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  1. try shopping at Mourelatos (on St.John's blvd. and Pierrefond Blvd.), very aggressive in prices and they have just about everything. For pastries I love Gascon (St.Johns blvd. and brunswick) I have lived in the WI for 15 years and love it, if you explore St. Johns blvd, and Blvd des Sources you will discover just about everything on your own. Good luck!
  2. After Lesley had reviewed a'los in the winter, I visited the next day, really liked the food, but found the choice of 10 waters ridiculous and the lack of decor awfull. There was nothing to entertain your eyes with, just 4 white walls. However the filet mignon and salmon with crab mash potatoe were excellent.
  3. I believe that a good brand olive oil can be used to cook almost anything, i strongly believe that the greek oils are by far the best in quality and taste, ofcourse it goes without saying that you should always stay away from pomace olive oils...this is the worst type of pressing of the olive...pomace is actually even unhealthy for you. The three greeks oils that i find are of superier quality but alittle more difficult to find in the states are Irini, Solon and Altis extra virgin. In terms of quality they are recognized as the best of greece
  4. Must you be a tourist to visit the old port? I believe the old port is one of montreal's nicest areas! Trendy restaurants, beautiful scenery, amazing place to have a walk with your girlfriend, and my personal favorite cafe/terrase Jardin Nelson.
  5. I have been to many easter brunches in my life, but the one that always sticks out is du vieux port in the old port and since the seating capacity is like 1000 people, no matter how busy it is especially on easter, you will be seated quickly!
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