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  1. Thanks for the followup--I and my gimpy leg still haven't gotten down there. But I haven't forgotten...it sounds even better now. Jamie
  2. Hometownfavorites.com All kinds of hard-to-find food; lots of items you've probably forgotten all about and didn't know still existed. Tremendous fun to browse--I nearly always find something to treat myself with while on this site, so I mostly stay away Jamie
  3. Congratulations! Here's a relatively recent thread that may help with restaurants: Paris restaurants with good value Have a great time! Jamie
  4. picaman

    "Shrek" M & Ms

    Had two bags of peanut Shrek 2 M&Ms this weekend. My instant reaction was a bit of deja-vu. I have no evidence whatsoever to back this up, but I think that these taste more like peanut M&Ms used to taste "back in the day", whenever that is. I wonder if the company has gotten skimpy with the ingredient mix over the years. Or maybe I'm just idealizing the experience. At any rate, they are much better than the current regular version of peanut M&Ms. Jamie
  5. picaman

    Le Madeleine

    I've eaten here innumerable times as my partner used to work in the theatre next door. The owner is very knowledgeable and supportive and regularly takes restaurant personnel on culinary tours of Paris and France in order to keep them inventive and current. And he has quite the Parisian menu collection I'd rather linger here than at the much-lauded Esca across the street, especially after the theatre crowd has gone. And one of the bartenders is named Jamie. That should seal the deal for anyone Jamie
  6. Similar to "Spit of the Day"--one part soup of the day, one part jerk customer...you know the rest. I've tried to mentally block most of my restaurant stories, but your hilarious list is dredging them up. I was a server for a summer in college and have been the perfect restaurant customer and a big tipper ever since. Jamie EDIT: spellin'
  7. Thanks for adding that--from my past in direct action protesting, I know it's far easier to get people to boycott something than it is to get them to give support when the problem has been addressed. Jamie
  8. If that's the criterion, then Piper's Kilt (207th St. on the A, in Inwood) is your place. I think the Sat./Sun. brunch is $12.95--decent but typical food and very good burgers on the brunch food menu, and unlimited bloody marys and mimosas (and possibly more--can't remember.) Shhh. We'll keep it our secret. Jamie EDIT: spellin'
  9. sapphos--thanks for the link. Here's another cool newsletter: My Mercredi Comes out (you guessed it) every other Wednesday--written by an expat who gives a roundup and opinion of things Parisian and French. The last one (back copies can be read at the link above as well) had a nice piece about chocolate in Paris. Jamie
  10. I recently had a very nice dinner at Mo-Bay (125th and 5th)--they have good Carribean/soul food and decent barbecue, yet all the sides are meat-free and they have an fairly extensive menu using seitan. Entrees started at ~$10. Jamie
  11. That's IT!! Seriously, the top line advice here is learn a few phrases and use them, as the attempt will be appreciated as long as one keeps good humor about the exchange. Relax, have fun, and revel in the cultural differences there to be experienced. And wear lots and lots of black Jamie
  12. My favorite story on this subject: My partner and I were dining in a restaurant in Paris late on a Monday evening, and there were two occupied tables--us and another two-top. I speak passable "restaurant French", and could maybe get a doctor or find a bathroom, but that's about it--but I always make the attempt and have never had problems. The pair at the other table were conversing in I would guess to be a Scandinavian language, but both they and the waiter spoke German, so that's the language they had settled on to order etc. About halfway through the meal, one of the other diners leaned over and said (in perfect English), "Sorry to interrupt, but could you settle a bet for us? Are you Irish or Scottish?" When I replied that we were American, he said, "I never would have guessed it. You were speaking French--we thought you had to be from another English-speaking country." Funny, but I suppose somewhat sadly ironic at the same time. Jamie
  13. There are several decent restaurants along there (as well as the best 99 cent store in the city, IMHO!) so not sure which one. I'll PM you about the nabe. Jamie
  14. No, but if no one knows any other details I'll volunteer to schlep, investigate, and report back. It's in my 'hood. Jamie
  15. Gourmet Magazine article on peterluger.com From the article: "Those parties of two or more who know the kitchen well, know to order the "Steak for Two," (doubling the order, say, for a group of four). This steak (for $59) is a porterhouse, on the bone, with a disproportionately large fillet prized by fillet- lovers. Larger parties may also order the Steak for Three ($88.50) or the Steak for Four ($118). Unlike the Steak Single and the Steak for Two, however, the larger orders are not always exactly the same cuts. Yes, they are porterhouses. Yes, they are on the bone. But they feature a smaller portion of fillet than the "Steak for Two," and because a 1 3/4-inch porterhouse is not enough steak for three or four people, the kitchen puts together a collection of porterhouse pieces to make up the platters. " To clarify my earlier comments, evidently one should order steak for two in appropriate multiples. Jamie
  16. I think steak for 2 is plenty for three people, especially if you are getting bacon, burgers, or whatever else. Jamie
  17. My understanding is that steak for 3 is a steak for 2 with pieces from another steak added in--the steak comes cut into pieces, so you wouldn't necessarily know by the presentation. Someone correct me if this isn't the case, but I think it is. In any case, always order in even numbers and take the extra home if necessary. On my last visit, my party followed a recommendation from Mr. Cutlets and got a couple of strips of bacon (just to get the taste ) and then got lamb chops for the table appetizer followed by steak. If one wants to really indulge, I think this is the way to go. Jamie P.S. We ended with schlag. Oh my aching arteries
  18. I've never really debated the naysayers or gotten into why Totonno's is my personal favorite, so as not to color the results (as if my opinion weighed that heavily ) but Pan, you've summed it up quite nicely and I completely agree with your assessment. You can argue crust and ingredients and such among the top few places, but Totonno's intangible atmospheric vibe, coming consistently from the place and the people (even on extremely busy summer days), shoves it to the top of my personal list. I'm glad that everyone, so far anyway, seems to have enjoyed themselves. Shoulda called in sick Jamie
  19. Be sure to use the men's room--you have to go through the kitchen to get to it, and it'll give you an excuse to check things out and maybe talk to employees. alacarte, SuzanneF, and other non-men are free to try it as well if you prefer, instead of using the ladies' room that's accessible from the "dining room" Have fun! Jamie
  20. I agree that the Upper East Side outpost is sketchy. However, I go to the Coney Island Totonno's several times a year before Brooklyn Cyclones games and, without exception, have gotten consistently great pizza. Admittedly, I was never there in Totonno's mythical heyday, but current-apples to current-apples, it's my favorite NYC pizza. I'd be interested in a fuller explanation of their "incompetence." It's probably not an easy thing to export good pizza willy-nilly, even given the advantages of superior equipment. I'll try the new place, but I'll steel myself for disappointment. Jamie
  21. Does anyone know what was there before? If there was an existing coal-fired oven they could now be cooking their pizzas with it. Sorry to hear the bad report. I'm going to have to get down there and check it out, as I'm a big fan of the Coney Island Totonno's. Jamie
  22. Thanks for clarifying. Jamie
  23. Squeezebox - Fridays at Don Hill's. Jamie
  24. My partner Kirk worked in their box office until it closed...he has great memories of that place. If you look above the pharmacy that took the space, you can still see the old sign. Penny Arcade and Jacques Brel will hopefully be playing the Village Gate sign for a long time to come. As noted in other threads, I miss the old-school MePa restaurants like Rio Mar and Astray Cafe. Hopefully Florent will not follow. Jamie
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