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  1. Definitely Glo's. Haven't been there in a while though. It seems like most any restaurant in BC. I've visited quite a few smaller holes in the wall in Vancouver/Victoria, and have had some of the best eggs benedict. I think it's their national breakfast.
  2. I just remembered a bad one (I experienced it last night). Burnt popcorn. This smell is so strong and obnoxious!
  3. This is better than Christmas!
  4. What? There is a nabe day? Well then... November 7th sounds like a good day to me! Do I need to decorate the nabe tree? November 7th is a Sunday, how does that sound to everyone?
  5. Have we had a nabe day here in this forum yet? The okonomiyaki day was a great success, now that the weather is getting colder it definitely has me thinking about a hot pot. I went to a yakiniku party the other day and we are already setting up dates for nabe parties! This is the one thing I really like about cold winter days!
  6. State of the art spork eh? I'm saving up for a pair of the chopsticks that you can take apart from REI.
  7. WOW! That looks fantastic! My first attempt at okonomiyaki looked like a blob, yours looks like a work of art! Now that you have the basics down, it's time to expiriment! There is a photo earlier in the thread with Hiroshima style okonomiyaki (w/noodles), definitely worth trying. There are sooo many possibilities when it comes to okonomiyaki... just remember, anything goes! I've got to leave this thread, your photo is making me too hungry Happy okonomiyaki day!
  8. Did your siblings traumatize you when you were young? I'm kind of the opposite, I really don't like peanut butter on it's own but with jelly... I can eat it all day!
  9. Mundial makes decent, inexpensive knives. If you hunt around, you could easily get a set for around $80 but without steak knives. I would then go to Ross or Marshalls and pick up a set of steak knives for 10 bucks (you can actually find whole sets of decent cutlery at these places for a really good price, I also saw a 6qt Le Creuset Dutch oven for $125!!) The knives may not hold an edge really well, but for someone who doesn't have a knife fetish they will do just fine. Now sharpening is another thing, if the person you're buying for doesn't like to sharpen knives or doesn't take good care of them, then I would consider just going out and getting the miracle blade or some other really inexpensive serrated knife set then buy replacements for her every couple of years. BTW, are you making fun of the almighty spork? Heck, if it's good enough for KFC it's good enough for me!
  10. I like to mix it with most any kind of oshinko and shoyu then eat it with hot rice!
  11. Ahhh Mochi! One of my most favorite foods of all time!! roasted with shoyu and nori is my favorite way to eat it. roasted in hot water with salt OR w/hot water and ochazuke I can eat mochi all day long! My cousin owns a mochi factory in Japan and he knows I am quite fond of mochi. My mother thinks it is hillarious that at Christmas time he sends me a box of mochi.
  12. Sorry folks, no pics for me either. I decided to make my Okonomiyaki yesterday since I couldn't do it on the first. Pretty basic: batter, cabbage, scallions, ika, gobo, with side pork on top. topped with bonito, and nori (no mayo or okonomiyaki sauce for me). I think I'll have it again today as well! Thanks for initiating Okonomiyaki day Kris! Our new annual celebration! I'm going to try to get my family to celebrate this day as well. Kompai!
  13. Peaches Garlic and ginger together Cilantro Salmon being smoked over alder Seafood stalls in the early morning at the local farmers market (fresh catch) Simmering Putanesca (w/anchovies) Thanksgiving dinner Fresh baked bread (particularly home made) Freshly ground coffee Bad smells: Seafood stalls in the evening
  14. Now Icee (the red and blue cup with a polar bear, the one you would buy at Woolworths or Kmart) was a different story. I would stir that one until the end of the day and I would still slurp all of the juice out of the ice.
  15. Wow, you went to Takohachi! A lot of my friends haven't even been there yet! I love that place, I'm glad you got a chance to eat there.
  16. How did everyone drink slurpee's? Were you a "stir as you drink" person or a "suck furious and fast" person who left a big, dry block of ice at the bottom of their cup? I was a stir as you go kind of guy, but my brother always sucked all of the liquid out of the cup as fast as he could until all of the flavoring was gone.
  17. I truly feel for your predicament but I have to agree with the masses on this one, BUT... (I've got to include but's since I read the "Pork Butt" thread : ) If this splinter was a big, obvious defect which could cause permanent damage to any patrons clothing (trousers, dresses, etc...) then I would say you might be entitled to restitution. A reasonable assessment of responsibility and liability needs to be taken. I truly do sympathize with your situation but I also feel strongly about taking accountability for situations resulting from your own actions. Either way, I agree that you should write a letter to establishment discribing this incident.
  18. I have some recommendations outside of a walking distance if you would like...
  19. Thanks for the quick reply everyone! I knew I could count on my fellow egulleteers! My coworker is ecstatic about having these options!
  20. Hey folks, I need a recommendation for a good eatery close to the fifth avenue theatre and quick. It has to be affordable and offer a good environment for a group of teenage girls. I already gave my friend a recommendation for the Cheesecake Factory and browsing around the Pike Place Market, anything else? TIA
  21. Someone told me that the deep fried twinkies are a lot better. I never made to the fair this weekend but there are still a few days to go! Maybe I'll bring my own lunch?...
  22. You've got to be kidding? An Australian meat pie company? I have got to check this out. Thanks!
  23. All of you folks saying "As a kid I would..." Come on, your not fooling anyone To this date I still enjoy stale movie popcorn. I picked this up as a kid actually... The local Fuji's 10 cent store (any Seattleites remember Fuji's?) used to sell bags of stale popcorn for 10 cents. Since I was on a very limited income at that time, I would buy a huge bag and eat it all before I got home. Ever since, whenever there is left over popocorn at the movies or at home, I save it. My wife get's really angry that there is a bowl of stale popcorn sitting on the counter, but I always tell her "it's not stale, it's just ripening".
  24. I visited a restaurant and requested my pasta Al dente. Since this was a fairly well known and good seafood restaurant I figured it would be no prob. What I got was a soggy version of Chef Boy RD. At first the server didn't even know what Al dente was, so I thoughtfully explained and she brought me out another dish which was equally soggy. She already had an apologetic grin on her face. I then asked her if the chef knew what Al dente was and she left again. I was hungry and irritated at this point. She came back and explained that all of the pasta was cooked in the morning and just dunked in boiling water when needed and they don't cook pasta Al dente. I was paying $20 for what? Needless to say, she removed the pasta from the bill. I tipped 15% on what we actually paid for. Afterwards I felt very guilty. This server did a wonderful job. She was patient and did everything possible to turn me in to a satisfied customer. I should have tipped her 20% for everything she did and send a note to the manager about my dissatisfaction with the food... I still cringe when I think about it today.
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