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  1. At the risk of suggesting something that you'll hate given your reference to 10 yr Lowland Scotch. for something completely different, in the French West Indies they drink, white rhum, sugar cane syrup or a little raw sugar and lime in a drink they call a ti punch as an aperitif and has become my favorite before dinner drink. At 100 proof, I add crushed ice and let it melt a few minutes before I enjoy this one.
  2. Let me begin by writing that I haven't tried CharBay rum, but I did drink some of their whisky a few years ago and it was fantastic. I have a lot of faith in their talents and look forward to drinking anything they make.
  3. Pyrat has a distinctive orange flavor that you won't find in most other rums. And as Jason pointed out it is made is Anguilla, but it is actually only blended there, the rum comes from other Caribbean islands.
  4. Good miniatures are hard to find, but they are out there. The problem is that they are a pain for the importer, distributor and the retailer. I carry a flask or two when I'm traveling and am happy with that. A flask also reduces the risk of running out.
  5. I don't have the names but there are a few Colombian rums that are available in Bogota, take a look in the supermarkets and ask around in the bars, you're sure to find some values and surprises.
  6. While all this does sound like a well-orchestrated publicity campaign, it is true. All except the part of the label that says the rum comes from the British Virgin Islands. The Pusser's brand was sold to Jim Beam Brands more than a decade ago so that Pusser's Rum Company stores could expand to the US. But now Jim Beam has sold the brand back to investors from, I'm told, the British Virgin Islands. While Pusser's that we know today isn't the original it is fairly close. The British Admiralty shared the recipe with Charles Tobias who founded the company in the late 70s. Cheers.
  7. I just finished the first of 8, one-week cruises in the Eastern Caribbean as part of the Bon Appetit Savor the Caribbean program. Celebrity cruise lines flagship "Constellation," took the 1800 passengers to the Dominican Republic, Barbados, Grenada, Antigua, St Thomas and back to San Juan. The good news is that Celebrity has recognized that they need to expand their on-board rum selection and they are expecting to have a dozen or so rums on board in just another week or so. After flying in from Martinique, I joined the 965 foot ship in San Juan and enjoyed a wonderful week with the benefit of finding several good rums along the way. Actually I gave two lectures about rum and what to look for in the islands. St Thomas and Antigua turned up a couple of nice surprises, Brugal Extra Viejo and Rhum Clement respectively. Savor the Caribbean
  8. It is with great regret that I have to post the cancellation of the Spirit of the Caribbean exhibition and the International Rum Tasting in St Martin, April 1-4, 2004 due to unexpected problems with the organizer Caribex. However, there are plans in the works to bring this much anticipated event to another venue and I will post details as soon as the plans are confirmed. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  9. I tend to agree with Sheer, I have tasted it and it is an attempt to fill Cruzan's portfolio with a black rum. There are a number of them on the market and most are used in cocktails. I do commend Cruzan for not trying to pass this off as a rum that isn't colored and got it's color from aging, though it is aged as are all of the Cruzan rums. I would use this in a Planter's Punch or as a floater in a Pina Colada.
  10. Sea Wynde has been reblended so if you haven't tried the new bottling you owe it to yourself to do so. I was very, pleasantly, surprised when I tried it a few months ago.
  11. This discussion goes to show that we tend to drink what are used to. Sailing friends bring Indian rums to the Caribbean, among them Old Monk, and they insist that they develop a taste for the Indian rums while they can't get Caribbean rums. My impression of Indian rums is that they are typically quite musty, with heavy overtones of smoke, dried fruit and are quite dry. I don't drink them all the time but have enjoyed a number of them with friends. Expand your horizons.
  12. Like a few other rums, namely English Harbour 5 yo and their Extra Old, New Orleans rum is coming of age and even the packaging is maturing. Glad to see people who are so passionate about their product succeed.
  13. Cadenhead will probably do a good job with that one, though I've drunk a few of their green label rums that I didn't care for. On the other hand, you won't know until you try them.
  14. What's your personal favorite rum to put in a -- Mojito? Havana Club 3 year old for authenticity but I also like Brugal White, a lot. Mount Gay white is nice as well. Cuba Libre? I wouldn't drink Coke on a bet. Ginger Ale? Now there it gets interesting. Cruzan White or Dark, almost anything else as long as the ginger ale isn't too sweet. But I save the older rums for sipping. juice drink? I prefer the lighter rums so I can taste the juice. Coconut juice is one of my favorites mixed with St Vincent Gold rum.
