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Sara Moulton


gallery_42254_2414_1081.jpg>The eGullet Society for Culinary Arts & Letters is honored to have the multitalented Sara Moulton, one of the pioneers of contemporary food media, with us this week for an eG Spotlight Conversation. Moulton will join us to discuss the many aspects of her busy professional life. As executive chef at Gourmet, Moulton plays an active role in shaping the culinary focus on the most influential food magazine in the U.S. Her television work -- starting with PBS's Julia Child & More Company and continuing to Good Morning, America and her revolutionary Food TV shows, Cooking Live and Sara's Secrets -- have set the standard for thoughtful, inclusive cooking programming that focuses on food, not flash. Her two cookbooks, Sara Moulton Cooks at Home and the new Sara's Secrets for Weeknight Meals, display Sara's informed, encouraging, and practical approaches to even the most complex of dishes.


Linda LaRose (fifi), Susan Fahning (snowangel), and I invite you to join the eG Spotlight Conversation with Sara Moulton, in which she will answer your queries concerning her two decades working in the world of food, her cookbooks, and her adventures at Gourmet, FoodTV, PBS, and beyond.

Join us as we welcome Sara to this latest eG Spotlight Conversation!


Participating in the Conversation is simple. To post an initial question in a new thread, just click on the "New Topic" button at the top of this forum. Once a question has been posted, we ask that the membership refrain from additional posts until Sara has responded to the post directly. At that time, the topic is open for in-depth discussion by all members, and we warmly encourage followup conversation. Please note that this eG Conversation will be moderated, and your question may not appear as soon as you post it. Also, we may edit new topic titles for clarity.


More on Sara Moulton:


Recipes from Sara's Secrets for Weeknight Meals in RecipeGullet:

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