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  1. Check that out. Talk about a link. I didn't even do anything special.
  2. Phillip Lopez (Root) is probably the hottest thing going right now. Probably too hot for your needs. Dominique Macquet is a close second, (Dominique's on Magazine & Tamarind), when the former opens he will proabbly move up a notch. Quan Tran is his chef de cusine at Tamarind, and might fit the bill. In the lesser known but hungry there is Mat Farmer (Apolline). Also Matt Murphy (Irish House), he just won a chopped episode. Personally, I really like Michael Costantini's food. he was behind Saitsuma's dinner servcie, and is now running their Maple Street location. Of the various new locales in the bywater his food was head and shoulders ahead of the rest. Fianlly, I should mention that Frank Brightsen teaches a class once a week on Bayou Rd., so no reason to think he wouldn't be interested. Another old timer would be Kevin Vizard, he is great with people. Finally, Nathanial Zimet, might be a good choice. He is a nice guy. Hope that helps.
  3. To my knowledge, creole mustard and whole grain mustard are the same thing.
  4. Good thought. Thanks
  5. I have been working on lowering my blood sugar, and eyed a bag of par boiled brown rice at the market. Cooked it up last night, and I have to say, I was very happy with it, which leads me to question whether the par boiling process did something to the rice that made it more like white rice. If anyone knows, I would love to hear from you. I just don't want to eat a 5 lb bag of this stuff and have my A1C go through the roof.
  6. There you have it. The definitive guide. Nice work Todd.
  7. Yes, Sylvain, in the Quarter. I think Capedeville could probably be described as such also. Makes sense, some overlap in ownership.
  8. I believe McMillan was at the Bar at the Ritz Carlton, which is where he filmed the video on the Ramos Ginn Fizz, and now requires some sort of membership, if I am not mistaken. As you can see, not a lot to be certain about. If your friend is looking for more than just cocktails, speak up. We even have a gastro-pub now.
  9. Bar Tonique mixes good drinks, sometimes the crowd can be a little young though. The Carousel Bar in the Monteleone. French 75, part of Arnauds. Twelve Mile Limit in MidCity is new, high end cocktails in a dive bar kinda setting. Swizzle Stick has good drinks. Lots of Bars in the Marigny to hit for local flavor/music. Check the Times Picayune drinks section, whose chief correspondent is our own TA Price, who probably go the job because he has a hollow leg. For food and drink, try the Roosevelt Hotel Bar, next to but not affiliated with the Roosevelt Hotel. Miss Charming is serving em up at the Bombay Club.
  10. In yesterday's paper I noticed they had a brief item on the chef at Meson 923 moving on, and it got me thinking about this thread. The reason being, I didn't recall ever seeing anything in the Picayune about Meson 923, at least nothing detailed. And then I just started flipping backwards in the Dining section, and I went back to maybe June, and not a single article that focused on a single restaurant and profiled the cuisine or the experience. Its like the Picayune is simply a blog at this point, posting tidbits here and there about goings on, really doesn't offer much of anything in the way of content. Meanwhile, the blogs, and I am including Peyton's Haute Plates, are bursting with content. Let the writers write I say.
  11. Definitely not much in the way of critical reviews since the Storm. Even though Anderson made a thing about not reviewing and then reviewing, seems like the return to critical reviews never really happened. I am ok with that though. Seems like nobody really cares what the TP has to say anyway, they certainly aren't waiting. They just go. If they need an opinion they just go Ch---nd. Used to be they came here for insight. I think the critical aspect is more of a yearly thing which shows up in the form of Anderson's top ten. Definitely nothing like New York.
  12. The same holds true for smoked sausage even though it's fattier, you can still overcook it. And I think the smoked takes too browning a bit more than andouille. But you still don't need to brown all of it. Give us shout when you are getting close to coming down. We just got a Feast (also of Houston) which people are digging.
  13. Thanks for sharing. My biggest fear when doing such large portions is how much spice to add. Even salt gives me a hard time, the quantities are so large that its easy to really overdo or underdo, and I have a hard time trusting myself. Next time try getting some smoked sausage from Jacob's or Poche's, it really adds a ton of smoky flavor and I find the andouille a bit dry, so it helps balance things out on that front. What was your final consistency like? Was it yaya dark? I like the idea of whole chickens, for some reason I tend to go with just thighs and then deglaze the roasting pan after they have cooked to come up with some stock. Will try it your way next time I go industrial. When are you coming down again? We have a few new spots, and still a few you haven't tried.
  14. BadRabbit makes a good point and raises the obvious question, does a good bbq town really need more than one pit. I say no. I still don't understand the point of a map such as the one proposed. You drive to an identified town, and then you get out and ask around? I don't think the OP is following this thread anyway.
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