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  1. September 2003 for me.  I first heard about eGullet when our local paper ran Fat Guy's column's about his eating trip across Canada.  We were planning our first  trip to the Atlantic provinces  at the time, so we used many of excellent his recommendations.  


    The Vancouver forum was very lively in the old days, but is pretty much dead now.  Too bad, it was a great group.

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  2. I thought I was the only one whose feelings are hurt if my contribution isn't eaten. I now make sure my husband knows it's his duty to take a huge portion of my dish.

    Lately I've been taking crostini, topped with herb cheese, & either smoked salmon, cold roast beef or ham. I don't have to worry, as they are always very popular.

  3. Thanks for writing this up Kim, brings back a lot of memories. In 1983 when we travelled to England for the first time, I picked up a copy of the latest GOURMET magazine at the airport. Those were the days when they published detailed travel articles, & to my surprise this particular issue featured small English villages. I already had with me a copy of the since defunct CUISINE magazine containing an article & maps of southern England to use a guide, so between the two, we searched out places we'd never have found on our own. The Red Lion Pub was one of many on the list, & I remember we enjoyed our pub lunch there.

    Our driving experiences were very similar to Mr. Kim's!

  4. "Throwdown with Bobby Flay"....I agree!

    The whole idea is terrible, & Bobby is full of himself - smirking & puffed up when the crowd realize there is a "star" in the crowd. I recall one show in particular, where he was trying to come up with better food than a food cart was serving. No expense was spared on Bobby's part, so there was no way he could have sold the item for the $5 or so that the vendor was charging. How fair is that? It's just a mean-spirited show in my opinion.

    The food channel isn't worth watching anymore, I still like PBS. Love Lidia Bastianich , especially when she cooks with her grandchildren.

  5. Last weekend I defrosted an 85 gram package of thinly sliced, smoked salmon lox , (processed in Canada...reading off the pkg.) but ending up not using it. It came in a shrink-wrapped, well sealed package, so I'm wondering if I can still use it, or should I toss it. It does say on the package to use it within 3 days after opening, but I haven't opened it yet, only defrosted. What would you do?

  6. Thanks for doing this Grace, looking forward to seeing what you'll be cooking this week.

    Do you have a particular cuisine you come back to most often for your spicy fix? Where do you usually find your recipes, from the cookbooks you said you love to read, or online?

    I usually go online for recipes, when I'm ready to cook, even though I love reading cookbooks! I think it has something to do with the rating system websites such as Epicurious offer.

  7. I love this show too! It's been on our Canadian women's channel for months & never fails to make me laugh. What we see is 5 diners prepare meals - one each weeknight, with the winner announced at the end of the last episode , on Friday. On the weekend there is an omnibus of the previous week, which is what I watch when I have time. It gets it's humo(u)r from the mixing up of dis-similar personalities & the problems that can ensue. I can't see it translating well to North America, even though they keep advertising for people to sign up. The combination of the narrator, & the very British setting is what makes it for me.

  8. I've found adding alcohol to the base mixture helps keep ice crystals from forming. In the highly recommended book THE PERFECT SCOOP, David Lebovitz advises 3 tablespoons of vodka, rum, etc. to one quart of custard or sorbet, etc. to keep the mixture from freezing too hard.

  9. I've been on a frozen yogurt kick lately. I made strawberry, blueberry, & mango in the last few weeks & we've loved them all. For the mango, I followed the strawberry yogurt recipe in the book, substituting frozen mango cubes, & using a little more lemon juice. I find the recipes just a little sweet, so tend to cut the sugar slightly. I use Liberty 2.5% fat organic yogurt & find the finished product to be just rich enough to satisfy, yet lets the fruit flavour shine through. Love this book!

  10. All the meals look delicious!

    Ann you've been missed - SO happy you're back! Your pork roast looks particularly delicious, with that fat-cap. Where on the island did you get it? I'm over there once in a while, so would like to purchase some superior pork if I can. I'm pretty certain it didn't come from a regular supermarket.

  11. I will be leaving that job.  I live in a town of 4000ppl and there are NO jobs.  I stick with this because its only 2x a month and because there is litterally nothing else that pays as well.

    You're doing an admirable job Cali, but your quote says it all.

    It's why you could make it so much easier on yourself by just giving them what they want ....meat (well done, but tender) mashed potatoes & gravy, simple/familiar vegetables & your lovely desserts.

    Then the complainers as well as the non-complainers will be happy. You? Maybe not so much, but at least you won't need to put up with all the whining while waiting to practice law.

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