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Sunfish is just a bit west of Spud on Alki. I find the fish at Sunfish a little less greasy, and the real draw at Sunfish is the fish kebab, big chunks of halibut with onions and peppers on a skewer. The fish gets a nice sear from the griddle. The only problem with Sunfish is that it has much less old-time beach atmosphere than Spud.

Matthew Amster-Burton, aka "mamster"

Author, Hungry Monkey, coming in May

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I just drove down to Sunfish yesterday for a late lunch (2pm) and was disappointed to find it closed. Very strange. So then for my second choice, I drove up to try Abe's barbeque on Calif., and it was also closed. Not a good day for me yesterday. :sad: Maybe since it was Mon?

Sunfish is at 2800 Alki Ave, Seattle, WA 206-938-4112

I go to Sunfish about 75% of the time, Spuds 25%. I like them both, but prefer the food at Sunfish. I often order the large fried prawns n chips and noticed last time the prawns were smaller than usual (hope that was a 1 time thing). I also like to order their fried calamari n chips. In winter, I often get the combo, with fried cod or halibut, prawns & oysters. I agree with mamster, their fish kebobs are really nice, too. Because they're close and good, and inexpensive, I think I go to Sunfish (or Spuds) at least once a month.

What is Pacific Inn like? Where is it? Does anyone else have any favorite fish n chip places? I also like the fish n chips at Chinooks which had a panko type breading, at Fisherman's Terminal. I've also been a fan of Ivars, but haven't been in awhile.

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Pacific Inn is over between Wallingford and Freemont on Stone Way I think. They have really great fish and chips and a really great tartar sauce to boot.

Another bonus is their nice deck.

Give em a try and let me know what you think.

Ben Schielke

Gimme what cha got for a pork chop!


I have two words for America... Meat Crust.


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I was up in West Seattle for lunch yesterday too. For a while Mashiko's was open on Mondays so I thought it was worth a try but they were closed. I justified the trip because if they were closed, I could go to Tacos Guayamas (sp?). Of course I didn't know exactly where it was (I now know it's right next to Mashiko's) and ended up at Guadalajara.

The PI has a pretty good fish and chips. The cod is breaded with plenty of herbs which is nice at first, but grows tired after a while. I believe they also have halibut as well. The chips aren't half bad plus they have Woodchuck cider on tap.

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