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  1. Well you have the export label. What is your impression? Lots of flavor, and a good mixer?
  2. Anejo is a very different rum, Bacardi 8 is their premium rum, Bacardi Reserva isn't imported.
  3. I'll second that recommendation. In fact, that is the most requested Jamaican rum product at my website. This is also something to look for as it isn't imported to the US. And forget finding rhum agricole in Jamaica, they make enough rum of their own. In the French West Indies, you can't even find Martinique rhum in Guadeloupe and vice a versa. Where is Union Square? As for what to do with white rhum agricole, search this forum for ti punch and you'll have the traditional French West Indies drink.
  4. Stubbs is distilled in Queensland, Australia from molasses and their gold is good for mixing and at that price should be a bargain. Stubbs Gold is a little too young to really enjoy on the rocks but in fruit based cocktails, especially those with lime, it should fit the bill. What proof is that one? Most of their export is bottled at 40% alcohol.
  5. I have been trying for several years to get some more information about Matusalem's solera process and have come up short. A couple of nagging questions are why are the 10 and 15 solera blends the same color? Also before production was moved to the Dominian Republic a few years ago, did they move 20, and more, year-old barrels of their rum from St Croix where their rum was previously being distilled? I like the rum, but wonder what is really going on?
  6. Very cool Drinkboy, I'll have to experiment with free text searches on some other sites, including my own.
  7. That's interesting, I've been told and read that special orders must be for a whole case of anything that isn't inventoried in the Washington State warehouse.
  8. I'm not going to say that you're going to fall in love, but you owe it to yourself to try it and see what how the taste of this rum is maturing.
  9. For years Bacardi Anejo has been one of the rums I looked for. The blend bottled in Mexico is a little different from that bottled in Puerto Rico or the US and worth checking out. In addition to the rums noted above, I'd keep an eye out for Ron Abuelo from Panama, Botran from Guatemala. I like the premium Matusalem but if falls short of HC Anejo Reserva.
  10. Yeah, time to throw them in some chicken, pork, or ???
  11. There are a number of rums that I'd look for including Ron Zacapa Centenario, Barbancourt 5 star or Reserve Special, Cruzan Estate Diamond, Flor de Cana 7 year old. It's hard to know what to suggest as you may or not favor the smoky flavor of El Dorado 15 year old or Flor De Cana White Rum. If I lived in Washington, I'd look for a few friends to share a case of something I knew we all liked or were willing to try.
  12. Funny you should mention bananas, I had some that were beyond ripe so I put them in a chicken marinade. I usually add some raw sugar but the sugar in the ripe bananas worked well and friends couldn't believe how good the chicken turned out. And of course there was some rum, it is a food group you know.
  13. Last month I tried the new Mt Gay flavors and couldn't tell what they were supposed to be, even after I looked at the bottles I couldn't tell what was supposed to be what flavor. And Malibu should stay with their Coconut, unless they bring back their lime, which was good but discontinued. Try these at a bar and see if they catch your fancy before you decide to bring some flavor to your bar. Does anyone find these to be good?
  14. I've never had the pleasure of Blenheims and rum, though rum and ginger is one of my favorite drinks. I'm going to be going to SC later this year and will keep an eye out for the hot and mild versions. Can't wait for a new cocktail.
  15. I live on a sailboat in the Caribbean most of the year, but I usually spend time in the states, especially during hurricane season, which is fast approaching. Ice cream, the unthawed variety, is available in the French islands but since my freezer isn't cold or big enough to do a container of ice cream justice I forego that pleasure. But there are plenty of other things to indulge in like pastries, that don't need refrigeration. I also make fresh fruit pies, and of course there is plenty of good rhum, rum or ron, depending on where I am. For marinades the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. For dessert, pour flavored rum over sliced bananas and keep in the refrigerator a few hours. Sautee in butter, then add a little brown sugar to caramelize the bananas. Pineapples work well also, and sometimes, I grill marinaded pineapple slices on the grill after I've grilled fish or something and the grill is still hot. Pies are also better when the filling has been soaked, as it's put in the islands, in rum overnight in the refrigerator. But I have to admit that the flavored rums sold in the islands are generally a lot better than most of the bubble-gum-wrapper-tasting flavors that I've tried that are sold in the states with a couple of notable exceptions. One of the reasons is that people in the islands know what mango tastes like, fresh from the tree with juice dripping down your arms when you bite into it, compared to those picks weeks before maturity and shipped in refrigerated boxes to foreign markets.
