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  1. I'm aware the table is yours for the night. We had ours from 8:15 to at least 11:00 : ) To clarify, I was just wondering if they really do just bite the bullet and eat the cost for the night in all instances. After all it is a business. Seems to me a well-dressed personable couple could get lucky occasionally.
  2. Had a great dinner at L'Astrance on 1/11/11 (my 11th anniversary...): pictures here. Menu L'Astrance, with wine pairings and truffle supplement. Amazing evening. I was very surprised to see an empty 4-top, though...upstairs on the left as you look toward the door. What's the scoop on this? Do restaurants at this level just hold the table all night? Or could someone have theoretically have shown up at, say, 9:00pm or so and gotten seated without a res? Jamie
  3. Going back to Paris January 7-15, and thought I'd revive my old thread with a bit of current research, and ask for suggestions. Here's the original outline of what we were looking for: Let's generally stick to that price range and ignore the effect of inflation. Here are some currently interesting places I've found researching here and elsewhere: La Régalade Saint Honoré 123 Rue St Honoré 75001 Paris, France 01 42 21 92 40 Le Chateaubriand 129 av. Parmentier, 11e, Paris 01-43-57-45-95 Restaurant L'Agrume 15 Rue des Fossés Saint-Marcel 75005 Paris, France 01 43 31 86 48 L'Ami Louis 32 rue du
  4. No Southside Market sausage? You're killing me! That said, I did buy my fast pass...if you have an AMEX they are on sale now. Haven't missed a block party yet : )
  5. At the risk of being libelous or just flat-out incorrect, I could have sworn that these beans tasted like Liquid Smoke. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. I hope I am. For me there was that distinct aftertaste. Another vote for that. It wasn't the same without the snoot. I liked the Brunswick stew, though it always tastes better with squirrel I've been to all of the block parties, and this was by far the most pleasurable. I actually got to eat everything I wanted to without returning on Sunday, which was great for my day-planning but hell on my digestion. Props to Southside bris
  6. Thanks for checking. Hope all is well with him. Jamie
  7. John, if you can, please find out what happened to Jean-Marie Robin. Or is he the "personable front man" to whom Laidback is referring? It's good news, in any case, if the ship is righting itself. Le Cottage Marcadet is very close to the hotel (Ermitage) where we stay in Paris. Our last visit (April 2005) was markedly worse than our earlier good experiences. Jamie
  8. Hey--no one said eating in Paris was easy Thanks for the excellent feedback, John. For what it's worth, I've eaten at two restaurants on these lists--Le Violon d'Ingres and Au C'Amelot, both of which I thought were excellent. I also ate at Clos des Gourmets (16, av Rapp 75007 01 45 51 75 61) which I liked quite a bit, enough to take home a jar of their incredibly good fennel preserves. So I can't get anywhere close to a list of 10, or even five. Other favorite restaurants of mine (not on the lists, but I mentioned them earlier in the thread) are Au Petit Tonneau (20, Rue de Surcouf, 75007
  9. I'll be in Paris for a week. That's a great idea. How about everyone's top five, culled from both the old list and the new one? Or ten, if you just can't stop. Jamie
  10. For the sake of expediency, I omitted mention of anything that was in the original list, even though it might continue to get good notices. That's certainly the case with Violon d'Ingres. I've eaten there twice and will return on this trip. I always go at lunchtime for the current deal, and end up splurging for the full tasting menu anyway. It's wonderful, and certainly an outstanding value no matter how much you spend there. Jamie
  11. Nearly three years ago (wow...time flies...) I compiled the list of restaurants at the beginning of this thread. At the time, I defined the "good value" in the thread's title as: Since I'm returning to Paris this January, I thought this would be a good exercise for me to repeat. I've gone through the 2006 threads, and compiled the following list of restaurants that seemed to have "good buzz" from respected sources. I've also added address and contact info. Please comment on the list, feel free to add anything you think I've missed, and especially let me know what you think should rise to t
  12. Found this from John Talbott in my browsing this afternoon--can't get much more romantic than a picnic in a beautiful spot. Here's a list of great picnic spots he posted: Thursday, ParuVendu listed great places in which to have a picnic and listed the: Esplanade du Champs de Mars in the 7th, Port de l’Arsenal in the 4th, Parc de Bercy and Bois de Vincennes in the 12th, Cite Universite and Parc Monsouris in the 14th, Iles aux Cygnes, Parc Andre Citroen and Parc Georges Brassens in the 15th, Bois de Boulogne in the 16th, Square de la Butte du Chapeau Rouge, Parc des Buttes Chaumont and Parc de
  13. I'm going back to Paris in January, and am beginning the process of scanning the threads for updates to my restaurant list. This thread caught my eye in the process--I have a feeling that my process will be slow as I respond to this and that I'll throw in here for Le Train Bleu in the Gare de Lyon--the gorgeous Belle Epoque setting really takes you to another place and time. The food is good enough, and the atmosphere is absolutely spectacular. Jamie
  14. Here's a link to my write-up of Le Cottage Marcadet, buried in a stray eGullet thread: Le Cottage Marcadet I returned in 2005 and thought it just as good. Jamie
  15. Excellent story--thanks for the followup. It was a bit grating to hear it mispronounced so much all weekend. Jamie
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