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Multimedia Content Guidelines

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Society for Culinary Arts & Letters

Multimedia (audio, video, animation) content guidelines

The Society invites members to contribute multimedia content (audio, video, animation) to eG Forums discussions. In order to ensure the quality and long-term viability of such content, please follow these guidelines:

  • Multimedia submissions must substantially further and contribute to our food discussions.
  • For widest video compatibility we recommend the MPEG video format at a resolution of 352x240; however, any popular video format supported by Windows Media Player and Quicktime Player is sufficient. For audio we require the .mp3 format. For animation, please provide a Flash file.
  • Please limit multimedia submissions to a maximum of 10 minutes and 100 megabytes unless the Society has solicited a longer or larger submission.
  • You may link to external multimedia content from your eG Forums posts, so long as you follow the Society's external linking guidelines, specifically:
    <blockquote>External links are permitted and encouraged to the extent that they substantially further and contribute to the dialogue. We do not permit links posted primarily for the purpose of promoting a business or entity, links to "adult" or "mature content" media, links in lieu of making a substantive post on an eG Forums topic or links to websites that substantially violate our policies and principles.</blockquote>
    <blockquote>Web pages and websites that exist today may not exist tomorrow, and online articles are often free only for a fixed period of time. Thus, links to external media should always include a brief summary and/or quotation that makes it possible for readers to understand the spirit of the linked material without the need to follow the link.</blockquote>

eG Member Relations Team


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