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  1. Do some homework on fifteen before you decide to go there. If you read the reviews and still decide to go then at least it will be an informed decision. I haven't been myself so will leave it at that but for those prices why don't you take him for lunch at Locanda Locatelli? all the times I have been it's been superb and he won't forget the experience. The food is amazing and he won't be intimidated it's very accessible - cooking and ingredients are spot on.
  2. Right - have just bought the LinCat Lynx 400 fish fryer will let you know how it goes
  3. It seems that a little bit more oil does make a difference to the heat recovery rate. I am going to check out the LinCat Thanks guys
  4. Does anyone have a domestic deep fryer purchased in UK/Europe they would recommend? There is a lot of discussion in the Kitchen Equipment section and the Waring seems to be the best option, however it seems to be available only in the US. I have seen some UK sites with brands like LinCat - are these any good? I am happy to get a small commercial appliance if these are a lot better as long as it isn't too big Any help appreciated...
  5. Best thread I have read in ages Well done nomad
  6. We went on the bank holiday Monday - 26th of May so very recently I wonder whether the bank hol had something to do with it and the A team had taken the weekend off or something None of our four had the £30 lunch menu so I can't compare and contrast but whilst the cooking was strong I wouldn't say there were any fireworks which in hindsight you should expect for £70. I'm not sure why our experience was so inconsistent with yours but from what you've said it really was.
  7. Great review Phil Wish I could say our experience was the same I really liked the room. The food was good (but not great). We all had the a la carte 3 course lunch. Service was dreadful. I got so fed up with this one waiter who insisted on literally slamming everything down in front of us - felt like I was being assaulted. Sommelier couldn't really be bothered. Recommended a pedestrian sancerre and a pretty uninteresting pinot noir. We moved to the bar for coffee. No petit fours materialised (despite the hefty £20 pricetag). I requested some and was bought (with some reluctance) a little box each to take away. We spent close to £600 with a bottle of bolly to kick things off. A disappointing experience. I feel sorry for Mark as his food was quite good really but the front of house totally lets him down in my opinion.
  8. I was in Keswick in May and we ate at the George. None of has the massive pie but as a recall the food was actually quite good (with the exception of my dish which was dreadful - typical). I had a steak which was bad, overcooked, chewy, but there were 6 of us and I tasted most of the other 5 dishes ranging from sausages to fish and they are all terrific so it may have been a one off. Service was super and we all had a great time.
  9. Tayyabs in Whitechapel - great Pakistani (?) food, cheap as chips Don't waste your money on Claridges - my lunch there was pants (and we went a la carte). Mr O liked Maze though.
  10. I think the problem you inevitably have is that whilst eating out is lots of fun, once you don't have the option to eat at home and are forced to eat out, it becomes a chore and you just long for a warm comfort meal at home On that basis I'd go for that baby belling. And by the way - it won't be 4 weeks - it will be 8 - at least, trust me ....
  11. Should make clear that I was looking for a prime time table at 7.30/8ish. Unless they're now working on only 6/6.30 and 9.30/10 sittings I thought I might have had a bit more luck. Could've got a table at 6pm or 10pm on a midweek but pretty certain weekends were chocca. ← Yes had the same experience trying to book Petrus a few months ago - no joy. Went to Claridges instead yesterday and it was a bit shit. Nice food but nothing special. Service was positively agricultural.
  12. Very good points there, it is interesting to think about these behind the scenes media manipulations. However, I think that most chefs will roll their eyes at this type of statement, crusades against our childrens school meals are one thing, asking for penalties against fellow chefs is another. ← Andy is right though. The guy doesn't believe in this for a second. He is just poking everyone with a stick and sitting back while he progressively gets more and more publicity
  13. What about frappes? (not the milky starbucks kind) - I used to make them in Australia a lot as they are really refreshing. I made them very simply - just cold espresso with a little water, lots of ice and sugar to taste - whizz in a blender (or you can use a stick blender) and voila! I've just come back from Japan (and you will be able to confirm or deny this Helenjp!) but it seems that cold coffee beverages - including non dairy ones - are very popular
  14. If you decide to go for coffee you might want to check out Monmouth as well. Either Monmouth St in Covent Garden or there's one on Stoney St at Borough Market (which is worth a visit and is next to London Bridge station) I haven't read the whole thread but you also might want to try Gentleman's Relish (or Patum Peperium). It's probably a bit like Marmite you love it or you hate it - I love it but the posts will probably start rolling in about how revolting it is. Anyway it's made out of anchovies and spices and you have it sparingly on toast. Also if you go to one of the posh department stores for a pot (which is conveniently small by the way) they will have it in ceramic pots with very English scenes printed on them which is a nice souveneir Edited for spelling
  15. I can just imagine it now - signs with photos of asparagus emblazoned with 'NO MORE IT'S THE LAW' nanny state? what are you talking about?
