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  1. Out of curiousity, how much IS a bottle in Whole Foods in the US? Here in London, I saw a bottle for £1.49...but haven't tried it yet.
  2. su-lin


    According to IMDB, it's being released in the UK in October! (edited for grammar!)
  3. I too learned that daikon was known as white carrot. Oh well. Fried carrot cake is known as chai tow kueh (spelling?) in Singapore and Malaysia. When I was a kid, the white style carrot cake (without sweet dark sauce) was the only kind available and it still remains my preference today. I do think though that the best chai tow kueh is found in Singapore (speaking as someone born in Malaysia!).
  4. I believe the crispy, thin, sugary kind is called coca de vidre (glass coca). The savoury cocas tend to be thicker and breadier, if that's a word. The coca de sant joan is also thicker. ETA: A google image search for "coca de vidre" produces some results so you can check.
  5. Asian food stores - Try Southall if you can't find any others ← oh wow, never thought of looking there! Thanks, fatmat!
  6. Does anyone know where I can purchase almond flour in London? I want to try my hand at making macarons but do not own a blender or food processor to make it myself. I know that the supermarkets carry ground almonds but I think those are still too coarse.
  7. I'm guessing it doesn't have to be just one dish. Roasted cauliflower. I don't think we've cooked cauliflower any other way in the past year. The tuna melt thread stuck in my head for a whole week before I succumbed and made them for a Friday night dinner. Tots. Korova cookies. Larb. Next on my list: marshmallows, onion confit, latkes, Chufi's boterkoek. And that's just what I can recall right now!
  8. Garlic or onions frying...mixed with laundry air drying (currently using a lavender and chamomile detergent!)...mixed with Cif (was cleaning the bathroom).
  9. there are lots of Asian grocers in Soho, of course, on Brewer St. But there's a clump of Malaysian shops on either Hogarth or Kenway Road opposite Earls Court tube as well. ← There are 3 Phillipino shops and 1 Thai shop across from Earls Court tube. No Malaysian ones. I'm quite fond of New Loon Moon in Chinatown, opposite Loon Fung. What particular SE Asian country's items were you looking for?
  10. kew and Tepee, thank you so much for a delightful food blog week! I now miss KL thoroughly (born there but grew up mostly in Canada) and can't wait till I get to Stephen's Corner again (if I remember correctly, their fish curry was really really good). Any chance of seeing one of my favourites...a kacang putih man??? :)
  11. I too have been to the Caspian about 8 years ago... I remember the food as being very good too. On certain nights, there's a belly dancer. My parents now frequent another place in West Van - I'll try to get the name of it for you.
  12. A bit off topic but in Germany, there is a Coke with orange soda called Mezzo Mix. It's manufactured by Coca-Cola and tastes like half Coke and half orange Fanta. Tasted better than I expected!
  13. A very enthusiastic YES! Yum....in a fish curry, in bhindi bhaji... I've never had a fried one yet though...
  14. You can find it at Borders too. It's 4.25. And you can find it a week or so after it's available in North America.
  15. Oh, the peeling was fine - the skin comes off easily. It's the sucking out of the insides that I can't get my head around...
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