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  1. Did we forget to mention the poppy seed bun?
  2. Unidentifiable cuts of meat served by someone in a puffy shirt with a sword. That's great... now where did I put my New Coke?
  3. Since you mention D&D, I imagine you are in the southern part of the KC area? If you could advise us on how mobile you are (willing to X minutes or preferring to stay south?) we can tailor our suggestions and not innundate you with info that's of no use to you. I will start with one that's close to D&D, though, and that's Spin! Pizza which (as you may have gathered from the name ) features Neopolitan-style pizzas but also has house-made soups and salads. ← Anywhere in the Kansas City would be fine. I’m most interested in casual dining independents that offer unique high quality sandwiches. Handmade bread would usually be a requirement. I’m less interested in lunch menus of upscale restaurants, however an outstanding menu item would be considered. Best location for a Panini?
  4. When in KC I usually try to stop at the sandwich counter at Dean & Deluca's. I would like suggestions of local restaurants that offer unique soups, salads and sandwiches.
  5. I was going to suggest the name... BBQ: NY With the same font, color and graphics as the CSI television series.
  6. Another thought... why does that one judge have a bag on his head.
  7. After a few minutes I was just hoping to see some blood spilled. You know just a common kitchen accident… like a nipple in a mandoline.
  8. I heard a story regarding this book yeterday on NPR's Morning Edition. It seemed like an interesting source regarding the history of drink and drinking. Does anyone have a comment on this book?
  9. Have they defined what the prize is other than a restaurant? I'm assuming that the winner will be given the set for the show and the remainder of the lease on the warehouse where it is located.
  10. I tried making a single pancake in the center of the griddle because that's where things would cook best in both cases. "radiant" pancakes were fine but "induction" pancakes (or, as my husband called them, "magnetic pancakes") cooked and came out dry-looking on the outside but were gummy and wet inside. I tried a range of cooking temperatures and still couldn't get them to come out right. I'm guessing that if I thinned the batter a bit, I'd have more success but I was trying the recipe [from Cook's Illustrated] that we always use. Does this kind of thing sound familiar to anyone? Are you using the same pan? The pan is the only variable. Find a pan that works well on the induction cooktop from your boiling water tests and then use the same pan on an induction vs radiant pancake test.
  11. I agree with most of the comments made so far. A counter height of 36" is not comfortable for seating. While it is used in residential construction, normal bar height is 42" and nearly all restaurant bar stools are made accordingly. That is why barstools are comfrotable in restaurants but not at home. A farmhouse style table sounds like a good idea. If you are interested in a less expensive maple butcher block top you might try and industrial equipment supplier like Grainger. Wood tops are made for electrical system repair and assembly. However, they are not designed for food contact but this should not be a problem since you will not using it as a cutting board. If you can locate a sturdy base at a sale the top could be modified to match the size of the base.
  12. I'll take your word for it since you were there. By the way, what is the deal with the 86 pan, I mean other than that All-Clad is likely a sponsor. It's like hey your fired and by the way here’s your complementary souvenir pan. Here's a thought. When the contestants are introduced in the first episode give them a nice set of knives and a valise style case for them. Then each week after the final critique ask the contestants return to the kitchen and check the 86 board, the person whose name has been added to the list must take their knifes and leave – you know like in a real restaurant. I’m sure you could get a knife company interested in some product placement. If the knife idea doesn’t work out perhaps you could give them a case of Coors Light, of course the former cook would grab this themselves from the liquor delivery on their way out the back door - again kind of like in a real restaurant.
  13. This article was obviously written by someone wishing to perpetuate the right wing conspiracy to deprive what is indeed America’s most popular food of its rightful place at the top of any such list because it might be an embarrassment to the Republican Party. Anyone who has traveled this great nation of ours and has talked with the people who work to make this a great nation would know that the most American of all foods is the humble French fry. It is easy to understand why the right wing would not want to mention the French fry. It might bring up the fact that they tried to change the name of this hard working side dish to suit their geopolitical agenda. They have also tried to slander those who associate with the French fry, namely tomato ketchup. In the past election tomato ketchup was linked to the Democratic Party and blacklisted by the current administration, but the American people have refused to buy into this culinary McCarthyism. Had the administration done its homework better they would have realized that tomato ketchup had worked as a vegetable in the Reagan Whitehouse. Just remember, whenever you see a hamburger, French fry will be there. Whenever you see a hot dog, French fry will be there. Through oil, through salt and seas of ketchup French fry will be there.
