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  1. And what, one wonders, do they think they'll gain by this? Only thing I can see them gaining is a lot of ill will. Do they seroiusly think that New Yorkers are flocking to Englewood instead of Union Sq, having been deluded into expecting the "Republic" experience in NJ? It boggles the mind.
  2. There's a virtually identical Super Stop & Shop in Lyndhurst, just in case that one in Nufton doesn't cooperate. (I always assumed it was in Clifton since it's part of the Clifton Commons, but after 14 years here I'm still not sure where Nutley ends & Clifton begins.) I shop at both & as far as I can tell the only difference is in the location of the bathrooms. The one in Lyndhurst is on Lewandowski, between Marin Ave & Page Ave. Lewandowski runs N/S, parallel to Orient Way (1 blk W) & Ridge Rd (aka Rt 17, 3 blks E). It's maybe a mile S of Rt. 3 - a bit closer to NYC than the Nufton store.
  3. Is it just me or is the texture of every type of meat & seafood (with the exception of shrimp) at Asian restaurants different than anywhere else? It's not you, it's the cornstarch.
  4. Kudos to the owner. Deliberately throwing out food is a sin in my book too.
  5. Naw, sadly, the Afghan place went out of business. At least a year ago, possibly more, I dunno exactly when. Rosie probably does. That place got us up to Ridgewood at least half a dozen times. LOVED their food, & the whole ambiance. They had a spinach dish I had to order every time we went, couldn't get enough of it.
  6. Considering the math involved in this particular transaction, I'm inclined to agree. What evidence do we have that the server wasn't simply trying to ask, "Do you need something smaller than a ten & a twenty back?" Mayve the server isn't terribly articulate. Maybe English isn't his/her native language. There are SO many reasonable explanations for the question, as opposed to the one self-serving explanation, why harp on it? P.S. I too always tip in cash even when paying with CC, for the reasons noted above, unless I've been dissatisfied with the service.
  7. Last time I was in a Walmart it had the unhealthiest selection of foods I've ever seen. Just a comment in passing, they really irked me. Coincidentally I've been looking for a local health/natural foods store & found the following in my local Yellow Pages: Aylward's 342 Main St. Hackensack 201-342-1932 M-F 9:30 - 7:00 Sat 9:30 - 6:00 Surrey Int'l Natural Foods 33 Ridge Rd North Arlington 201-991-1905 Hoping to visit Surrey this week, but got a pretty full calendar, don't know if I'll make it. I'll post about what I find whenever I do get there. Presumably there's some overlap between health & low-carb foods these days.
  8. Aren't diners required to be open extremely late (if not 24/7) & serve breakfast at any hour of the day?
  9. Thanks all! Jason, spotted Bhoj on Mapquest, looks like an easy drive. Must go. Been to Mela a couple of times over the years. It was good, though it didn't bowl me over. India on the Hudson sounds like another essential trip. Yep saw the Wazwan thread but don't think I could ever enjoy a meal in West Caldwell. Too many sad memories there. Pity but there you have it. Had hoped to hit Montclair tonight to try one of their places but the evening fell apart. Will write up my experiences when we do get out.
  10. I've decided to assemble a list of Indian restaurants that are somewhere near my area (Rutherford), so that I can start sampling their offerings when time & circumstance allow. I've just spent a very frustrating half hour-plus with the search engine. I can't seem to get it to search for two words within the same post, in spite of following the Advanced Search instructions. E.g., I want to find posts containing the words "Indian" and "Montclair." Instructions say search for +Indian +Montclair. Doesn't work, gives me a HUGE list of posts containing EITHER Indian OR Montclair. Tried various permutations on placement of the + sign, no better. Any advice on the search engine would be appreciated too. Then searched on "Indian," which, as one might expect, gives another huge list. Somewhat helpful but a lot to wade through. What I've found so far is listed below. However, I seem to remember that someone had mentioned a place in Fairlawn, & another place in Montclair in addition to Taj Palace, that I haven't scared up so far. (I should have taken notes on the spot, that'll teach me!) If anyone knows either place, please advise! Also, I'm aware of the Iselin area from the Turnpike thread. To me that's an excursion, as opposed to the closer-to-home places I'm looking for. I.e., Montclair is 8 miles away while it's 30 to Iselin, so I'd much rather drive to Montclair. Here's what I've found so far: Namaskaar Mall at IV / Rt 4 West Paramus Taj Palace Montclair Kinara River Road Edgewater Thanks for any & all suggestions! Edited to add: Bloody hell! Just tried the +Indian +Montclair search again and it seems to have worked! Mystifying. Anyway this has enabled me to add Natraj to the list. I think that's the one I'd noticed but not noted some months back. Or perhaps it was Satish Palace. Ah well, the list grows.
