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  1. My only experience with the Rutherford Jim Dandy's is as a source of takeout. The staff has seemed quite pleasant every time I've gone there for a pickup. It looks quite clean, I wouldn't hesitate to eat there if I were in the mood. Their main virtue for me is decent, if not exceptional, food + convenience. Ribs are tender & reasonably tasty, though nowhere near the best I've had. Burgers are quite good. I particularly like the one slathered with melted cheese, onions & green peppers.
  2. I'm still addicted to the Union Sq greenmarket in NYC. After nearly 20 years working in the area (that part of my life is past now), it's a difficult habit to give up. In season, I still hop on the train with my backpack once a week & load up. Which makes this time of year rather dreary, of course. I live quite near that Rt 17 farm market, & have to say that, while the prices are good, I've never found the quality to be anywhere near that of a good greenmarket. It sounds like I'm going to have to investigate Corrado's ASAP. I didn't know of the place till now. Thanks for mentioning it.
  3. Hi folks, Newbie here. I live in Rutherford so have been to Mignon a few times. Always enjoy it. It is a bit pricier than I'm used to, but we usually wind up carrying something home - their portions tend to be pretty large - so overall I feel like they offer a good value. I'm particularly fond of their grilled pork chops with caramelized onions. Someone had mentioned, I think in another thread, that the creamed spinach was heavy on the onion. For me "too much onion" is a phrase that simply doesn't compute, so I absolutely love the stuff. I have no idea where to rank the place against other steakhouses because we really don't frequent them. But it's a very satisfying place to have so close to home.
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