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  1. Of the three, I've only eaten at FF, but based on things I've read on other (mostly WDW related) websites, I don't think you can go wrong with any of them. Personally, I'd go to Jiko because it is the most unique/different. Here's a recent menu: http://allearsnet.com/menu/menu_jiko.htm
  2. I used to have a thing about drinking big beers in the summer. I would always opt for a wit, pilsner, etc. Well, after having four holiday beers at the Grey Lodge Pub on Friday night, my mind is changed. First, upstairs at the GLP is a great thing--a SMOKE FREE bar with ten taps, nine craft brews and one (Coors Light, I think) megabrew. I tried all of the available holiday beers on tap--Troegs Mad Elf, Sly Fox Christmas Ale (a gingerbread man in a glass), Victory Resolution Porter (maybe the best porter I've ever had) and Rogue Santa's Private Reserve. My favorite was the Victory, followed closely by the Sly Fox and Troegs. I've never been a big Rogue fan. The SPR was good, but nothing special. The food is very good. The menu is small, but what we ate was very tasty, and what I saw others eating made me want to come back the next night to try. Three of us shared Thai curry mussels, Buffalo wings, duck spring rolls and fish/chips.
  3. john b

    Christmas in July

    2004 Anchor OSA this evening. I think this is my favorite of all of the holiday beers.
  4. I thought Primo's uses Sarcone's bread.
  5. Whiz has a slight tanginess that I don't taste in other cheese sauces. It's probably because I grew up eating cheese whiz sandwiches (on Wonder bread, of course), but I don't like the taste of non-Whiz fake cheese.
  6. I think Kraft is the one and only manufacturer of Whiz.
  7. Tomorrow night (7/8). The beer lineup looks great: Troegs Mad Elf, Victory Resolution Porter, Rogue Santa's Private Reserve, and Sly Fox Christmas Ale (and maybe a barrel of a Manayunk Christmas beer). We will also have bottles of Mars Christmas Bock, Camerons Christmas Ale, Stoudts Winter Ale.
  8. You don't have to go too "dumb" on your mass appeal beer -- Victory's Lager is a good example, as is XPA, IMO -- but yeah, it's a good idea, almost a necessity, to have one. And you know what? I drink Victory Lager a lot myself, and it's surely not because it's a stepping stone. "More approachable" doesn't have to mean "watery and non-threatening." ← I was being very careful not to use "dumbed down" in my original question. I don't consider the beers I mentioned to be dumbed down, just easier to get a mass produced beer drinker to try. An example of dumbed down, as I'd define the term, would be a beer labeled Pale Ale or IPA, but with 50% of the IBU of a "real" PA or IPA. I don't know that I've ever come across something like this, but I'd guess they're out there.
  9. I was wondering as I read this thread...does a brewpub need to make a "mass appeal" or "stepping stone" beer to get the Coors/Bud/Miller crowd in the door? Something that won't "offend" the bland beer drinkers, like Fat Tire or Flying Fish XPA?
  10. Mack & Manco's for lunch Johnson's popcorn, Kohr Bros. (I like the chocolate/mint twist) ice cream and boardwalk fries for a mid afternoon snack Mack & Manco's for dinner Johnson's popcorn, Kohr Bros. (I like the chocolate/mint twist) ice cream and boardwalk fries for an evening snack.
  11. It's been a few years since I've been to the Coop (it's on White Horse Rd), but they used to use real chicken breast for their chicken cheesesteaks, and they were great (as were the wings). I like Ralph's Market in Moorestown for roast beef hoagies--they make their own roast beef, and it is excellent. I'm a big DiNics fan. I don't get there enough.
  12. john b


    Thanks for all of the thoughts/tips. It's off to the local liquor store(s) to see how many I can find...
  13. john b


    You being the hot dog guy, what are your thoughts on hefeweizen with bratwurst? It's one of my favorite food/beer combos.
  14. john b


    Althought it's not quite in CC, Bell Beverage, on Front St just off of 95, carries all of the local beers. It's location has the added benefit of being around the corner from Tony Luke's.
  15. john b


    Of the more commonly found hefeweizens (Paulaner, Hacker Pschorr, Schneider Weisse, Weihenstephaner), does one in particular stand out over the others? I'd like to pick up a case, maybe two, to have around for the summer.
  16. http://hollyeats.com/UncleDeweys.htm ← I like the kingfish better. Higher bacteria count. Same road same side. ← I though I heard somewhere that one of them closed (Kingfish, I think). It's been a few years since I've taken that route to the shore.
  17. http://hollyeats.com/UncleDeweys.htm
  18. Joe's Maplewood in Hammonton--casual, Italian red sauce joint.
  19. If I'm headed up to the Poconos, is there an easy way to stop at Hendricks and hop back on the Tpk without having to backtrack? That is, can I get off at Lansdale, go to the farm, then get back on at Quakertown to continue north?
  20. I've gotten 16 hrs at 225-250 using the Minion method without refueling with my WSM. Weather conditions, which were ideal (low 70's, no wind), probably helped. If only I didn't have to watch the water pan...I've been looking for a Brinkman charcoal pan (suggested on www.virtualweberbullet) to use as a water pan in my WSM, but I haven't been able to find one.
  21. I suggest feigning illness so you can get that roast pork before RTM closes.
  22. john b

    Lawnmower Beer

    Well, it wasn't the lawnmower that drove me to drink, it was a round of golf followed by my son's baseball game. I had Ommegang Witte. It was perfect--light, fruity, thirst quenching.
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