  14. Unfortunately I think I was awake. Did I see teriyaki sauce, pesto and a cheddar cheeseburger all on the same plate or was that a dream.
  15. It would be difficult to spend any time in Texas without taking in a steakhouse or southwestern cusine. Del Frisco's and Pappa Bro's Steakhouse are two high end steakhouses. Perhaps Star Canyon for regional fare. Cafe Pacific for seafood. Eatzi's is an interesting market / bakery / cafe concept. I've read Abacus has won another major award. It's been a while since I've been in Dallas but I'm sure the locals could provide many more options.
  16. Actually during demonstrations at trade shows they place a $1 bill between the cook top and the pan while an item is being prepared. So you could probably place a piece of parchment on the cook top to keep it clean.
  17. I'm unsure but I'm thinking urine may be involved.
  18. I was at a Sullivan's Steakhouse a couple of weeks ago and had potato chip with melted bleu cheese crumbles from their bar menu. The flavor was good however the cheese was too wet and the chips on the bottom were soggy, but I liked the idea. I also tried some olive oil and sea salt chips I found at a Super Target that were good and perhaps a slightly more healthy. I think it was their house brand Archer Farms. One of my personal favorites is the mustard flavored chips from Zapps in New Orleans.
  19. They can be operated a such low temps you can melt chocolate in a sautee pan instead of a double boiler.
  20. There are many induction products being developed. Most of the national pizza chans are using induction delivery bags in some markets. The bags contain a special disk that is charged on an induction cook top made by CookTek and releases heat into the bag while it is being delivered. Ask the delivery guy next time you get a pizza. .
  21. Shut up! You lost me at the mis episode. In order to prepare your mis you must know what you will be preparing. That’s the entire point. It is prepared so you have what you need, nothing more nothing less. However, if I were in such a contest and some a--hole chef said prepare your mis with no further explanation I would grab every f---ing thing I could in the allotted amount time. I don’t know why non-industry people, “foodies”, are so infatuated with every pretty boy graduate from an overpriced trade school with a pair of tongs and a cable show. Where in the hell is Bourdain and his new project.
  22. Counter I would agree that soapstone is a great look and better yet when the cabinet are finished with a light wood stain or painted white. You might also consider using different materials in different areas. Such as butcher block for an island, stainless steel for the dishwashing area and stone every where else. I saw an episode of This Old House where they were in Chicago an Chef Rick Bayless gave a tour of his home kitchen which included soap stone counters. I've also seen homes from the 1940's with sheet linoleum counter tops. These had a chrome or stainless steel edge like a diner tables. Plumbing Fixtures Use under mounted stainless steel sink(s) highlighted with a spot light above. Select plumbing fixtures from a manufacturer that produces restaurant fixtures such as T&S. They will provide a classic look along with better quality and sometimes at a similar or lower cost. You may also custom design a faucet with a vegetable rinse etc. by ordering individual components instead of a standard assembly. Flooring If you would like to use wood see if you can find reclaimed flooring material that matches the flooring in the rest of your home. Small square mosaic or hexagon tiles were common when your home was constructed. I just moved out of an apartment with a great hexagon tiled bathroom floor that was over 60 years old. Good luck.
  23. Restaurants often participate in fundraisers and other charity events, which in return recognize them by printing their logo, along with other participants, in a program or brochure, typically at a very small scale. So, the logo, whatever the design, must be recognizable when reduced to a small scale or it is useless regardless of the number of pages that can be written about its symbolism.
  24. Kansas City claims to have "invented" the KC Strip which, at least according to them, is a NY Strip without the bone. But, I have heard debated both ways. The bottom line is that it is the same cut of beef that can be served with or without the bone.
  25. Tony Bordain... Coffee Cigarettes Sarcasm
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