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  1. Royal DeMaria is the equivalent of a cult icewine, if you can consider such a thing. They have limited production, low yields, etc, etc. I've obviously never had the opportunity to taste any of their icewine, but it's apparently outstanding. Their icewine was also selected as the "official" icewine for the Queen's Jubilee celebration. Although their wine is very expensive, apparently the people making the wine are very down-to-earth, generous, friendly people. A couple I know met them at a function and they were very nice. As for my stance on icewine, there is some quality stuff being made. I haven't liked many Vidal icewine, and prefer Riesling or Cabernet Franc. I picked up a dozen bottles in total from Pillitteri and Thirty Bench to bring to Italy with me as gifts for the producer's I'll be visiting in Piemonte and Toscana. Mostly Riesling, but I did pick up a couple bottles of Gewurztraminer as well.
  2. Andy, There's no need to apologize. I wasn't taking a shot at your tasting note, rather, I was simply asking for the context of the term. It's a topic that has been discussed several times on other wine forums that I'm on. Knowing how different people use the term allow me to calibrate the way I read their tasting note, if that makes sense. And about the '89 Haut Brion, I had it last summer. It was still young, but even after an hour in a decanter it was beautiful stuff.
  3. My first question is about the terms aftertaste and finish. Do you define them as one and the same? If so, a 10-15 second finish on a wine is quite short in my opinion. It's not difficult to find wine that has a 30+ second finish, sometimes 60-90+ seconds. The '89 Haut Brion that I had went on for minutes.
  4. futronic

    Wine and Chocolate

    Chocolate with LBV or a Tawny Port.
  5. Schwartz's is excellent. I ended up there for smoked meat twice in three days. They're much better than Dunn's, in my opinion, and 100x better than anything in Toronto. I have a couple friends that will drive to Montreal (from Toronto) just for a smoked meat sandwich. Of course, they bring back pounds of the stuff and eat it for a week. I don't know if that's healthy or not, but it's tasty as hell!
  6. If you want to spend that much money on a bottle of Champagne, my personal favourite house is Salon. I've had the '82, '88, '90, and '95 and they were all stellar, with the '95 being the least complex. The '90 is available in the $150-170 range and it is outstanding. I can't wait to open my only bottle of '85 in a few weeks.
  7. If it's a case price, that's about $330USD/bottle.
  8. 2210GBP = $3,950USD, give or take. My question at that point would be "What size bottle is it?" For a 750mL, that's nuts. If you meant 210GBP, which is more likely, that's about $375USD.
  9. The 1999 Campaccio was released here this past September, but I've yet to see the Riserva. What really irks me, however, is that I'll have to wait at least 12-18 months to see the 2001 Campaccio. Oh joy.
  10. Brad, I believe the current Bolly R.D. is the 1990. Be careful with this wine, however. I've heard reports that the recent release this past November of these bottles resulted in many that were cooked. The three bottles of the 1990 R.D. that I had over the past 12 months were all from the 2002 allocation, which were all stellar. If you do find an R.D., check the date is was disgorged on the back label. If it says 2002, you should be fine, assuming storage is not an issue. It needs about 20-25 minutes of air time after uncorking to come into its own.
  11. I always get Traveller's Cheques at my bank's local branch, so I don't have to make a special trip to get them. I'll bring a mixture of Traveller's Cheques, cash, and Visa. Thanks guys!
  12. If anyone hears a dull banging, it's my head against the wall.
  13. Good to have you over here, EH. The Acininobili available at Summerhill is the 1999. I have been tempted to pick up a bottle or two since it's on sale, but I'm off to Italy in a month, so all my wine purchases are on hold. My understanding with the Acininobili is that it's like a top quality Sauternes, and will likely last 20 years (if you can keep your corkscrew off it that long).
  14. If you liked Veuve's yellow label, try their Gold Label Reserve. The 1996 should be readily available in the $50-60USD range. It's a little young, but still a good drink. I had it at Christmas and enjoyed it. The 1995 Veuve La Grande Dame is a little more expensive at $80-90USD, but also a good drink. Bollinger's '96 Grand Annee is in the same price range as the Veuve Gold Label Reserve, and is of good quality too. You mentioned Rose Champagne ... Veuve makes a Vintage Reserve, the current release is the 1996. It's also in the $50-60 range. Hope this helps.
  15. I thought I could get Traveller's Cheques in Euro, though. If that was the case, you would think that it would be accepted like cash, just like they are in the U.S., no?
  16. I prefer to bring Traveller's Cheques while on vacation. Does cashing them or using them in stores (enoteca in particular) cause much of a problem?
  17. Unfortunately we don't get those other producers here, Craig. Perhaps I'll drink some during my trip and bring a bottle back.
  18. futronic

    Barbaresco HELP!

    He could always try Aglianico as well. Hailing from Basilicata, I consider good examples the "Barbaresco of the South." Try d'Angelo's Aglianico del Vulture or Canneto offerings. They should be somewhat available in the US.
  19. Thanks, Craig. More great reading. I posted a TN on another Prosecco di Conegliano (from Zardetto) a little while ago. Zardetto Prosecco di Conegliano Very tasty stuff. Unfortunately, it's quite difficult to get a good Prosecco here in Ontario.
  20. futronic

    White or Red?

    Red, it's what's for dinner!
  21. futronic


    Congrats Brad. Your contributions make this forum a knowledgeable place to visit.
  22. futronic

    Gewurtz and Cheese?

    What about white stilton with apricots? I think that would work nicely.
  23. futronic

    What? No USA wine?

    bevman, The WS Wine of the Day tends to focus on wines that will be rated in the upcoming issue. Note the "for a complete look at blah blah blah wines, check out the tasting report in Month/Day issue." Last week was mostly 2001 Bordeaux, this week has a bit of Riesling, and it's all to get you to buy the March 31 issue.
  24. I don't subscribe to the print editions of either the Wine Spectator or The Wine Advocate. I do have an online sub to WS, and may add the WA at some point this year. I also find the searchable databases much handier to use. I know that TWA is releasing Parker for the Palm releases at the same time as the magazine gets sent in the post, but whether the whole magazine will be published electronically happens at some point remains to be seen. I know several people on the eBob forums have requested it.
  25. I'd have to say that my taste hasn't changed significantly since I started drinking wine. I've always been more partial to Old World wines, as they are more often than not food friendly. 70-75% of my cellar consists of Italian wine and includes everything from the three Bs (Barolo, Barbaresco, and Brunello), to Amarone, Chianti, Aglianico, Barbera, Dolcetto, etc. Although I have some Australian wine in my cellar, it's not a significant portion of it. I tend to prefer more elegant, refined wines over the OTT (over-the-top), heavily extracted fruit bombs that Robert Parker raves over. I like my wine to compliment the meal, to form a synergy with it. I don't want the wine to BE the meal. One area that I have started to enjoy more is the Rhone - both North and South. Hermitage, Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Gigondas, Cotes-du-Rhone, are all regions that I like. Some people ask me why I rarely show interest in wines from California. Although I've had the opportunity to taste some excellent wine from top producers, they really don't suit my palate, even if there was nothing technically wrong with what was in the glass. That combined with the fact that buying California wine in Ontario is prohibitively expensive and that we rarely see anything of exceptional quality under $100CAD is extra incentive to look elsewhere to spend my wine budget.
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