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  1. For $3 bucks, in the west village, new-comer Lassi blows them all away! Dark chocolate, black pepper, jasmine....and a bunch of other things I forgot in my euphoric state while consuming it on a 20 degree day!
  2. I don't care for gin, I WILL drink vodka, but my true preference will always be Makers Mark on the rocks (having had most bourbons, it's still my favorite!)....but Jack will due in a pinch!
  3. And then there's t he new Soylent Vodka everyone's talking about. That uses...
  4. Thank you, Katie!!... Buddha's hand Vodka....It sounds fantastic! I would love to know if this stuff is as as amazing as it sounds/looks....I am also interested in the distillation process.....Any takers?
  5. A customer came in tonight asking about a"new" vodka, made entirely from grapes...Am I out of the loop? Has anyone tried it, and if so, I would appreciate any information on it (i.e...should we have it in stock?) I generally don't jump on the lasted trends in Vodka, but, my interest IS peaked.
  6. Feather


    I've been in the buisness for over 15 years, and had my first Rouge Lillet 3 weeks ago.....Delicious! A lively octagenarian ordered one up, which then started a conversation between the bartender and I, and he STILL recommends starting your dinner with one....I'd have to agree!...Oh, and in regards to it's shelf life, I believe cockroaches could enjoy it LONG after we're gone
  7. Feather

    Biodynamic Winemaking

    Wine-improving techniques have been in play for more than 100 years, and I like what malolactic-fermentation does to my wine. But (yes, Michael) Chapoutier has employed bio-dynamic wine growing techniques for (at the very least) 15 years. I BELIEVE 10 years ago, there was a particular fungus wreaking havoc in the Rhone region. All of Chapuotier's neighbors' had lost up to 90% of their vines (of which NONE had employed bio-dynamics) while Chapoutier had lost 10% or less of his vines (and of all of those, he only lost vines that had butted up to neighboring vineyards). I guess my point is, we have improved many ways of what we do to grapes AFTER they are harvested....Why mess with how we grow them??? There are modern improvements, but why question picking grapes by lunar cycles, when we do plenty of things to wine(need I remind us all of the freaking "Wine Clip?"?!
  8. 99% sure the elusive 6th sauce is actually vinagrette
  9. Feather

    Anyone try Kobe beef?

    Yes, Kobe is definitely worth it! It looks like bacon while you're slicing it! (yum!)....I believe Kobe is available out of a farm from from Ohio (the name will be forthcoming)...Kobe is unavailable from Japan (mad cow) until 2009!
  10. I was at the Stinking Rose years (7-8?) ago, and I had garlic ice cream. I remember it to mellow and quite yummy!....The preceding meal was wholly un-memerable. And a "garlic club" is a capital idea!
  11. Is anyone familiar with Zind-Humbrecht's rating of his wines by "Indice"; and how does that(if at all) compare to Puttonyos?
  12. My best Jewish friend refuses to consider bacon a "PORK" product: He claims it's "BREAKFAST" food: therefore he can eat it. Bacon tastes good!
  13. I absoultely ADORE Indian food, and I make my living in the restaurant business, however, I have never thought of Indian cuisine in the "modern sense". I don't know if that is lack of education or exposure?? Detroit has some amazing Indian cuisine, but I do not feel it's breaking any boundaries in the food world. (does that help?????!)
  14. Considering Thomas Keller is your God, seriously....Why not ring him???? I work with two GREAT chefs and have found them both MORE than accomidating when it comes to suggestions in their favorite cities. And 2, I would DEFINETLY recommend an agenda, especially in Paris. I found myself in Paris without a guide and BEFORE any extensive food knowledge, and my trip consisted of ham & cheese (croque formage)!
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