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  1. Mine is 20x25 ft with the pantry. And I love it. It's well laid out for a home that we didnt' change anything there when it was being built. I'm glad tho that our wet bar and wine fridge and refrig/freezer are separate. I do know that as much as I love it, there are things I'd change if I had the opportunity and the $. Which sounds like a good other thread...maybe it's been done before tho....how would you design your dream kitchen? One thing I will attest to.....never again will I have granite floors anywhere but in the wet bar and maybe the entry way.....my feet have been hurting since I got here!
  2. I do all of the above, LOL! My husband is gone all week long so sometimes I use the time to try out something new without having him pacing back and forth wrinkling up his nose while I'm cooking (he always LOVES the end result however, but it only serves to piss me off..that nose wrinkling thing when you dont' even know what it is); sometimes I make things he either can't eat or would gag at the thought of (clam linguine being the former, corn tortillas with tuna, cottage cheese and salsa or baked potatoes with brewer's yeast and salsa). Lots of times I will grill a steak or chicken or fish, thow a salad together and either noodles or rice; anything to not make the kitchen a mess! And it just depends on what I am in the middle of doing or how i feel when I'm done...sometimes I sit at the kitchen table with a complete setting, sometimes I sit at the kitchen bar, sometimes on the family room sofa, sometimes in the office to eat. One thing I NEVER do when he's gone is sit at the dining room table..too much trouble to clean and one thing I ALWAYS do is have my wine in crystal.........it's just the way I feel about my wines....they deserve it. I can't imagine not cooking for myself, but I know there's a lot of people who take it as a day off if they dont' have to cook for a family on a routine basis. Kate, congratulations to you on your happy news!
  3. I didn't do this but I witnessed it and it was SCARY! Put a cordial glass with gold on it and Drambuie in it into the microwave to heat it.....shattered glass and flames all over. Not take the time to pull out the collander and try to drain pasta using the pan's lid over the garbage disposal (bye bye noodles) Put eggs on stove to hardboil in a small pan,then forget and go run to the gourmet food store for "just a couple of things"....(it's amazing how far and high eggs can explode)
  4. NVNVGirl

    Tomato Salads

    I like to lightly smoke tomatoes in a stovetop smoker with either maple or alder wood, chiffonade basil, use a little goat cheese that's been crusted with chopped hazelnuts and grilled sprinkle with some hazelnut oil and balsamic blend vinegar. Or do it Cindy Pawlcyn's way ~slice tomatoes, sprinkle with chopped thyme and slivered kalamata olives, wrap goat cheese round in grapeleaf, grill and serve atop the tomatoes, dress with EVOO, balsamic and dijon.
  5. I've eaten a couple of times at the CIA....I wouldn't say the food is exactly memorable, but it's a very fun and different place to dine. And the food is definitely good. In Chinatown, if it were me, I'd just stroll along and find one of the little hole in the walls for dim sum...most of them are incredible and very inexpensive. In SF, I agree with the person here who said the Wharf is a culinary wasteland....go to Northbeach instead...tons of great Italian food there. In Napa, if it's a nice day, a great place to people watch with casual dining is Pacific Blues in Yountville at Vintage 1870....good burgers, sandwiches, wines and beer. Or if you want to do the picnic thing (I believe Chateau Montelena is a reservation type of thing...maybe that's just the island there tho) but there's always V. Sattui...they've got a great deli too...their wines sort of suck, but take your own. Have a great trip....I miss living there, but not the weather! Seana
  6. Thanks Jinmyo; for some reason, I have always held it with my forefinger along the top...I just knew that wasn't right! Seana
  7. NVNVGirl


    I am with Spoonful's taste....Thomas Keller's gazpacho from the French Laundry Cookbook is awesome! I sometimes serve it as gazpacho shooters....peel cucumbers, slice bottom so that it's flat, hollow out the center and serve individual shooters as appetizers. Great thread....never realized there were SO MANY variations! Seana
  8. I was afraid that knife skills would be way too basic, but thankfully I see a couple of others are interested in it too....I'd like to particulary know what the proper way or the best way to HOLD the knife...now THAT's basic, lol! And home smoking is great too. A perfect Caesar dressing. Working with brick ovens or pizza ovens. And food presentation/timing would be great too...how do you get it ALL together at the same time and present it still at least warm? Seana
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