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  1. I recently found out that if you are getting your soda from a fountain that if you fill the cup most of the way with Diet Pepsi, but put in about an inch or so of regular Pepsi, it really cuts the artificially sweet taste. I love this. It's even better than regular Pepsi. It works with Coke too, but for some reason I think Pepsi is better for this trick. I guess that's the idea between those new C2 drinks, but I like mixing my own at the fountain. If you're having a stressful day, maybe you add a little more "real" soda to cheer yourself up. Or you could end up making the classic 12-year old girl's drink mixing a little bit of everything from the fountain - we called it a "suicide".
  2. Chicago Magazine's review of Spiaggia mentioned the dubious habit the servers had of pouring several bottles of pricey bottled water without mentioning the cost to the diner as "Mag Mile trickery". After the review was published, Spiaggia decided they would offer bottled water as a choice of sparkling or still to their guests, but not charge for it at all. I heard that when the surgeon general ate there, he requested tap water.
  3. tortas are gooooood... i can tell you what kind of sandwich i do NOT recommend and that is the one i ate for lunch today. whole wheat tortilla, low fat cheddar, prosciutto, grilled chicken breast and tomato with mayo. it had some good points, but did not make a good combination as a whole. that's what you get when you put whatever leftover crap you have in your fridge into your lunch.
  4. i'll be having a soju-tini at the korean restaurant. what flavor though? probably pear.
  5. of course the waiter is going to touch your food. of course. but not in front of you. never in front of you. that is extremely unprofessional. i heard a story of a new server in a very upscale place who felt something in her nose right before she was about to run food to the table. she wiped her nose with her hand to try to remove the morsel, but after doing so found no evidence on her hand. so i guess she then decided it was okay to run the food. only after she placed the diners' plates on the table did she find the offending bit, on the rim of the plate she had just put down.
  6. what about when someone answers their cell phone while they are trying to tell me what they want from behind the counter of my bakery. you know, i can deal with the clueless guys who have to call their wives to see if they would prefer their cheesecake with or without fruit, but when i am actually in the middle of asking if you would like a bag or a box, why would you answer a call? and then try to carry on the rest of the transaction by angry looks and gestures, as if to let me know how much i am disturbing their important phone conversation? i usually just kept asking questions, even more loudly, and when they didn't answer, i answered for myself. ribbon on the box? i guess that means no? what about a shopping bag? you say you don't need it? okay, go ahead carry all the boxes while trying to still jam the tiny tiny phone between your ear and your shoulder, see if i care. whew, i guess that's why i quit.
  7. stdonova

    Basic Foods

    Maybe it's the three glasses of wine I had with lunch, but I'm not following the fried pudding discussion. Homemade butter sounds like a good basic food though. How do you do it?
  8. I have really enjoyed all the Lettuce Entertain You restaurants I've been to in Chicago, especially Nacional 27 and Brasserie Jo. I always recommend people go there. Spiaggia also has quite a reputation, but since I happen to have known people who've worked there I'm not so sure. The Cafe is nice enough though. If you want to come a little further north, you can stop by the bakery I currently manage - Bittersweet on Belmont. It's only a block or two west of the red line/brown line stop. I also have to put a good word in for my future work place - Vosges Chocolate, with a store on Michigan Avenue. Enjoy Chicago, and keep asking if you have more questions! I love to help people shape their perceptions of "my" city!
  9. stdonova

    Best Panini Recipes

    My favorite combo right now is definitely tomato, fresh mozzarella, and pesto on sourdough bread. Simple but amazing once the teeth squeeking cheese, the herbally pesto, and ripe tomato flavors all combine. I also love a grilled reuben. Corned beef, swisse cheese, sauerkraut, and russian dressing on rye. Mmmmm. If only I were hungry . . .
  10. What if the chocolate mousse has an espresso flavor? That's the way they make it at my work. And I guess that's why I find myself sneaking into the back cooler for a big scoop of the stuff when no one is looking. I tried to make crepes, and pasta too. But I'm not eating it. I only want the mousse.
  11. So. I'm dealing with a breakup. The strangest side phenomenon I have experienced is that I'm not hungry. Let me just say, I am ALWAYS HUNGRY. But thinking about this I'm not. The only thing I want to eat is . . . chocolate mousse. Luckily, I have a practically endless supply of chocolate mousse at my work. But now I'm wondering, how do the rest of you deal with this kind of heartache through food? Maybe one or another of you has experienced this? What are your favorite depressed, blue, comfort foods?
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