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  1. I'm jealous that NOPA got the Ms. The ingredients are much more my style than the wild Js I witnessed at the lovely Teardrop Lounge in Portland. Neyah is a bar maestro and I was lucky enough to enjoy some cocktails after the San Francisco Cocktail Week finale party in May 2008. And what gorgeous glassware he has!! Their fried smelts are also a tasty snack, thanks to Tim Stookey for the recommendation. *edited to add love for the glassware.
  2. FYI, cocktailians. The annual Tales of the Cocktail event, which turns 5 this year, is hosting the First Annual Spirit Awards on July 22nd at the close of the event. There's an open call for nominations, we blogged it a couple weeks ago at Imbibe Unfiltered. Just wanted to cross post the info here in case any of you would like to make a nomination. Now you can resume your regular mixology questions, connundrums and tasting notes. note: edited to deal with a messy space and hyperlink.
  3. slobhan

    Fish & Chip

    I like the sound of this method! I've made beer-battered before, but I'll have to try vodka. Thanks for the link.
  4. I saw that, it was a nice piece... I always love seeing the Brothers Alström.
  5. That was my concern about the vodka infusion, Will try the simple syrup version and post the rseults ← I can see how that might happen. I may have spoken too soon about thyme's infusability. I've had a good experience with lavender, but I guess time's effect on thyme (oh, geez, Siobhan) could be quite different. Will have to play with it this weekend.... Siobhan
  6. So true. Spoken like a cocktail artiste.
  7. Mmmmm, that sounds delicious! I'm going to have to try it. I'd infuse the vodka with thyme first. Just cut up some sprigs of fresh thyme and put it in the vodka, storing in a cool, dark place for a few days....checking for doneness every so often, adding more thyme if it seems overly weak after 24 hours. You know it's done when you like the flavor, but the longest it should go would be about 10 - 14 days. Strain out the thyme and you have thyme-infused vodka! For the drink, combine the vodka with your choice of lemonade (a homemade Meyer lemonade would be scrumptious) and simple syrup if you like it sweet. A garnish of fresh thyme would finish it off nicely. Ok, now I'm going to have to try this at home!
  8. slobhan

    Office Aromas

    Did you and I work in the same place in 1997-98? I used to have a cubicle located right next to the kitchen where employees would heat and eat their lunches, it was pure torture. There were the Pavlovian drools when someone brought in something delicious (anything with bacon, microwave popcorn, or some nice soup). Then there was the recurring fish smell like the one you describe above....although, in my case it was the Finance guy eating fish. He was so sweet and quiet, I didn't have the heart to tell him about the offending odor, but he ate fish every Friday, so I made sure I was out of the office. Don't get me wrong, I like fish, but not when I'm snacking on a banana in the next cubicle over.
  9. Oh my, I forgot to subscribe to this thread.... thanks for the insight! I should have mentioned that I am cooking on a ceramic electric stove from the start. I am really tempted to try the thick CI wok, but if it can't be dragged across ceramic cook tops without damaging them, I might have to pass. I am hopelessly careless and messy in the kitchen (I chalk it up to enthusiasm)....and I like to cook like Toliver and lift the pan from time to time. Hmmmm, Octaveman, you are pretty committed and open about your conversion to thick CI, though, it's convincing. I'll read up and shop around and let y'all know what ends up happening. Thank you!
  10. I searched for "wok" in this forum, but didn't find anything. Here we go, folks. It all began in 1999, when my boyfriend's sister, now my sister-in-law, gave me a non-stick stir-fry pan/wok she didn't need anymore. The pan was light, non-stick (which I usually don't buy), big and deep—it did the job. A few years later, I tossed the pan when I noticed the bottom chipping and I didn't want to eat the chemicals used in the non-stick coating with my chicken curry. Little did I know, in so doing, I would be launched into a search to find the perfect replacement that still continues today. I tried to replace it with a Calphalon One Stir-Fry pan and I don't like it. At all. It takes forever to heat and the bottom is smaller in diameter than I'd like. What is your favorite wok/stir-fry pan and where did you get it?
  11. Oh, man!!! I don't regret moving from Alexandria to Portland, Oregon often, but I'm going to have to count this as one of those times. Tahitian Vanilla infused rum? House made cola? Meyer lemon?Yum! Is it still on the menu? I'll send some of my friends who still live in the area over to try it and make me jealous!
  12. Mmmmm, tequila! I feel like so many people in the US are introduced to it under horrible circumstances—bad tequila in bad margaritas. I visited Encanto, the new New Mexican restaurant in my neighborhood, this past Saturday and was treated to two delicious tequila cocktails: The Tangerine Shot - Herradurra Reposado with fresh tangerine juice. Smooth and a little sweet. El Dorado - Sauza Hornitos tequila, muddled lemon and honey. Refreshing! I can't wait until they open their deck for the summer and I can enjoy these cocktails outside on their patio. For those interested, the newly published March/April issue of Imbibe has a feature on tequila by Senior Editor Kate Darling, here's a link to the piece online, but the print edition has tasting notes and recipes: http://www.imbibemagazine.com/feat_2.html
  13. My DH hails from Newton, so we get back to Boston often, but I haven't been to Eastern Standard yet. My boss gets to check it out next Thursday night, 2/15, when we're hosting an event there with David Wondrich (author of Killer Cocktails). I'm jealous!! I can't wait for her full report (and my next trip to Boston in October).
  14. All of the above are faves for me, but I have to hear more about this "Tagliatelle with grapefruit sections in cream sauce (great in summer)"?? Do share.... One of my favorite standards that I'll make tomorrow night when I get home from the airport at 8 pm: Fusilli combined with wilted spinach, some crumbled bleu cheese, and lots of pepper!
  15. Most wine stores in Portland do have regular tasting events, I've "researched" this heavily.
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