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  1. bryan

    Flask Care

    Hi. We just use 100 proof vodka to clean our flask - seems to work just fine. Fill, let sit about ten minutes, pour vodka out and you're good to go.
  2. bryan

    Cooking for Yourself

    It's not what I cook when HE's away. It's what don't I cook. He hates the following things that I love: deviled eggs; chicken livers in just about any form; raw tomatoes - so a tomato and sweet onion salad is always on the menu when he's gone during late summer; anything with mayo; anything with obscene amounts of garlic; chocolate deserts; french onion soup; fondue. Yes it's true. He hates these things. Oh, and add cold soups to the tally. And there's still more I've mercifully forgotten presently. There are days I consider murdering him in his sleep. But then... well, you know.
  3. Julia also fancied cats. Her cat was by her side when she passed. Kitty's name was Minou - does anyone know the meaning?
  4. I'm making scallops for dinner tonight. After I picked them up, I was on my way home thinking of what I would do with them. "Oh, yes," I said to myself, "I'll do them Julia's way." "I've got plenty of butter and cream at home." Then the obit came over the radio. And then I burst into tears. It was very scary and strange. I hope there is a heaven. I hope she sees her husband and her past friends and family. I hope she sits down to dinner with them all. I hope she dines on the finest roast while drinking the finest gin in the finest company in all the universe. I hope.
  5. I do agree. But it was the manner and tone that made it most unpleasant. He could have just said "I"ll be happy to speak with you after we've enjoyed our meal.", etc. You really had to be there to understand just how nasty it sounded. He didn't speak directly to this woman, he spoke to his companion as though she was not there. And previously he had been chatting up a fireman and praising him and his kind while this lady patiently waited to say hello. So he was fully aware of her presence. This happened about 20 years ago and while I don't remember what I had for lunch yesterday, I still remember this. It was that unpleasant. Furthermore, I used to work near Second City and US Blues and I can only think or maybe 1 or 2 "celebrities" who behaved badly when people approached them. Most were very gracious and pleasant although they were often being interrupted while taking a big bite out of a burger, etc. There's a price for fame and if you're unwilling to pay, well that's tough. You wanted it. You got it. If you're so hell-fired for privacy, eat at home. IMHO.
  6. I met Mr. Smith once. Well, I didn't actually meet him, I sat a table next to him. I planned to say hello but this is how it went down: It was here in Chicago at the now gone, but not forgotten, Busy Bee restaurant. He was holding court with his pal Craig. His table full of uneaten pirogies (sp) because everyone wanted to say hi. After about the six or seventh person stopped to say "Hey", I heard him say - "None of these people seem to want me to eat anything." Not nicely. Actually, he was quite an asshole about it. And the poor woman just stopping to say hello seemed very upset. I'm sorry for his family but personally, after that, I always had difficulty liking him. If the allegations are true, it wouldn't suprise me. He seemed far more interested in speaking to the men than to the women. I'm just saying....
  7. bryan

    Cooking Tunes!

    Joe Strummer solo. The Clash. The Who. Old Patti Smith. Ben Harper. And Louis Armstrong for baking.
  8. Until I was 18 I thought I hated meat. Then I went on a date with an "older" (read in his twenties) gentleman who ordered me a rare steak. I was horrified. He said, if you don't like it, we can always get it cooked more. After my first bite, I looked gratefuly to him and said, "This is meat?" After years of eating well-done meat, I suggested to my Dad that he order a medium cooked steak. The last several years of his life he actually started ordering it rare. Bless him.
  9. A hot brown is an open face sandwich consisting of toasted bread covered with turkey, tomato, crisp bacon and smothered in a cheesey mornay sauce and toasted under a broiler. A truly great sandwich. Just had my first this summer while attending the Lebowski Fest.
  10. Hi. Someone said something about ghardinare (sp.) on hot dogs in Chicago. I'm afraid to say you're incorrect. We use it on Italian Beef sandwiches. (Some use it on just about everything else.) On hot dogs we use sport peppers and an insanely green relish that just about glows in the dark. Just wanted to clear that up.
  11. bryan

    Lobster Stock

    Hi. When you say white stock do you mean veal or veg. stock?
  12. bryan

    Mise en Place

    I totally agree with those who are against the early chopping of onions and garlic. They do not taste good after just a couple of hours, IMO. If you want to save time I would like to suggest a Zyliss ready prep(?). It's an upright chopper that works really, really well. I love fresh parsley and use it in almost every dinner. It takes seconds to mince the amount you need for a quick garnish. Great for garlic and minced onions too. I've only had it a week now so I might get over the love affair but it's worth a try. Also, a good mandoline will save you tons of time. This things you can do in advance where the food doesn't suffer: grated soft cheeses, celery chopped and added to water, cleaned greens wrapped in a damp paper towel, crushed garlic immersed in olive oil and roasted peppers come immediately to mind. This is only my second post and I hope I haven't screwed it up.
  13. bryan


    I made this for a party this weekend and it killed. I used, believe it or not Carlo Rossi Paisano. To every 8 cups of wine: 1 cup brown sugar 1 1/2 cinnamon stick 1 cup Presidente Brandy 1/2 cup chopped green apple; chopped red apple 1 whole sliced seeded orange 1 whole sliced seeded lemon 1 whole sliced seeded lime Let mixture sit overnight. Chill and strain. Add several slices fresh orange, lemon and a handful of chopped apples. Gently mix in 2 cups club soda or seltzer. Do warn people about the brandy however. One lass bared her breasts 'round midnight. Forgot to add 1 cup fresh orange juice.
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