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  1. I always get the feeling he is try to channel Gene Wilder's and Johnny Depp's Willie Wonka character. At the same time.
  2. I read somewhere that it wasn't renewed, so we shouldn't be seeing this show again.
  3. Aaaannnd, it's over: MOA restaurant closes
  4. Definitely leftover Indian or Thai food of any description, especially if it's a curry. Stuffed naan. I'll eat that cold, for breakfast, any day of the week!
  5. I'd like to pose a question to Doc - my cholesterol numbers are basically good, but have me a tad worried. I eat a fairly low fat vegetarian diet (it may even be low fat, but it just tends to happen that way) and while my total cholesterol level went down a few points, so did my HDL, while still be being high enough to help prevent heart disease. One of the nurses I work thinks that my body is over compensating because I'm not eating enough fat. What do you think about this? I'm a little skeptical, but haven't studied cardiology yet (I will be in a few years!) In the meantime, I'm wondering what I can do to make my numbers even better. Certainly exercise is a part of that and I tend to get more of that as the weather gets better, it's just happened that my numbers are always tested in the winter when I'm doing nothing. I'm planning to increase my intake of avocados/nuts/flax to get the good fats. Is there anything else worthwhile? Also, when your cholesterol is tested, are the numbers based on what you've been putting in your body over a certain period of time? I wonder if the changes I saw are based on what I'd been eating over Christmas/New Year's, which is a bit different than what I do the rest of the year.
  6. The first time I ever did anything with sweet potatoes, they frustrated me. It took forever to peel them, they were impossible to cut, then when I DID have them boiled they tasted like absolute crap. So I finished the casserole I was making with them to take to Thanksgiving dinner with a very poor attitude about the whole thing. The casserole was served and my elderly aunt took one bite and said "Erin! These are FANTASTIC! What do you call this?" Because I was still in deep hatred of the whole thing I answered "Sweet Potato Crap." And we have called them that ever since.
  7. It is my hope that I can not waste food. As a singleton, one who also has a small appetite and can get 6 servings out of something that is said to serve 4, this might be tough. The other is to take my lunch to work/school and not rely on disgusting hospital cafeteria food.
  8. I'm not much help as I've never been there, but since you'll close enough to Milwaukee, I'd maybe look for a place there you'd like to go to. Alas, no suggestions there either. Now, if you were coming to Madison, I'd be able to help! Good luck!
  9. I just read this thread and it's inspired me just in the past few days! I am another single one, who works and goes to school. I have a very tiny kitchen that I don't enjoy cooking in, and ALWAYS dishes to wash. What tends to happen is that I will either not have time to go to the grocery store so I end up getting food from various places or I grocery shop but end up letting the food go bad because a) I am too tired from working to cook, or b)I'm too focused on studying to cook. It seems I end up at TJs or Whole Foods about once every 3-4 weeks or so to shop - if I go not hungry I'll hardly spend any money at all so have discovered I need to be hungry just to get myself to buy things! I just did my last shopping trip yesterday where I spent about $70. My goal will be to not spend money on food for the next week (hope this is OK!) and focus on just using the things I have in my kitchen and doing something with them, including making provisions to take to work/school. I'm not sure how successful I'll be, but we'll see how it goes!
  10. Does it ever! I like to think it's the main reason I generally don't get sick...I eat so much spicy food it just runs right on out (of my nose, that is.) I also advocate for spicy food when one has a sore throat. I had a VERY sore throat this past January. Ordered some Mediterranean Noodles from the Middle Eastern place next door, asked them to make them extra spicy. I was shocked, yet very pleased, to discover that the more I ate, the more my throat improved. It was totally gone by the next day. Spicy food helped more than any sore throat drops I had.
  11. ErinM

    Lunch! (2003-2012)

    I have to applaud that. Those noodles look FANTASTIC. And now, at 11:30 at night, I want pasta...
  12. Wow...how do you get your refrigerator door open? And your cabinets, for that matter? ← It's all Fairy food--whatever you want to come out of the pot, does. Three things in succession, if you choose. My favorite potful is broccoli, ice cream and espresso. ← I think I need for my actual kitchen to do that! That would save me not only logistics hassles, but I wouldn't have to do very many dishes beyond my plate/bowl and silverware.
  13. Wow...how do you get your refrigerator door open? And your cabinets, for that matter?
  14. This is why I'm living with tall people next year. I should have pictures to show you guys in about three to four months, and I'll probably win because I'm a poor student. ← Yeah, I've always said this kitchen was built for taller people! I'm a poor student, too, so we'll still be in competition. This place is the cheapest I can find that allows me to have my dog. Other than that, I could be paying less money for a nicer place...dog owners are royally screwed around here.
  15. I swear, I win. This is it: From the sink, to the right is my bathroom, to the left is space to walk through and then the wall. I can literally stand at my bathroom sink and stir something on the stove. Oh, and all my food that's unrefrigerated is kept in the second bedroom. I'm only 5 feet tall, so I can only reach the first, maybe the second shelf comfortably without having to go get the step stool from my room. I'd happily take your kitchen too, potsticker...
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