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  1. Cheers - that's an articulate answer to the question I was about to ask ... "so what makes the good writers submit pieces to PPC?" .... and also, is one very bad piece sufficient to condemn a publication? I thought the debate and negative view on OFM so far seemed to be based on an accumulation of lightweight pieces. FWIW - I usually buy the Observer anyway and am quite happy to flick through OFM when it's there. Some pieces I like. Some I don't. But given the enormous pile of foodbooks, magazines and other online material, I don't feel too starved of reading matter. In fact, if you gave me any more stuff on food, my tenuous grip on "normal" life might finally snap!
  2. So I suppose what I'm saying is that it's a rotten shame the UK doesn't deserve a publication that's the foodie equivalent of the New Statesman - small circulation special interest ← Is this more what you're thinking of? link to Petit Propos Culinaire Think I have a collection of articles and writings from this somewhere - found it interesting but ultimately too clever for me.
  3. one year already - how time flies! congrats to everyone for all the success so far - and best wishes for even greater achievements in the coming year ....
  4. Jun Tanaka comes across to me as someone who clearly has talent and lots of patience so this isn't intended as an attack on him.... but on that first programme last week, I just didn't care or connect with the woman who was undergoing the transformation. I didn't dislike her ... just apathy from me I guess. Just think the programme is badly made ... it comes across as an particularly lazy form of the reality TV that we get bombarded with nowadays ... full of cliches and trite "hints" ... rules about keeping your cool and offering guests a drink and then her blatantly doing the opposite! Didn't believe it nor was I particularly entertained ... so if it didn't educate, inspire, or entertain me ... then difficult to see why I'll watch another one ... unless it's on in the background. suspect I got more out of this short discussion on EG than the programme!
  5. It's on channel 4 whereby he takes someone who can't even boil an egg and by showing them "tricks of the trade" ... in three weeks teaches them enough to enter a chef competition against real chefs. Called Cooking It Except it's nowhere near as good as the Faking It programme from a few years back ..
  6. Another very enjoyable lunch here on Saturday. Some of the table had the set lunch menu of partridge, suckling pig and lemon thyme infused custard with plum sorbet - generous portions, good flavours and all for £23 - got to be one of the best dining bargains around. My own choices were the monkfish and foie starter and the ALC suckling pig with scallop and goats cheese ravioli. The monkfish was good - but foie was better, think it had been coated in toasted corn which added textural interest. Someone else had the home cured duck as a starter, (which I think won the presentation prize) and the forkful that I snaffled was very good - although very highly seasoned (which I have noticed more recently). The suckling pig was as good as ever - crackling which shattered and moist meat. Also greatly enjoyed the roasted baby beets with the meat. Cheese / Desserts all very good - but special commendation goes to the petit fours - from memory - mango jelly (mmmm), chilli chocolate fudge (double mmmm) but favourite was the chocolate and sesame seed ganache (bloody lovely!!) Impeccable service from Olga as always ... and when chatting to her afterwards, was the first time I learnt of the next step on the Anthony's journey - the opening of a patiserrie shop in the Victoria Quarter in November (?) which will sell desserts, chocolates and possibly some v light lunches (at least according to something on the Yorkshire evening post site). Great to hear of their ongoing expansion, I still love this place and everyone connected with it - and wish them every success with the new place! Yin
  7. Absolutely agree with the above ... in fact I was so blown away by the pork fat that I actually gave it a round of applause!! In fact - have made arrangements to return to CPH to dine at noma in December ...
  8. aagrahs would have been my suggestion too ... There's always Casa Mia near Millenium Square .... not as great as Bibi's but reliable enough. and there should be plenty of change from the £50 per head ... Not been to Leodis for years but that used to be acceptable enough? Otherwise you may need to head into the suburbs ... somewhere like Headindley, or Chapel Allerton?
  9. think those are your only two choices at that level now .... Have only been to Jessica's, and only once, but it was a pretty good meal. Think the chef is ex-hibiscus and Simpsons so there's certainly good pedigree there. Have you checked the relevant websites? Don't think you'll be eating badly at either place!
  10. gah!!! must resist!! It was this thread a couple of years ago that sucked me into egullet and then made me melt my credit card as a I hunted high and low for a few le pentole pieces! I did hear about its renaissance last year I think, but would need to get a bigger kitchen to fit in any more kit!
  11. we had a visit in March this year and my unreliable memory is that it was between £25 and £40 - on the basis that it was about the cost of a bottle of wine per person ... but if you dig around in the wine list - wine flights are listed somewhere on the PDF - try this link - think it's towards the back click here Having said that - since we were doing the mad 12-course tasting thing - we let one of our group make the selection and it all worked out fine Hope you have a good time
  12. Thanks for the feedback Benjamin ... will have to save them for my next visit to Copenhagen because I got back home last night! I had a fantastic time in CPH - and can't wait to return to sample more delights - so your recommendations are very welcome. Only have time for quick comments - but wanted to say that the meal we were served at Noma on Friday was the best dining experience of my entire life!! There was delicacy, freshness and purity and yet all so completely rooted in the region. Some of the food made me so joyful that I was close to tears - and I can only describe the experience as an emotional response to food - which has never happened to me before. You're very lucky to have noma on your doorstep - I have to try and figure when I can get another flight to Denmark! Also had a sublime meal at Den Gule Cottage in Klampenborg - which would be in my top five dining experiences. The squab pigeon had an incredible flavour. 1.th was very enjoyable - although clearly very different. And finally had a good meal at restaurant MR ... although technically very accomplished - for me, it did not have the heart and soul of noma. Speaking to the chef at noma, we were discussing how danish dining has undergone a revolution in teh last five years - and apparently there is much more for me to sample! And I look forward to an early return ... Regards Yin
  13. Thank you Mette. Someone else provided me details so I was able to ring up for information, (not able to read the Danish website I'm afraid!) and the helpful gentlemen explained that there were a number of performances a day, and tickets had to purchased in advance. It did sound very interesting, but we decided in the end that perhaps it wasn't what we wanted for this trip ... but we have some great meals planned so am sure we will have a wonderful time. Would be very interested to hear your thoughts on the theatre though ..