  11. Ah, ye beat me to it! I lived 2 short blocks away from Myers until 1990. About the same distance from Tea & Sympathy. It was heaven, cuisine-wise. Myers got the bulk of our biz cuz it was great to be able to heat up their meat pies when appetite struck. Both places very authentic & highly recommended. P.S. Back to Jersey - I once found myself driving down Ridge Road in Kearny & it looked like I passed an area several blocks long with a # of iterations of Myers-type stores. Many seemed to be Scottish. It was a Sunday or something & nothing was open. Never got back.
  12. Me too... Good points. And I commend your compassion. Sincerely. There never seems to be enough of that to go around in this world.
  13. "Lipid" is hilarious but I hope it was "limpid." Which is hilarious in another way.
  14. "Artillery fire?" A rather funny coal-raking in one of a hundred thousand blogs + a tiny paragraph buried at the bottom of a page on Weekend Pleasures in whatever this Manhattan User's Guide thing is = artillery fire? I understand this world a little less every day, I fear. Though I suspect that all this will only help Ms. Hesser's career.
  15. Thanks! Durn, I was hoping that it was closer. Looks to be about 30 miles away. Doable, but not as often as I'd like. Still, it's great to know that such an area exists. It's good to have goals in life!
  16. Does anyone know what's happened to Fink's website? I keep getting a "403 Access Denied - retrieval of that file is forbidden" message. Forbidden? By whom? Most cruel!
  17. My vote goes to allergy too. Allergies can develop at almost any point in life, as Kim illustrated above. My own experiences with food poisoning from bad seafood all involved the illness showing up 6-8 hours after the meal. It's that mere half-hour "incubation period" that makes me think allergy. Glad you're OK.
  18. Thank you Rosie! I need some good Indian food. Always. Can never get enough.
  19. Yo Brian (or anyone else who knows), This sounds like an area that I seriously need to visit. MapQuest doesn't recognize Parkway exits tho. What town are we talking about? Thanks!
  20. There's a place called Cafe Cafe (Latin cuisine) that opened just a few weeks ago in my town (Rutherford) that still has a "Help Wanted" sign in the window. I have no idea if they're attracting the kind of volume you're seeking - knowing this town, I kinda doubt it - but they're clearly hiring! 16 Glen Rd, just off our main street (Park Ave) a block up from Station Square. I also noticed that our Moroccan place (was on Park Ave just a few doors up from Station Sq) has gone out of biz & is being replaced with something called La Reggia Bistro (Confused cuisine?). Presumably they'll be hiring at some point. Our town is probably a bit too sleepy & sober (the whole town is BYO) to have an "always busy" place, but some of them stay in business.
  21. The Montclair Whole Foods does not have a salad bar, the store is physically too small - it reminds me of NYC supermarkets - tho they do have a superb prepared foods counter. Oddly coincidentally enough, there also used to be a Mongolian Grill on Rt 120 in E. Rutherford. It went out of business some years ago (along with LT's Marina).
  22. Come to New Jersey! Or Maine. At least, I found them in Maine over Christmas. Those are good cookies.
  23. i can recognize that picture from denmark, and from the rest of what i know of scandinavia. crap for the unthinking masses, luxury for the rich gourmets, and almost nothing in between. ham for instance, is either soggy stuff in supermarket plastic, or it's cut for you by a butcher who knew the pig's grandmother's name Oddly (or perhaps not), Andy Lymes' words there also mirror my experience of growing up in rural/suburban St. Louis, Missouri, USA, in the 1950s/early 1960s, vs. my current life here in suburban New Jersey. It's the way of the world I guess. OK back to your puddings!
  24. Fascinating thread, thanks to all who contributed here. dillybravo, a suggestion, if you aren't already doing this -- after a similar experience a couple of years ago, I now compose any lengthy response in my word processing software (Word) & hit CTRL/S after every paragraph to save it as I go along. When I'm done I just highlight/copy/paste the whole thing into my bulletin board response window. This has saved my bacon a couple of times since the initial incident.
  25. Do I want to? O god yes! But I'm in New Jersey at the moment.....
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