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  1. Samhill

    Cooking Octopus

    Wow. I have never eaten octopus. Now I must.
  2. I was peeling a carrot, at 9 yo you hurry to see how fast you can do it. Comma shaped, and yes, I ran to mom. Give it up.
  3. Crystals? Thank you so for reminding me about pumpkinseeds, gotta make those for thankgiving.
  4. Uh, if you had bought her stock yesterday, you could have sold today at a 35% profit. Hmmm, let's see, shall I buy buy some martha?
  5. Padma's. Iron chef's my second.
  6. Pistachios! I like to suck on them till the salt is gone, then I pry the shell open with my teeth, by which time the membrane around the nut is tender. Makes them last longer, too. (Weird thing I did when I was a younger soul, skip the shelling of sunflower seeds and just eat them shells and all, still have my appendix happily.)
  7. Ah, not so much, even though trillium has the sexiest cooking hands on eG. A good scrubbing with soap will remove films, and dust. Granite is impervious.
  8. I notice you don't mention your Thai granite m&p. Get one, thank eG. [edit] Cripes the granites at that site are 4 3/4", toys.
  9. Develop some social skills, it helps. You won't have to whine to us about it, at least. Sheesh.
  10. I have never done this, but coudn't you leave a couple channels between the ramekins, then rool up a couple towels, open the oven, put the towels in the channels, let em soak up an amount of water, and then move the pan? Just a concept I hope will turn into an idea.
  11. Cripes, what the HELL would you DO with a GLASS M&P???? http://www.typhooneurope.com/dept.asp?dept_id=16 No offense meant to you, origami, but those people are idiotic. [edit] Doh! It's for cocaine! Slaps forehead!
  12. Another vote for the Thai job, for all the reasons above, the texture of the bowl is perfect, and you can seroiusly hammer on them. I use an old coffee can plastic lid to cusion the thing, fits the bottom of mine (2 1/2 cups capacity, I think?) perfectly. Very sexy on the counter, too.
  13. Definately drain the ground beef+bacon (ground chuck is fine), sherry is fine, so is water if you have no wine or sherry, it's for deglazing the pan after you saute the aromatics (onion, garlic, etc.), and before you add the tomato's and simmer the sauce. You could easily omit the deglazing step altogether. You're doing fine, trust yourself! I'm finding your story quite gripping, as I think are many others.
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