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  1. watching new jersey right now. and he is at bobolink! my favorite travel show at my favorite cheese dairy! i have enjoyed jersey the most out of all the shows so far.
  2. and that ridiculous song is the greatest annoyance i have with emeril. i think the guy has chops. but his stirring song, his "i don't know where you get your blank but where i get it, it don't come seasoned" are the things that annoy me the most. the bams suck. the ridiculous cheers every time he says gahhhh lic or something annoy me. but that hummy song. it drives me batty.
  3. last night was a rerun here also. this for me wasn't bad because i missed all episodes other than the terrine one (sorry this show was up against lost and i recently lost my dvr... long bitter story anyway) so i actually got to see the wine one. and honestly... i could see yannick on his way out from that one... unless it was clever editing... his misunderstanding of wine was pretty horrifying... combine that with the disaster of a terrine. my prediction of the next one to go is the short young guy (i mean come on, seriously i am a wine newbie and i know enough not to combine wine with asparagus *AND* artichokes.) but i am going to chime in and say chef english is not bothering me horribly here, i like ming less here than i ever have but still not disliking him, and (this is going to sound like a suckup since he is in this forum but its not) i really like the way ruhlman comes across here. but my biggest complaint out of all of this is the one that has been repeated here way too much... this show is just too short. they have to do the reality show crap and the 'dramatic' cutting of someone. i understand that. but that seriously cuts into the cooking time. the thing i find interesting is since pbs doesn't air commercials that means this show is only 10 or maybe 15 minutes shorter than the average prime-time hourlong. which if i am wishing for another 30 uninterrupted minutes i must really enjoy this show.
  4. someplace i am suprised to see no one post about is: http://jbox.com/SNACKS/ their prices average about 2.50 a box for pocky and pretz and other pocky like snacks. they have the limited edition flavors. they also have other food from japan like black black gum, lots of Ramune flavored stuff, pocari sweat, and other stuff. jlist/jbox has a better selection than most places, but if you live somewhere without a japanese market you could always try any store that sells anime. my local suncoast movie store in the mall has a few flavors (mostly strawberry, chocolate) of pocky.
  5. not sure what equipment we are going to have as it is at f-i-l and his wives house and i have never cooked there so i haven't investigated the kitchen. i think i will email them and find out as all of these are good questions. the corn flan in question was "borrowed" from slkinsey on the thanksgiving sides and pies thread. here is the recipe "The roasted corn thing is simply a flan made with dried roasted corn: 4 cups roughly pureed roasted corn, 2 cups milk, 2 eggs, 1 egg yolk, salt + pinch smoked paprika... simmer corn and milk for 10 minutes, cool, mix in all other ingredients, put in individual ramekins and cook in hot water bath until set in 300F oven... makes four 6 oz ramekins... can reheat in warming oven before service. I turn one of these out onto the center of each plate." and thank you for the mashed potoatoes post. it was helpful and reminds me of the way the resturant i worked at long ago did it except they just held on a water bath. did not reincorporate the fat. i wonder how they held up?? maybe because they were stout and used sour cream, cream cheese, h & h, and butter?? this was a method i was talking about using but the thought of heating sour cream or cream cheese does not sound appetizing to me.
  6. thanks for the insight so far. to dave: yeah i have been here long enough to know there is no such thing as a simple question. at the same time the people on this board have proven to be insightful and informative. so it's a fair balance i will probably be doing a combination of reaheating from cold or holding depending on the course. the main things i will need to hold/reheat are: appitizer course: roast corn flan (reheat) and mixed greens (collard, turnip, mustard) (hold) main course: grilled portobello mushroom cap (hold) mashed potatoes (hold) carmelized onions (hold) roasted sweet potoatoes and fennel (hold) gravy (hold) lemon thyme haricot verts (hold) thats pretty much it. as far as the hardiness/delicateness issue i have a mixture (by design) and you can see the challenge. so what temps and now the question has been brought up what things might i do to make some of these things more sturdy for the holding reheating. i think i designed this into the haricot verts dish for example as i plan on blanching them just to crisp tender stage so in the holding oven they will probably cook a little longer and that should work out. thanks for your help so far and thank you in advance for the additional help.