  16. Has anyone heard of, or seen this? Bottled at 46% alcohol in a bottle that has CLYDEFORTH PACKAGING CO LTD. and LIQUOR BOTTLE SCOTLAND embossed on the bottom. The front label says Distilled in 1980 Bottled in 2000. Product of Guyana. Cork and wood closure with a metal seal. The color is copper tinted amber and the first aroma speaks Jamaica to me more than the smoky Demerara nose we have come to expect from other Demerara rums. Roasted coconut on the palate with more tropical oil than smoky oak. Hints of roasted nuts, cooked apple, toffee and a viscous vanilla flavor on the finish. Very smooth, drinkable but slightly shallow in depth of flavor profile. Lighter in character than expected from a 20 year old Demerara Rum but at $21, including tax, in Chicago this may become another rum to keep on the shelf. Definitely mature but not over the hill. I don't know where this has been for the last four years while it's been in the bottle and I won't speculate. I also saw a bottle by the same company that was Jamaican rum but didn't pursue it. There is a Vintage Hallmark of St James website but I didn't find this rum. Maybe I'm too busy assessing the offering.
  17. I try to sample things before I leave the country, or city, where I find a new rum. But in this case you probably won't be planning another trip just for another bottle of that rum, but let me know if I'm wrong. If you've never had a bad experience with a bottle of rum yet, you will eventually. For me I think of a new brand of rum like a new lover. Indulge yourself and in the morning you know whether this is something to pursue or put back on the shelf.
  18. Don't despair you can post this in another forum by just copying this post but there are a lot of uses for flavored rums. I pour them over desserts, ice cream, fruit and flavored rum is one of my favorites when I'm in the states where I can get ice cream. I also like to keep a few rums around, flavored included, for friends that don't appreciate the better rums. I also use flavored rums in cake frosting, brownie mix and depending on the flavor, use flavored rums with simple mixers like ginger ale. There are a lot of cocktails recipes and I have no doubt the regulars in Fine Spirits and Cocktails will give you some more ideas.
  19. While I can't comment on every state, many states like Illinois require bars and restaurants to buy from distributors at a price that is very close to the retail price at an off premise store. This way the state can keep track of how much an on premise establishment is selling and can stay on top of the tax game. Bars caught buying from a discount store face suspension of their license.
  20. There are a number of syrups sold in Martinique and some are flavored but the most popular is simply sugar cane juice boiled until it won't ferment in the bottle. Most of the sirops sold at the distilleries are actually bottled by other manufacturers, since sugar syrup production is not part of the rhum distillation process. I'm still looking for a sugar cane syrup sold in the US, otherwise I'm going to have to start importing it and I have enough to do sailing around in search of the finest rhums.
  21. Rum's the Word article by David Gerlach about, well, what else? The article is broken into severl sections, clicking on each section will make it readable.
  22. We all enjoy a fine glass of rum after dinner. But not that summer is here, what cocktail are you going to drink when you the day is done?
  23. Ah yes, I've made the mistake of not checking out transportation in foreign countries. In Martinique, taxis stop at 18:00 and it's still light outside. Fortunately, I've always been able to hitch a ride and have met some very interesting characters along the way.
  24. Bastille Day is celebrated much like our Fourth of July, without as much of the political posturing that goes on in the states. Of course the French Flag, the tricolor, is everywhere and there is plenty of food and drink, parties with music and dancing in the streets. All commercial business is shut down for the day, as if the islands need another excuse for a party and since Bastille Day falls on a Wednesday, I wouldn't expect much to happen Thursday morning and by Thursday afternoon, well you're almost into the weekend!
  25. I can't say with authority but my guess is that the Reserva Limitada is a slightly better blend of rums sold only in select markets or given to industry friends - distributors, etc.
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