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  1. Deb and I visited Feast last night, a Thursday evening. Considering the buzz, I thought it seemed easy to get reservations. We arrived at 6:45. Other than the staff, we were the only people in the restaurant. The appetizers were amazing. Snails on Toast were outstanding. The snails had perfect texture (chewy but nut rtubbery), and just the rights amount of garlic and butter. Duck Liver Pate was excellent. The portion was huge. A few more pieces of toast would have been nice. Unfortunately, the appetizers were the highlight of the evening. As a main course, we shared the Beef Osso Bucco. The
  2. LDLee


    Does anyone have a reliable source for barley couscous in the US? I love the stuff but can't find it anywhere. Thanks.
  3. My wife and I visited L’Espalier for dinner Saturday night. We chose the Chef’s Tasting Journey with matching wine. The first five courses were excellent – the food was fantastic, the wine pairings decent but not great, the service attentive without being overbearing. Highlights included the Salmon Napoleon pre-appetizer, the seared foie gras with cocoa (wow!), and the meat sampler (roasted lamb chop, and veal kidney with a slice of truffle). The wine pairings were a little weak. The Sylvaner with the seafood course was good, but clashed with the pineapple in the lobster. The Greek Muscat with
  4. (The following will be very stream-of-consciousness) Thanks for all the responses. Three votes for Lopez. It must be pretty good. Unfortunately, getting my wife to go out to Highway 6 for Mexican food may be near impossible. I am more of the cheesy (as a compliment) 60s Tex-Mex person. I have Robb's Tex-Mex book and his barbecue book. You should try the grilled cabbage. Is the place at 20th, Main, Studemont and Cavalcade called Franco's? (I am surprised there isn't an easy name for this location, like 5-points). It seems like that center is a kiss of death for restaurants. This morning, I drov
  5. I am starting this as new post so not to distract from the original topic. Elie, my wife and I must be the only people in Houston who do not like Hugo's. I am trying to understand what there is to like about it. We used to go to Tila's but the quality has declined recently. The focus of my comment about Mexican restaurants was Tex-Mex. I have not found anything here comparable to the food I found in Austin or San Antonio. The usual suspects (Lupe Tortilla's, Spanish Flower, Andy's, Cafe Adobe, Pappasitos, Cadillac Bar, Doneraki, Molina's, Guadalajara) are that, suspect. It seems odd to me to
  6. Just a minor quibble. This is the second time Himalaya is refered to as Indian. It is not, it's Pakistani and while excellent, they have no buffet. For a good Indian Buffet my top pick goes to Mayuri in the plaze on Fountainview and Westheimer. I meant Khyber, and I have corrected in my post. I will have to grab a group of friends to try Mayuri.
  7. I work in Greenway Plaza area and am confused where you are. 610 is 3 miles from Greenway Plaza. Other restaurants to consider: Cova Wine & Tapas Bar -- Good selection of wines by the glass and excellent food. Max’s Wine Dive –- Developed by the owner of the Tasting Room, supposed to be an upscale hole-in-the-wall. Allison Cook loves this place. The wine is reasonably priced and the food is okay. The oyster nachos are outstanding. Catalan Food and Wine -- Right now, my favorite restaurant in Houston. Every time I have been there the food has been amazing. Tony’s -- I have only been here f
  8. Dessert Gallery Bakery & Cafe, 1616 Post Oak Blvd, Houston, TX, is locally owned and very good. Acadian Bakers, 604 W Alabama St, prepared the groom's cake for my wedding over 14 years ago, and people are still raving. Service here is either excellent or atrocious. I know you didn't ask for it, but for pies Flying Saucer Pie Company at 436 W Crosstimbers St are amaizing.
  9. Tuesday night, saw the Houston episode of The Hungry Detective. The producer must have drawn a vertical line through downtown, picked locations west of the line and did not want to stray too far outside the Loop. Kudos for featuring Mai's instead of the usual Vietnamese suspect, Kim Son. Also visited three other good choices -- Bubba's Texas Burger Shack, The Breakfast Klub and Tony Mandola's Gulf Coast Kitchen. To me, Goode Company Barbecue was the one uncreative selection. Overall, good selection of reasonably priced restaurants highlighting the diversity of cuisine. One question, how can
  10. We went with a group of 6 a week ago (Saturday, November 18). My wife and I ordered the Robiolla with pancetta and leeks, but didn't like it. The pancetta was a little gamey (I know that sounds weird). Probably a case of different tatses for different people. And the pizza was sliced. Everyone else really enjoyed their orders. The samples I tried were very good. One person ordered the fish plate and siad it was divine (her words, not mine). The one glitch in the night was wine. I ordered a barbera off the wine list. 5 minutes later, the waiter returned to say they did not have it. I the
  11. Because the reservations had already been made and We had already left for Seattle before people started directing us not to go.
  12. What a wonderful city. My wife and I had a great time in Seattle. We really liked the city’s atmosphere. There is a little slacker town element (kind of like Austin), which is not a bad thing -- my wife is from Austin and I went to college there. The restaurants were amazing. What surprised me was the number of residents who did not think so, mainly because they were trying to compare Seattle to San Francisco. As a middle market city, the proportion of interesting restaurants to population is fantastic. As previously posted, we had reservations at four restaurants -- Wild Ginger, Union, C
  13. Good eye. John Marion is a Carraba, one of the many cousins who owns a restaurant. Personally, Piatto's is probably my favorite of the Italian restaurants operated by a Carraba/Mandola/Lorenzo family member. My only complaint is it gets loud some times.
  14. Thaks for all the help. Here is our schedule: Thursday - Wild Ginger Friday - Union Saturday - Chez Shea Sunday - Herbfarm Will definitely focus on light lunches during the day and working out extra hard, when we get back. Lindsey
  15. My wife has a small herb garden in our back yard. Rosemary, several different thymes and basis, lemongrass. She loves to cook and has told me we have to go. Since the Herbfarm is in the Woodinville area, is it reasonable to visit the wineries during the day before dinner that night? If so, any suggestions of places to visit? Thanks for y'all's prompt responses.
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