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  1. It's past time I got a kitchen scale. I've read the Kitchen Scale Manifesto and am inclining toward a digital Salter on Alton Brown's say-so. Wonder if anyone has any advice or recommendations? Kitchen space is at a premium so I'd like something fairly compact. Thanks. -Mike
  2. Gave it the marinade treatment. Had to cook it a little longer than I should have to satisfy my girlfriend and then tried to cut it very thin against the grain. It was edible but still too chewy to be really satisfying. Think you're right. Just grind it up, mix it with a little ground pork and veal, and make a meatloaf. Next time I'll just go for the aged porterhouse and be done with it. Thanks for the advice all.
  3. I have some boneless bottom round that has been cut into steaks that I would like to prepare on the grill. Just wondering how this is best done? Was thinking of doing a dry rub on it, but didn't know whether to cook it quickly on high heat or whether it would stand up to a low-and-slow kind of smoking treatment? Would it be better to marinate it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. -Mike
  4. Okay, brining has commenced. I bought a boned pork shoulder and since it looks butterflied, I assume I should truss it up before I put it on the grill. Was thinking of wrapping some fresh rosemary branches in the inside for flavor. I've read the source material and hope I'll be enjoying porcine success late tomorrow. Thanks all. Mike
  5. I'm planning to smoke a pork butt tomorrow. I've never done this before and appreciate all the tips I've picked up here on eGullet. Just wondering what the consensus is on brining the butt overnight before smoking? I thought since it's going to be on the grill for so long, it might keep it from drying out, but maybe you WANT it to dry out and melt all the fat along the way? What do folks think? Thanks in advance. Mike
  6. scratchline

    pocket knife

    I second the Opinel suggestion. Cheap and durable. Can't do better for a picnic knife.
  7. Check out the W. M. Bounds line of pepper grinders. I've had one for several years and recommend it highly. The grinding mechanism is ceramic, rather than steel and adjusts to three different grades: coarse, medium or fine. Saw them the other day at Macy's, and the prices were very reasonable.
  8. Hey, Chad. Just wondering if you've ever seen the Benchmade kitchen knife set, and if so, what you thought of it. BTW, I am LOVING my 11" vintage Sabatier carbon steel chef knife. My new favorite and wicked sharp. Mike
  9. Hey, Chad, just finished reading your Knife Maintenance and Sharpening, and I'll follow your suggestion and print it out for easy reference. Really terrific. Considering how I've been honing my knives on a grooved steel I wish I had read it years ago. Think I'll probably invest in a guide system too since I've been freehanding on Arkansas stones and could probably use a reality check on my angles. At least I've been doing a good job with the Crock Sticks. Big thanks. Mike
  10. Hey, ChefBoy, here's a link for new Four Star Elephant Sabatier Carbon Steel Knives: http://www.shopping.cutlery.com/*ws4d-db-q...hing+Items.y=10 If the link doesn't work just google Professional Cutlery Direct. They're the dealer. There are also carbon knives available from Sabatier 62 at this site: http://lacuisineus.com/catalog/index.php?c...ac25c39d48efd12 If you're looking for vintage knives, they show up on ebay occasionally. Happy shopping and let us know what you end up with and how it performs. Mike
  11. Recently bought an old unused carbon steel chef knife. I have never used one of these knives and wondered what advice those who have could share with me. I know I'm supposed to avoid certain foods but is this to protect the knife or the food? Is there someone out there who uses their carbon steel knife with acidic foods? Thanks for your help. Mike
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