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    Steven Shaw

    Like so many others, it has been years since I have been active on the site. I was saddened to hear of Steven's passing and my heart goes out to Ellen and PJ. Both Steven and Jason were huge influences when I was involved with eG, and recently when my Twitter stream would show that we had been at the same restaurants in our neighborhood, within an hour of each other. Although this is a sad time, I am thrilled to see so many posts from so many people I enjoyed from days past on eG.
  2. Hey Kris - hope you're well. I'll have to get back to you on some of the names as I'm dashing this off at work after i saw this - haven't been on the boards as much lately. Ethiopian place on the Danforth is really good (there are 2 of them, both get good reviews), Toronto also has some excellent Indian food - I highly recommend Amaya Indian Room in Leaside (north east of where you are staying) for some interesting dishes - they also have a website. Origin and Colborne Lane are always interesting. Caplansky's Deli for lunch/brunch one day for some really good smoked meat sandwiches. Kensington Market area for browsing, and munching on Trinidadian doubles, empanadas and pupusas as various shops as well as Jamaican patties in coco bread. I'm living in NYC now, but may be in Toronto that week - message me if you'd like to try and meet up for a meal.
  3. Ha ha! I had a laugh when I saw this earlier - brings back many a memory of late night pizza there. Innocent til proven guilty indeed, however $1 million worth of marijuana is fairly substantial....not sure anyone can call that "personal use"!
  4. And if you want to treat your hosts to dinner, or just want something in the neighbourhood try Boehmer on Ossington. Lots of local ingredients and the mixologist, Renata, is wonderful.
  5. Thanks for posting this Geoff. Sounds like something to do on Saturday....after all, another knife might be fun
  6. what is the dinner for? What types of people are attending? What kind of atmosphere are you after?
  7. I have been, but not for awhile. What is it specifically you're looking for help with? The writing of a review? Evaluating the food?
  8. Any idea where the second one will be? Yonge and Sheppard is decidedly north for me
  9. I would dearly love to know who they hired that advised them to do this. Quite certain it was just a V-day ploy, but still -- oops!
  10. Welcome AceBoy. There's all sorts of stuff happening in Toronto right now. Paul Bohmer is finally opening his own place, Claudio Aprile is also opening a new one. Jamie Kennedy sold his signature wine bar, and Michael Stadtlander is still up at the farm. What exactly are you looking for, to continue work in a hotel environment or a restaurant venue???
  11. I have seen it frozen at Arz before, so you should be able to get it....
  12. We ate at Terroni( on Queen) Thursday night and I wasnt impressed. We shared an appetizer of frito misto( stuffed squash blossems, arracini and a few miniscule pieces of baby zucchini that werent fried). A salad of arugula, mushrooms and parmsean with lemon dressing and a marhgarita pizza with 1 basil leaf. The squash blossems had the oddest taste, very boozy, but when I enquired, they said there was no booze. They almost tasted fermented. Just plain weird. The pizza was good, but I was put off by the lack of basil( 1 leaf? Seriously). The salad was basic and a tad expensive at 9.95. My MIL and 11yr old niece had the lasagana with asparagus, peas, speck and bechimel. It tasted like ham and scalloped potatoes and the portion was ridiculous for 15.95. Very small. I wasnt impressed and would not eat their again. ← Sorry to hear about your meal. Terroni is a popular tourist spot and okay lunch in a pinch if you're not expecting too much. For Italian in Toronto there are tons of choices depending on what you're looking for. Giancarlo's on Clinton at College is always good, Tutti Matti, Zucca, L'Unita or for high end, Via Allegro are all good choices.
  13. Client lunch at an upscale restaurant this week. 2 women, 1 man, business attire, well groomed, average weight, between 35 - 45 yrs: To the gentleman (who was not the host) 2 minutes in to the entrée: Wow, clearly the girls enjoy food, should i bring the dessert menu now? WTF?
  14. Thanks for the endorsement. But a slight difference in taste. I find Lahore Tikka House to be priced almost exactly the same as Trimurti (around $30-$35 for two without beer), but I much prefer both the service and ambiance at Trimurti. Lahore is more Pakistani and Trimurti Indian (if anyone has a preference) - I find the spicing more subtle at Trimurti and prefer some of the 'rarer' dishes (such as Pasanda, which is not common in Toronto). And even if all else was equal I'd go for the Onion Bhaji at Trimurti (that's my personal acid test). ← Perfect timing estufarian - heading to Trimurti tonight and will definitely try the Pasanda!
  15. You can find reasonably priced duck legs at T&T supermarkets. A couple of the butchers at SLM other than Whitehouse often have duck fat as well. Cumbrae's as mentioned always does.
  16. thank you - and thanks to everone else who's been sendng nice comments...i'm glad people are enjoying it. do they still make the guinness marmite? i thought it was a one-off thing, and actually have not tried it myself...any good? ← Alas, it is entirely possible they do not, I haven't been over to check. Guinness = , Marmite = so, to my mind Guinness Marmite =
  17. Franco, what a wonderful, wonderful blog this is. Thank you sooo much! I must get across the pond soon as I would dearly love a jar of Guiness Marmite for my often desk-bound breakfasts...
  18. Thanks so much for the update. I for one am definitely interested in an ongoing chronicle. I know the Saint John area fairly well, as with the rest of the Maritimes as I used to travel there frequently for business. Please keep us posted!
  19. Jake

    KFC or Popeyes?

    Popeyes, Popeyes, Popeyes! KFC has made me ill everytime I've eaten it in the last 15 years due to the grease.
  20. Okay, I am from Toronto, but hope you won't mind me adding a suggestion. (And I have eaten in Vancouver many times). Chiado. It is arguably the best Portuguese restaurant in North America, their fish is pristine, flavours excellent and I've always had great service. It has the added advantage of being just a little different than usual.
  21. Ummm, it's Toronto guys. We can easily easily get Claphalon, All Clad, Sitram etc. etc. As recommended upthread, Nikolau has everything. I personally recommend the All Clad.
  22. ajgnet, this is just great! I can't wait to see more installments.
  23. Iqbal Halal foods seems to have a lot of unusual out of the way Southeast Asian ingredients, that might be another place to check, or call.
  24. Jake

    Il Mulino

    Haven't been, Justin but after your review and the comments about the wine it's going on the list ASAP! Perhaps this weekend.....
  25. Jake

    Il Mulino

    Sounds good, Justin. What price point? And can you tell us about the wine list?
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