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  1. What wine goes with (his) Jello pudding pops? ← Los Lobos, Jimmy Fallon, Drew Barrymore, Sean and Robin Penn,
  2. When we moved from Mass to New Hampshire one of the things that we did miss was the roast beef. We like either Billy and Bobs or Kellys. I have mine with lett, onion, and you must have the sauce which differs slightly from place to place. The roll is usually buttered and flat grilled.The beef is cooked daily rare and sliced to order.
  3. If you are near North Conway I would highly reccomend Coyote Rose it is right in the village and I have never eaten there but we hear the toasted lab is good
  4. We like Lindbergh's Crossing or for Italian Anthony Albertos
  5. At our restaurant we prepare Babybacks by first rubbing them with a dry rub then let them sit for 24 hours. I then braise them at 275 degrees for 5 hours in a mixture of Chicken stock, Beef stock, Mango Puree, Brown Sugar, Garlic and a few other seasonings. Then at pickup brush them with Mango Bbq Sauce that we make and grill them. We serve them with Purple Potato and Roasted Corn Salad, Jicama Slaw and crispy onions. We have received no complaints about our Ribs so don't knock until you have tried it.
  6. Have you tried Arrows or the White Barn Inn they are both south of Portland but worth the trip.Arrows is seasonal and I'm not sure when they open. Soon I would think. I also would give Fore st. another shot, We really enjoy it there.
  7. I would recomend 2. Lindburghs Crossing (which is in the same space as the Blue Strawberry used to be ) Or Anthony Albertos if you feel like Italian.
  8. We very much enjoy Hammersleys Bistro every time we are in Boston.Mistral is also very good, Radius is wonderful as is Julien at the Langham.
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