  7. for thanksgiving i am making a large multi-course meal and want to do most of the stuff ahead of service and then reheat in a service oven. what temperature should i set that oven to?
  8. for my menu i've been working on a plated tasting flight. i want it to be a combination of traditional flavors with non-traditional dishes. it looks like the following is my menu for now: an amuse bouche of a trio of autumn squash raviolis with a sage cream reduction. salad course of mixed baby salad greens topped with blue cheese, pears, praline pecans and a simple vinagarette. soup course of pumpkin soup with creme fraiche and toasted pepitas. warm appitizer of roasted corn flan with smoked cheddar cheese, braised greens, and sundried tomatoes. main course of either grilled portobello caps with cracked peppercorn gravy or smoked turkey breast with herbed apple syrup. served with sides of roasted sweet potatoes and fennel, mashed potatoes with carmelized onions, and lemon thyme haricot verts. cheese course of smoked cheddar cheese on biscuits with apple sage salsa and herbed apple syrup sorbet course of cranberry orange sorbet desert of either pumpkin creme brulee or calvados apple creme brulee and finish with pecan chocolate truffles and cofee. notes for all of the dishes as well as the menu have been worked out on the food section of my blog so far.my blog just because this menu has changed several times. if you are curious you can check it out.
  9. that's great. I'm glad the quality didn't suffer when chef Juan left. I will have to add bordino's to my list of places to go out when we start eating at real resturants again (and not just doing takeaway as we have a 5 month old and we aren't ready to leave her at the gp's).
  10. how long has it been since you've had bordino's. i know within the last two years (i'll have to ask when) the head chef and sous chef and a few others left bordino's. I am just wondering if the quality has gone down since then as I had moved away from fayetteville and now I am back but have not been to bordino's since moving back.
  11. erraticninja


    actually i live in fayetteville right now i like arsagas on gregg but I also love their block street location (the bakery. although I miss their old school block location above hugo's ) I have not tried jammin java yet. i have also tried the perk on wedington. not big on it but it is nw arks first cyber cafe i guess. and i think bentonville is a scary cult. but i will admit some stuff going up in rogers since i was away is kinda cool.
  12. mine was same network different show. I used to **LOVE** great chefs of the ...that was the first time i saw cooking with presentation and creativity i think.
  13. i always was kinda annoyed by martin yan. and if this rumor is true....then he goes onto the top of my list also beating out even surviour-rocco
  14. what place in bentonville? I live in fayetteville and would love to know of a new interesting place. NW Arkansas (fayetteville, springdale, bentonville, rogers, eureka springs) definately has the best dining in the state from what i can tell. as far as the other states listed i have no experience but there are several places of note in arkansas. chef james is doing some great things. one of my latest faves is picasso's pizza. an unassuming strip mall pizza joint with a cia trained chef doing some interesting food (this is in fayetteville)
  15. also just found out that Miles James latest (james at the mill's head chef who has won several awards apparantly) resturant has opened. It's called Ella in Carnal Hall Inn (on the University Campus) and it's northern italian. it's walk in only at 100 tables until sep 1. just letting you know about the newest place. should try to go and report back soon.
  16. I can see that. I see tony as a cool kid, leather jacket smoking behind the gym wheras alton is more of a chess club type of guy. in this situation i can totally see alton being intimidated by tony esp. if alton has see a cooks tour. as far as rick bayless i had forgotten about him. i like his passion, and some of the food and knowledge he exhibits is awsome but damn the entertainment factor is nil. the man is unwatchable. i want to read some of his books hopefully those are better. i feel the same way about mario and ming. i like their philosophy but can't watch them.
  17. wow i think that justin wilson was the first cooking show i ever watched. man found memories of that.
  18. zephyrus: i had figured out bourdain was cool by poking around here.(and reading his books.) i especially enjoyed his take on the rocco-circus on nbc. the first episode of that i watched i began wondering what ab would think about it and then i ran into it on this board. other than that it sounds like you guys had a time. oh another to add to my dislikes list (i know i am probably way above 5 each by now) tyler florence.
