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  1. Is it posible the Jeff Smith was a child molester AND the host of a damn fine cooking show? Probably. Life is complicated. I loved his show, and I am sad he died.
  2. If I had the chance, I would ask them why their steaks SUCK ASS. Seriously, they serve up the most gristly, sinewy cuts of meat I've ever had the misfortune of eating. Their burgers really aren't all that bad though. Ground meat and bread, hard to screw that up.
  3. All of the best burgers (and almost all of the great sandwiches) I've had have come from the seediest of dive bars. The more dodgey the bar, the better the burger. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  4. As you may already know, you have a rabidly loyal group of fans. In fact, I would say that you might have the most loyal following of any “celebrity chef” (if you don’t mind being called that) out there. You, Batali, and Bourdain seem to be about the only TV chefs who are able to entertain, yet maintain credibility among foodies. Anyway, from poking around this board and others, I’ve found that there are a few people who just don’t “get” Good Eats. Some of them don’t know what to do with your brand of humor. A few people I’ve talked to have only seen the episodes where you’re advocating some what of an esoteric method for performing a culinary task—the ironing board for rolling pasta, the electric knife for the cake—and they immediately think Good Eats is all about gimmicks, or that you’ve ran out of basics things to cover, so you have to rely more on gadgets. Or, someone with expertise in an area will take issue with a detail they consider “wrong.” (There’s a HUGE thread on this board about the GE buttercream frosting.) Alas, I tell them (and this is a judgment call on my part) that they’re missing the point, that what you’re really trying to do is get your audience think outside of the box every once in a while, and that Good Eats is more about understanding than wrote knowledge. This sort of thing is about the only consistent criticism of Good Eats I’ve found. What do you have to say to this sort of criticism? As Good Eats continues to cover the basics, will the show become more advanced, or are there plenty more basics to cover? Thanks, Josh
  5. saultime

    Cooking Tunes!

    Hot kitchen, lots of pans, knives and hot grease flying around--only one thing will do: punk rock. No better way to put a sear on a piece of beef...
  6. DAMN, those Hattoris look sweet! I think I'm about tapped out for my knife collection (at least for a while), as the Carter set me back a good bit, and I'm pretty satisfied with it. The blade is sold as "7.7" inches, but because of the traditional handle and lack of a bolster, it performs more like a 10 inch knife. It's what I reach for when I want something bigger than my 8 inch Wusthof, if that tells you anything. Looks like my next big purchase will be an edgepro! I wonder if I should get the stone upgrades...
  7. It's a thin double bevel.
  8. If Chad happens to see this (Hi Chad!), any info on the spyderco v. edgepro for sharpening this sort of knife would be appreciated. I’ve seen several mentions of Japanese knives requiring different techniques for sharpening, but not much on what those different procedures are. I used the knife last night, and this thing is so sharp it’s almost scary! Absolutly like a razor—so sharp it digs into the cutting board a little, making it a little difficult to rock. It’s a hell of a blade. P.S., if I stuck this tread in the wrong forum, I’m sorry…any of the kind mods can feel free to move it! Thanks.
  9. I just got my Murray Carter 7.7'' Wabocho today--I guess after seeing Kill Bill, I wanted something Japanese in my kitchen I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but it seems extremely sharp...and it's absolutely beautiful. The unpolished forged blade just looks great. It'll really stand out on my "collection"--I have an 8" Wusthof and a Global 5.5" vegetable knife (the one that looks like it fell off a space ship), and I think I'll be reaching for the Carter a lot in the future! So, do any of you Murray Carter owners have any tips or pointers about this knife regarding use & maintenance? I plan on using it only to cut veggies and stuff, so that’s a plus. What about sharpening and steeling? It shouldn't dull for a while, but I plan on getting an edgepro rig in the future. I’m assuming it works well on Asian Knives….
  10. About that Drew kid, when he kept saying, "all I want is respect--if I get respect, I'll give it" all I could keep thinking is ON WHAT GROUNDS? Respect is something you earn, not something you are entitled to from the get-go. He clearly didn't give anyone a reason to respect him. He really, really came across as a little rich shit who's never had to work a difficult job in his life, and has always been able to run to daddy if his boss gives him a hard time. Chadorow really hit the nail on the head when he said "this was probably the first time you've been pushed." Crash & burn. I kept wondering what Tony Bourdain would have done to that kid. If he had read KC first, maybe he wouldn't have done so bad...
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