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  1. I know exactly what you mean! Opening up a packet of belacan causes my boyfriend to sniff the air furiously and demand, "What is that smell?!" I love its scent though...reminds me of home. (I also like the scent of durian) And I much prefer the Chinese rojak that you describe here...Indian rojak is good but not my favourite.
  2. Some people (myself included!) insist on a fourth branch...nonya food (sometimes spelled nyonya). I love ikan bakar (barbequed fish)...with that limey, sambal sauce on top. Loh Bak is an another lovely one...traditionally beancurd skin wrapped seasoned pork, deep fried. They also deep fry tofu, fish cake, etc, all wrapped in beancurd skin. Hokkien mee...not the light coloured Singaporean version...but the dark dark dark Malaysian one with thick yellow noodles, some meat and veg and the necessary pieces of fried lard, all coated in a very dark sauce. My family calls it black mee. Oh, yong tau fu is very comforting in its lovely broth....fish cake stuffed, uh, items....veg and tofu. I could go on forever...I love too many dishes... My favourite dish, though, is more Singaporean...or should I say, better made in Singapore. Chai tow kueh....fried radish cake with egg, some chilli, pickled turnip...prawns are added today too. Light or dark (thick dark soy sauce added). My ultimate comfort food! No wait, hang on....rendang!!! Rendang daging! No, give me a sec...hang on...uh...Crud, can't select a favourite. Regarding nasi ulam, Umami recently made the dish for the latest My Blog is Burning...
  3. Not a joke and it still happens today. As a student living in halls of residence, I have seen people wash dishes using the icky method that Hallie describes.
  4. As a student in London, I reckon I ought to add in my two cents' worth. (should that be two pence worth?) Definitely Lebanese. There are a couple of new branches of the Ranoush Juice Bar...one on High St Kensington and Earls Court Road (don't know if the latter is open yet though...the first definitely is). The Beirut Express is also part of the same chain and you can get excellent baklava by weight for takeaway. I've heard good things about Rasa Express(warren st tube) but I haven't yet tried it myself. £3 for lunch. Duck rice is famous at the Four Seasons in Bayswater. About £5...look out for the orange awning. Definitely Bodeans! Great ribs! A pulled pork sandwich with fries is about £5. Further to the previous suggestion of the Japan Centre, they do cheap sushi for takeaway downstairs in the food mart. Hope you have a great time in London!
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