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  1. Sara, For 150 people Not too much selection, except maybe Restaurant Du Vieux Port in the old port on Rue St-Paul. They have mastered the art of accomodating large parties and the food is very good! You wouldn't like the food at Mythos, plus the music is very very loud! At Vieux Port you will have your own floor with a team of waiters serving only your party.
  2. Pistoles are the best to work with!!! Much easier than fighting with big blocks!
  3. vinfidel...your one tough chocolate cookie!!! I see you dont play games with chocolate!!! I will take your recommendations seriously! However I was as surprised as you to hear that lesley uses vanilla extract!!!
  4. thanks lesley & carswell..thats what I needed to know... glad to hear that farinex carries this stuff! Will definitely try valhrona!!!
  5. And the reason I'm in the montreal forum...is because I would like to know who distibutes these chocolates very hard to find good chocolate... everywhere I look its bakers!
  6. Just one more quick question , what do you think of caullbaut? Is it any good?
  7. Which brand is the best for chocolate deserts? This goes out to all you pastry chefs!
  8. I wouldnt recommend vegera.. very blahhh..boring... very small, no decor, no ambience, not a good wine selection at all... they recently lost their chef and the owner's son is now the cook... nothing to offer i believe! My three previous choices for greek still stand as the best! Yes its Tony Massarelli who now partly owns Quelli Della Notte... have heard that their food is no longer as good! Maybe Modavie would be a good choice too.....Mediterranean restaurant with live jazz...just no dancing! But definitely an impressive restaurant!!!
  9. I'm sure utopie is a great restaurant but 2 hours away!!! There must be great restaurants around montreal too!
  10. The food at Mythos is not like before and yet the prices have increased dramatically.....wouldnt recommend as an impressive dining destination!!! The low ceiling and abundance of cigarette smoke (lack of ventilation) make it very uncomfortable!!! Not a good place to bring clients!!! Would definitely go to another greek restaurant if you want to impress someone such as Lesvos, Ammos or Milos...which play greek & mediterranean music in the background! And they all have amazing fresh fish!!!
  11. We have many good new restaurants in and just out of Montreal that have yet to be reviewed, maybe one of them might surprise us. As for all the regular top restaurants..that have been around for years, I find that they have become lazy, and dont impress no more!
  12. Sting...lol I guess its been a while since he made an album, needs a new source of income! I would still rather see a Louis Vuitton though!
  13. I still believe that no olive oil is as good as 9$/750ml Irini from Greece...If I were to spend crazy money, I would rather spend it on a good bottle of wine rather than an expensively packaged and priced olive oil!!! What next??? Louis Vitton bottled olive oil???
  14. I loved Dave's cuisine at Globe and Rosalie..should be fun to see what he can do on his own without pressure! Cant wait for LC's review on the place too!
  15. I find the best olive oil is from Greece and available in Montreal for much less than $250US/lt!!! Even 20$/lt is crazy....try Irini Extra VIrgin or Solon Extra Virgin olive oils availabe in these places!!! Irini- Loblaws, Provigo, IGA, and other little shops Actually Solon Extra Virgin this week is in Costco on coupon...I stalked up...recomend you guys do too...4$ off a gallon...crazy!!! Trust me for the price...wont find better!!!
  16. Elixor is good...just too much food! They should calm down on thoses portions!!!
  17. Hey Anthony, Just went through your site, its pretty cool! Easy to get around, easy to find everything, and since your new I'm sure you'll progress with your database of restaurants. We cant expect you to have 10000 restaurants in a couple of months!!! A little surprised though with your restaurant of the month...Moomba??? Have you ever actually eaten at moomba... yuk!!! The club part is awsome, but the food is not good!!! Had you wanted to pick a restaurant from the Centropolis complex in laval, I would have gone with Ammos, a modern Greek & Mediteranean restaurant with excellent food, stunning decor and an amazing ambience! Its located on the Moomba side of the complex 2 doors down from the SAQ! www.ammos.ca
  18. Well it had been a long while since my last visit, I'm sure you know best!
  19. It' s a shame it was an amazing restaurant! There goes the Soto dynasty! Any rumors on what will be opening there?
  20. I say convert it into condos!
  21. The first thing they should have done was start their paper work for the liquor license..not build a 20 million dollar hotel and then try to get it! NO ALCOHOL IN THE MINI-BARS IS A DISASTER! Never seen a hotel like that, dont even know why they are open!
  22. Did Cocagne close or is it going to? I think that 2004 was a bad year in general for new restaurants!
  23. Personally, i thought that plantation would close its doors the day Mourelatos opened up across, it was pretty obvious that he wouldnt be able to compete against mourelatos and PA, they have huge purchasing power!
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