  19. i keep adding favorites... eric ripert jaques pepin (mainly because you people keep reminding me of them.) as far as the whole ab snub. that sucks. and if the others in that thread speak true he's an ass to others as well. which really really sucks. because his show and books are informative and clever and useful. and he did a great q and a on slashdot (the only site i read as much as this one) that put him onto the really like list. but if his personality is that reprehensible... wow now i'm torn. anyway here is the link to the slashdot q & a http://interviews.slashdot.org/article.pl?...=thread&tid=129
  20. i had forgotten about james at the mill. it used to be amazing. i don't know if it is still as good as i had moved away. i will have to make it a point to go there and check it out again. here is the web site : http://www.jamesatthemill.com/ also another place that has amazing food but i have also had hit and miss experience with is Uncle Gaylords. I believe the owner and head chef just opened another place together but i'll have to find out the name for it and report back. and Gaylords has great breakfast. Also if you can excuse the frat boy atmosphere Ozark Brewing Company has decent food and good beer. but i would probably recommend james at the mill for the best combo of food and atmosphere.
  21. oh some i forgot: Nigella Lawson Ted Allen from QEFTSG. and about the alton (do you mean ab from good eats?)/bourdain snub, when did this happen? what happened. i know nothing about this. this board is so informative. i only discovered it monday night and i've already learned a lot from it. oh and i hate to admit it but i *like* the almost universally hated Rachel Ray. i don't know why. i can see why she is hated. and she is tooooo perky. but i think she's cute. that said she doesn't go into my list of favorite or hated.
  22. so I'm sure this subject has been done to death (and I apologize if it has I AM new here after all) but I'm curious and maybe it will help me check somebody new out... who are your favorite and least favorite celebrity chefs and foodie types. say a top and bottom 5. faves: 1. Anthony Bourdain. (nuff said) 2. Alton Brown (a food geek. a man after my own heart) 3. The Cast of Iron Chef. that's all I can think of right now. the worst of the bunch: 1. Emeril (BAM!) 2. Rocco (he might have some serious chops. but while i have been watching the resturant i am appaled) 3. Bobby Flay anyone you particularly love/hate?
  23. wow, this is where i am living right now and previously have lived here for a while, my choices would be: hugo's (on the square) good wine list, good beer selection, good crepes, good cheese board, pretty good sandwiches and burgers. bordinos (off dickson) and jose's were good. jose's is decent tex-mex. bordino's was good italian. have been since i moved back. the resson i say WAS good is picasso's pizza. (on highway 16e) probably one of my picks. not the greatest atmosphere (which the other three above have) as it is in a strip mall type building. but the guy who opened it is formerly the head chef of bordino's and cia trained. pizza is good but the thing that sets this apart is the pastas and the fact that the chef will do things not on the menu. portobello lasagna with pesto and bechmel is GREAT, the caprese salad is really good. beer and wine list is small but decent. service is variable. as far as other picks, coffee, breakfast, burger joints etc or if you need directions to any of the places listed above or have any questions let me know.
  24. i have tried several refined sugar free chocolates and my feelings are: the artificals (nutrasweet and sacherrine) are horrible. the sugar alcohols are a step just above and have the laxative effect talked about earlier. my favorites are the less refined sugars (turbanado cane juice rapadura) as these have a good consistancy and are actual chocolate and actual sugars. not sure how much this would benifit low carb diet types. but being a diagnosed hypoglycemic it works for me (need to stay away from SIMPLE carbs) if anyone needs some brand/type recommendations i would be happy to help out. as far as the splenda stuff....i would think taste would be like a sugar alcohol without the laxative effect. as i've cooked with splenda and the natural unrefined sugars and perfer the raw sugars. just my .02$
  25. erraticninja


    actually unfortunatly i live in the area right now (don't ask. it sucks.) anyway the only starbucks here are in the barnes and nobles. no standalones whatsoever. not that i'm sad because south of bentonville in fayetteville (where the univ. of ar is) there is some awsome local coffee.
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