14th street, there is a place that has wifi though.
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