  14. thanks Troidz. do you have any information (e.g. website) for Madeleines?
  15. thanks for the comments Yes, I did wonder if the molecular gastronomy thing at Paustian might be a bit wild for me! Sadly the website only seems to be in danish have a reservation for noma which I am looking forward to very very much, and trying to decide on others at the moment. I was aware the chef from MR had previously worked at noma, but am trying to decide if I want to try something different from the noma style 1th did sound very intriguing - so will discuss with my friend We'll be there in early sept - so all information gratefully received thanks
  16. does anyone have any views on Bo Bech at Paustian? I wonder if it might be too inventive and challenging for dinner .. so maybe lunch? and apart from Noma, what else is unmissable? Thanks Yin
  17. Really?! well, the deafness will protect you from the drum kit I'm about to post ..
  18. lunch here on Sat with Bapi, Rosie and Hugo ... and the man is quite right. It's an absolute gem, and he's lucky to have it on his doorstep. We were almost foiled by a powercut earlier in the morning - but fortunately light etc was restored as we had some drinks and cheese in the bar (well, didn't want it to go to waste) and so the planned gluttony was back on track. Particular highlights for me were the scallops in the starter (crisp and sweet) ... and the lamb faggot was also very very good. Simple clean flavour of meat with no unnecessary frippery. Loved my main course of goosnargh duck breast with a duck pie (a pie as a side order - this is my kind of eating!!), principally because of the orange and beetroot sauce. Sweet and earthy beetroot - with the orange providing a good citrus spike - delicious. I should have probably shared more of my main course because the steak from Bapi's plate was delicious ... but my greed sort of obliterated my manners .. sorry. Somehow found an extra stomach for dessert - and the peanut butter icecream deserves special commendation. Would have rather enjoyed a bowl of this to myself - but somehow "consoled" myself with the chocolate fondant. Prices so reasonable that with all the drinks etc ... was only £35 per head - including service. Oh yes - the service: enthusiastic and friendly. and if they'll have me back - I intend to return for the corned beef and picallilli ... the lamb and shepherd's pie ... the pork and black pudding hash browns ..... etc etc etc Splendid company too from B and R And H ... and I can only hope H's new tambourine did not drive his parents to distraction on the way home! Yin
  19. have a vague recollection of a good smokehouse in Craster .... with a restaurant or eat-in place attached. Not fancy - but good produce Think there are a couple of okay pubs in Bamburgh Castle as well - think at least one of them was mentioned in my michelin pub guide so will try and dig out tonight. Do remember there being an excellent butchers opposite Bamburgh Castle - which sold delectable pork pies and portugeuse custard tarts ..
  20. Glad you and the family enjoyed it PoppySeedBagel .... I imagine that it's often difficult for a restaurant to live up to the hype so it's good that you had a positive visit. Cheers Yin
  21. definitely agree with curry in Bradford. Another option would be the Aagrah chain (try this link) - which has several branches Gastro pub options near Haworth and on the West Yorkshire side would be The Millbank (link here) or Shibden Mill Inn (here) Fish and chips are another Yorkshire institution - so if you get as far as Whitby on the east coast, then it's the magpie cafe you want, else in Leeds, Bryans in Headingley is a big name, but Harry Ramsden in guiseley (suburb of Leeds) is the old name. Not been for years, but could still be worth a visit? Hope this helps
  22. just back from a weekend in Padstow and I am terribly biased towards Margot's so if you can get a booking (harder than it sounds!) - I would recommend it. Also in Padstow is this newish place - No 6 - ambitious fine dining place with a young team from Petrus. Had some very good food on Sunday. I also enjoyed sitting on the quayside in Cornwall to taste test numerous pasties!! At St Merryn, Ripleys is very good but can't find a website - so you'll need to google. Had a good lunch last year at Viners in Summercourt near Truro - but I heard this year was less stellar. Otherwise some of the best eating as you say is to buy some good local produce and cook at home. If you can get Olive magazine in the US (try here) - then their next issue (July) has an article on 20 things to do in Cornwall. Had a quick glance at my issue today - could be useful for you? Other websites to try are ASk Mario on www.askmario.co.uk or the timeout one ... there's a restaurant section there. Some of the recommendations can be a bit hit or miss but most is pretty good. Hope this helps Yin
  23. Thanks to all for suggestions so far ... will do some reading and route checking ...
  24. Have any EGers any recommendations for eating places in this part of France? We're hired a place near Pamiers - so sort of half way between Toulouse and Carcassonne. I know there's plenty of places in Toulouse - so the issue there is more what to pick and choose. Would particularly appreciate places in Carcassonne, Foix and Pamiers - have come across Brasserie le DonJon in Carcassonne but the website is not inspiring, and in Foix - le phoebus and le sainte marthe - but not sure what to make of them. Am sure we will do lots more travelling in that area, but I haven't done all my reading yet. We're a large group so I'm looking for informal lunches or casual dinners here. But if there is a nicer or more upscale place that is worth a special trip for lunch, then that would be good too. There are a few of us who are prepared to splash out and eat well ... Cheers Yin
  25. nah ... a girl's gotta eat ... (and eat and eat and eat) right - based on Gary's note - need to figure out my next free weekend in Leeds before the crab and cod disappears!!
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