  15. I prefer to add some sugar to my daiquiri or it can be quite sour, especially with lime and grapefruit juice.
  16. If you are looking for a cheaper version of the 15 yo, called Reserve Special by the distiller, you'll be disappointed. The 12 yo, lacks the heavy, dry smoky flavors of the 15 yo, but I like it and I drink it. Lighter in color, body and flavor, the 12 yo is good rum.
  17. At the risk of calling this 'new and improved,' I have to call the new blend of Sea Wynde something that will undoubtedly appeal to a wider audience. If you're wondering if the bottle on your shelf is the old blend or the new one, the color will tell you. The original blend was almost walnut color, while the newest blend is a translucent golden color. The new spirit is lighter in body, and doesn't contain much of the heavier esters found in the original. Very sippable, this bottle of the new blend isn't going to last as long as the last bottle of the original blend.
  18. Most rums are distilled to more than 90% alcohol, except rhum agricole which is distilled to about 72%alcohol. Also most rum is made from molasses, rhum agricole is made from sugar cane juice. I haven't run across many cachacas that are aged more than a couple of years but I haven't been to Brazil, maybe it's time to go.
  19. Nice list of rums. Don Q Grand Anejo $36 Light bodied rum, I prefer heavier rums but like most other PR rums, Don Q are light, the exception being the Barrilito rums. Barcelo Anejo $5.79 By getting this one in the islands it is a little better than what you'll find on the mainland, good value. Cockspur V.S.O.R. 1 Liter $23.59 One of my favorites, haven't seen it in a liter before. This one is also possibly different from the blend sold in the states. Angostura 1824 $50 This one is a little sweet for my taste but worth having around for comparison to other premium rums, they've dropped their price some but to me it is still too much to pay, but I admit I'm spoiled. Angostura Royal Oak $9.99 Nice premium rum from Angostura, light bodied, mixes nicely with coconut water. Note similarity to Don Q Anejo. Rhum Clement Vieux $20 Now there is a real value on a rum that you won't find in the states yet. Rhum Clement Tres Vieux $40 Another great value, and you can't buy it many places. Ron Macorix Anejo Superior $6.50 Decent rum but a little disappointing compared to the Brugal which is made by the same people. Brugal Extra Viejo 1 Liter $8.99 (Tried) One liter of the best value you'll find. Really nice rum that will stand up to a lot of rums costing twice as much. Cruzan Estate Diamond $10 (Tried) Another of my favorites. I prefer this to the single barrel which is drier than the Estate Diamond, great rum. Glad to see you brought back all you could carry. Too many people don't bring much then run out, before they know it.
  20. Thanks beans, for the information on Cachaca. This spirit is quite popular in South America and shouldn't be confused with rhum agricole. Even though it is distilled from sugar cane juice, cachaca is distilled to a higher proof, about 72% v/v, so it lacks the full flavor of rhum agricole. There are other differences but that is the main difference. As for why Pan thought it was made from cashew nut juice, is beyond me. But cashew flavored cachaca sounds interesting.
  21. After lengthy discussions with several rum drinkers about the fine spirits distilled and bottled by Barbancourt, I will go out on a limb and share an observation on which there is a lot of agreement among those that I have had the pleasure of discussing this issue. Undoubtedly, you've seen reviews by spirits writers about Barbancourt Reserve du Domaine, more widely known as 15 year old, but by unaminous agreement any review of Barbancourt that focuses solely on the 15 year old rum and doesn't even mention Special Reserve, aka five star, has not even tasted this spirit that is generally considered to be superior. And I'm willing to go a step further and say that they probably haven't tasted the 15 year old either. I don't want to discredit anyone, but since the members of this forum have consistently demonstated their determination to the best reviews of our favorite spirit, I hope members, and lurkers, will understand that not all reviews are as credible as we would like them to be. I enjoy both of these rums, but if you're going to give me a bottle of Barbancourt make mine 5 star.
  22. There is an excellent home distillers newsgroup that can be very useful for anyone interested in home distilling but there is also a lot of information that is useful to anyone who wants to know more about the alcohol we love to drink. Distillers Newsgroup
  23. Thanks for letting us know that Bacardi Reserva is still available in the PR market as they discontinued it in the US and I've had a number of inquiries for that one.
  24. Well, I have to tell you that the Rumfest in NY was worth the trip. And I enjoyed meeting a few of the usual suspects from this forum. Great to meet you and I look forward to seeing you all again somewhere along the rum trail.
  25. I have to admit that although I don't drink a lot of mixed rum drinks, other than my beloved 'ti punch, I occasionally mix cranberry juice with white rum. And I like it.
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