  16. I know!! And, how is it that Extebarri makes it onto the Top 50 for the first time this year? ← Are you saying that it shouldn't be on there? I haven't been myself, so i can't say one way or the other, however, its reputation has grown dramatically over the past couple of years, so I'm not surprised that it is now on there. ← I think (s)he's saying is that it's nuts that this is the first year on the list. this place is certainly one of the finest dining destinations in europe today. ← By all accounts that I have read and heard, this is true. Etxebarri is one of a handful of restaurants at the top of my list of destination restaurants I desire to get to try along with Mugaritz, Noma and Ryugin (not on the list), however, the increased awareness of Etxebarri as a great restaurant is relatively recent with probably relatively few judges having been there themselves. If the reports I have read are true, the restaurant will no doubt continue to climb further on future lists. ← I have been to Etxebarri and IMHO it very much deserves to be on the list, (although I have only been to 7 out of the 50 that's my view). I am just back from a two week trip in Japan and agree with the sentiments on here. Due to lack of planning I didn't even eat at any of the establishments recognised as really high end (either by locals or by Michelin and the like) but if what I did eat is anything to go by then I suspect there maybe some pretty serious omissions from this list. Stating the obvious probably but..
  17. Hawksmoor on Friday night for dinner From the moment I booked a table I knew I was onto a winner. Had a lovely chat with the person on the phone. Have been meaning to go and mentions from Dos Hermanos recently pushed me over. Super cocktails. REALLY good. I've not had a better one since I can remember. We tried a combination of martinis and juleps and all were delicious. We hung at the bar but they also let us leave our stuff at our table - very relaxed about us using up both spaces. Made for a really chilled evening. We were ready for the main event so we skipped the starters. Mr O and I both ordered sirloin on the bone (600g). The only complaint I have was I ordered med rare and Mr O ordered med. They gave us our steaks and it was clear they had given us each others. But Mr O wouldn't give his up bastard! Nevertheless even medium was lovely so I have no complaints except with my husband. Meat was well rested and served on pre warmed plates which is perfect (very like the US steak house method). I have cooked with a lot of produce from the Ginger pig before and it was consistent with previous experience. Really great well hung beef. The couple we were with had a couple of rib eyes and both loved them. One of them, newly pregnant so a little apprehensive about meat bacteria, mentioned this briefly to the waitress and all was dealt with admirably (no huffs at well cooked meat just totally accommodating service). We went for an Argy red at about £75 which, at the time, I thought was a fair price I think it was a Catena Malbec (will have to check which wine it was had been enjoying the juleps too much by that stage). Very keen to check out the rest of their list they have a lot of interesting wines, not just the usual garb. Sides of Macaroni cheese, chips and salad were all great. There is a bit of public press about the steaks being salty. I would agree they are well seasoned but for me this is what I am after. Yes they use quite a lot of salt, but the meat is superb and so, not only stands up to the seasoning, but necessitates it I think. A couple of banoffee pies and a chocolate sundae and we were happily on our way. I have to say that, whilst it is considered expensive, given the quality and (retail) price of the ingredients, I think it is terrific value for money. I will be back....
  18. Yep - one excellent Sunday lunch and one very average dinner so bit of a mixed bag - the Sunday lunch was excellent both food and service and they weren't very busy Sat dinner both the quality of the food and the service really suffered - was packed so I guess I'd suggest if you're going for lunch or maybe a weekday dinner then go for it - busy times avoid
  19. I know there's another thread going about critics but in terms of aa gill, it's not that I read his reviews thinking that I'd disagree with his judgement in terms of quality of execution, ingredients etc. I just don't trust that I will get the same experience. In fact the more I think about it the more I see it has a negative effect in terms of my behaviour ie if he really slams it then I probably wouldn't go (unless I had been before and had a good experience). If he gives it a huge thumbs up then I wouldn't necessarily go because I don't trust that I will get the same treatment mm what a loser I am
  20. It is an understatement to say that I am overexcited about this news - the menu looks lovely - great simple but tasty bistro food. If they can iron out the small execution problems you mention Matthew (probably just teething I suspect) then it will be a real gem - well actually it will be a gem either way The other day we went into our little local hardware shop where we were initially thrilled to hear that the owner had also moved to southeast London with the view that things were 'on the up' and he was just waiting to cash in when the hoards finally descended. We were somewhat deflated when he then told us that was 20 years ago. He's still waiting.... Anyway - back on topic - this is brilliant news and Mr O and I will be there on the double - will share our views shortly
  21. Has anyone tried the fish and chips next to Fish restaurant in Borough Market? I have been giving it a wide berth because I'm not sure whether it's attached to the restaurant next door which is pretty dire in my experience. But I have to say its doesn't look too bad from first glance BTW - If there weren't so many other mouth wateringly good things to eat I would have tried it myself but it's stiff competition
  22. Me being cynical again but there were so many reviews on their website from around the same period and all absolutely gushing. If they are for real then brilliant - as you say good luck to them..
  23. No, this is not the offer. These are the normal prices. I got the same E-mail. This "exclusive" offer only consists of the following: "Experience lunch or dinner at Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester: as a special treat, a complimentary glass of Champagne will be waiting for you on arrival". Gosh, that will hurt their margins. I am not sure I will take them up on it though if the glass is already waiting there on my arrival ... who knows for how long ... ← Right you are - the 'offer' is the free champagne - and it was right there in big bold letters at the top of the mail. So I guess they are right I am stupid!
  24. Just got an email with an 'exclusive offer' for AD. It says 'lunch from £35, dinner from £75' Looking at the website though this looks to be normal prices, particularly the 'from' bit ie the menu prices start at this point and go up This 'offer' supposedly expires on 30 April but am not sure what is so exclusive about it. Am I being thick? Do they think we are all stupid?
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