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  1. So I read the post and was ready to take to the battlements with you Sam (you bring the boiling oil, I'll bring the Laugavulin), when I chose to read the article linked. The city doesn't seem to have issue with the nature of the business, nor the fact that it doesn't comply with the spirit of the village, that's all a red herring thrown out by the supporters. The whole indepedent angle vs. monolithic chains isn't what the city has issue with and is denying permits for at all. It's denying permits becuase the fascade doesn't comply with design guidlines from the area plan. Yes Steveston is a twee shell of it's former self. Yes the McDonalds is a blight on the community, (except for when you're at the playground with kids and the bathrooms at the community are locked for no good reason, again. Thanks Ron.) But if the headstrong owner would ask the planning deaprtment for some design guidelines, this could all be unpleasant history. And as a West Richmond resident, I say bring on the new bakery. I've mentioned it here before, (and can't be arsed to search it out,) but the south end of #1 road is becoming a very good independent grocery vendor street. I even like the Steveston Super Grocer across Moncton. And Steveston residents are the most irritating nimby assholes in the city.
  2. Complete and total random occurance on par with a roomful of monkeys and IBooks producing Hamlet. And todays koan is "if a wine is not commercially available, does it really exist?"
  3. You are all going to be asked to leave the province immediately if word leaks out that you're discussing BC wine critically. C'mon lets not air out dirty laundry in public, tourists might read this board.
  4. I don't think Itallisima is their brand, I think I've seen it elsewhere. Or maybe they are the distributor of it, but I'm certain it's available in other retailers too. It is pervasive in there though.
  5. We were there on the weekend and noticed two thirds of the dumpling crew (<-Possible hip hop band name?) were new. Two young guys. The XLB were excellent, as always. I'm a XLB slut though, and the sum total bad XLB I've had is zero. Even bad XLB are damn tasty. It's a topic I find it diffict to express critical thought regarding. We also had the fried pork dumplings, (because one order of porky meat/dough combo just isn't enough,) which were even better than the XLB. Thicker skin, sweeter dough like a pork bun, with soup inside and the hottest interior known to man. These things could power a Candu reactor. Scientists in Iran are probably trying to refine the centres of these right now.
  6. Not a chance. I do like Ukrainian food a lot but the cuisine does not lend itself well to a fine dining environment. ← You ever hear of a place in New York called the Russian Tea Room?
  7. See what happens when you do a good deed? Now I'm cursing your name as I finish one review after another for bringing the page to my attention. Damn you man. It doesn't pay to do a favour. I want a good taco right now so badly. That page should be required reading for anyone wanting to operate a taco stand in the city.
  8. Taco blog? See that box that says http:// above? Use it man. Muchos gracias.
  9. Dude, what are you talking about, I'll take my advice from someone that's actually been there, to wit; "the food was orgasmic, atmosphere electric.... and wine pairings made this a meal to be remembered." Don't be a hater.
  10. You affiliated with the lounge in any way?
  11. Why's it silly? People have been misappropriating cultural/religious touchstones and iconography for millenia and retasking it for their own purposes. Granted the pizza itself sounds rediculous, sage and smoked salmon do not seem like a marriage made in heaven but at least it doesn't contain pancetta. Actually, that would be hilarious. The next hip modern Vancouver restaurant I go into that doesn't have a Buddha head statue in it somewhere will be the first.
  12. And the no delivery rationale seems weak, Napoli has scads of Vespa riding Pizza toting delivery boys running around, and if it's good enough for Naples, it's good enough for me.
  13. Any connection with Pajo's? The only reason I ask is thier other location is Port Moody, and the Steveston/Tri-cities crossover seems odd. And I'll check this place out this weekend, if it's half as good as you suggest, I'l single handidly keep this place afloat. (Is handidly a word? Looks odd, sounds right. Yeah I could use tyhis interweb thing to check, but I'll let my stupidity stand.)
  14. Joining the chorus denouncing that fish store in Steveston. Smells horrible, looks unclean, and is expensive. I have no idea how they stay in business. There isn't a business on Bayview in Steveston that shouldn't be shut down for crimes against good taste. Yet the shops on Moncton, the old main drag of Steveston are uniformly interesting and very nice. The tourists get shafted.
  15. I might be an internet food loser, but at least I'm not an internet food loser that listens to CKNW.
  16. And Neil nails it. FWIW, I've eaten both Charlie Trotter and Thomas Keller inspired cuisine on Luftansa, it was a tiny bit better than regular stuff. It's more about marketing than anything. Bruno Marti, ex-Canadian exec chef was the previous Harmony celeb chef.
  17. Has anyone ever had a single tortilla taco before? I'm racking my brain to try to remember if I've ever seen that, either in the States or Mexico. I'm not certain I have, maybe my sample size just isn't large enough.
  18. We went last Thursday evening, and the dim sum menu was on the table along with the dinner menu. We ordered two things off the dim sum menu. Based on my empirical evidence sample size of two, yes the whole dimsum menu is available at night.
  19. If Chillos is going to remain a going concern they're going to have to decide on some consistant opening hours and days and then stick to them. I've forgiven them for not being open once when they said they would, I'll not forgive them a second time.
  20. If I walked past a White Spot and saw my culinary hero chowing on a Triple O burger I think I'd cry. And I might become jaded and bitter too.
  21. I'm fastening my socks to my ankles while I type, I await them being blown off shortly. And yeah, three bucks is probably a little low.
  22. I kinda got the impression that's where is was, bu it has since moved to Ackroyd, or am I being dense?
  23. With all due respect for an enterprising entrepenuer willing to take a finacial risk, are you not setting yourself up for massive critisism if you're not taco truck delicious? And part of the taco wagon appeal is lunch costs a sum total of about three bucks. Good luck, best wishes, and being almost as good as a Bellingham taqueria would be a major victory.
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