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  1. I had lunch at Le Bernardin about two weeks ago. Disappointing. The room is nice enough but has no real style or character. The menu was dull. I found myself searching for something that sounded special rather than struggling to choose among several enticing offerings. The monkfish, which I ordered at my host's suggestion, was dull too, in both taste and appearance. The tuna paillard appetizer, however, was very nice, and the service was fine. It was just one meal, but my impression was that Le B has become a tired restaurant that is not really in the game anymore. For fish, I would cho
  2. Our annual trip to the Adirondacks is our time for gorging on red meat, and on the way up we always stop a certain butcher/smokehouse to get a load of thick steaks and wursts for the grill. This year, we were disappointed to learn that the butcher no longer sells any steaks with the bone. The proffered explanation: mad cow. Does this make any sense?
  3. The Food Lion case is quite different from the topic under discussion. In Food Lion, the reporters used false pretenses to obtain access to non-public areas of the supermarket. By using a disguise, a restaurant critic is merely attempting to discover how the typical customer is treated in an area to which the public is invited. I find it startling that anyone could question whether a restaurant critic should do what the critic can to have an experience as close as possible to the restaurant's unknown customers. Remember, a restaurant invites the public into its dining room, and everything t
  4. To understand the screen name is to know why it was chosen, no? For the poulet roti, for the gigot, for the fois gras, for the escargots.... No mystery here.
  5. Mimi, Did you consider and reject southern fried chicken? And do you think that porterhouse or T-bone might need an Idaho baked potato, or maybe side orders of fried onions and creamed spinach, in order to be appreciated fully? Finally, is there no room for an ear of corn with butter, salt, and pepper? If not, I say slip it in alongside the lobster anyway, and make excuses later. 32
  6. Thank you all for your replies. Very helpful.
  7. I have seen at least one line of cast iron cookware that is thinner (and thus lighter) than most of the others, including my Lodge frying pan. Does anyone know the name of this line, or any other maker of thinner cast iron, and where it can be bought? Thanks in advance.
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