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  1. Thanks- Hard 8 it is. (Assuming lines aren't too long at security and we are on time.) Vancouver doesn't have any molecular gastronomy to speak of.
  2. I've got a five hour layover at DFW airport on Wednesday, does anyone have any recommendations for bbq joints within five minutes of the airport. It's doesn't have to be that good, being from Vancouver bad Texas is still pretty damn good. Thanks in advance.
  3. Kids dig izakaya, esp. locations where you sit on the floor. Either Gyoza King or Guu on Robson are good kid choices. Plenty of little dishes, so if there's something they don't like, something else is always arriving right behind it, and things arrive promptly. Plus kids like anywhere that the staff holler at each other.
  4. We went to Jules pre-show on Monday. Superb. And close. And plenty to watch. And they don't take the stage until nine. And if you happen to miss Sting's son's band Fiction Plane, you'll not regret it.
  5. I never quite understood this one...why Ukrainian Tire? ← Because I'd already used Cambodian Tire upthread? ← Its a colloquial name for CT in Western Canada! I've just never understood why? ← I'd guess that it's because they sell a wide range of items with high utility but how to say it diplomatically, low design aesthetic. Two qualities that virtually sum up the Ukrainian experience in Western Canada. Plus their merchadise selection makes the heart of a Prairie dweller sing with potential, ratchet sets and cheap lightbulbs and pine scented rear view mirror air fresheners and maybe even tractor parts. Basically Canadian tire is to Ukrainians as Prada is to Italians or Louis Vuitton is to Cantonese. Plus it just sounds funny, comedy K's and all that.
  6. I never quite understood this one...why Ukrainian Tire? ← Because I'd already used Cambodian Tire upthread?
  7. The Cowboy brand Charcoal is usually available at various Trader Joe's locations in Seattle, at ridiculous prices. Three or Four bucks for a twenty pound bag. It pays to stock up. It's nicely lumpty too, unlike the dusty crap consisting of floor sweepings you occasionally get at Ukrainian Tire.
  8. Ummm, forests are all pretty much organic. People are stupid, those obsessed with being 100% organic even moreso. It'd be good if you could find 100% organic wild sockeye to grill on your organic charcoal.
  9. hard core geeks make their own charcoal, I'd love to as A) I'm a pyromaniac and B) I enjoy projects which require little more effort from me than opening anther bottle of wine and waiting. Google it for more info.
  10. Just for the record, all Ukrainian Tires seem to stock real charcoal, I'm just looking for some alternate sources.
  11. Also; Where do you buy hardwood lump charcoal other than Cambodian Tire, the only reliable local source I've found.
  12. It was called Tinhan. There's a little commercial cookware shop on Alexandra, in the mini-mall just east of Jade. It's very reasonable and well stocked. Also in the bottom floor of The Richmond Public market is a quasi-commercial cookshop. They'll have cheap woks.
  13. The Richmond location is deceased. Or at a new location at least.
  14. Check out Taiwan Beef Noodle in Marpole on Granville between the Library and CIBC. I've always thought of it as the local gold standard, but would be curious to try the Metrotown place. #17! Sour mustard and shredded pork in soup?
  15. That'd be North Van Bordeaux, right?
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