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For those lucky enough to be in Paris from April 16-20, they will have the opportunity to see one of the world's great culinary events. Starting with the Baking World Cup on Saturday, and then continuing with Iced Desserts, Chocolates and other events, the stars of the world will be out to strut their stuff.

It is open to the public, and I hope one of our Eg contributors is able to attend top give us a thorough report. Here is the website: Europain Website

Bon appétit if you go!!

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Lucky you! Sounds so corny, but April in Paris so lovely. I prefer March though. One summer was particularly miserable it rained the entire time we were there.

Anyway a quote from the website

The mainstays of traditional European bakery and patisserie manufacturing are turning increasingly to new trends and "exotic" products with a pronounced Anglo-American flavour, not only for bread but also for viennoiserie and patisserie.

Does this mean sliced white bread and Pineapple Upside Down Surprise?

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The best thing about a donut is the center. :raz:

I hope you take photos of the artisanal stuff. A photo of bread, sliced so that we can see the inside as well. I have yet to find this sort of bread in America. I wonder if it's the water?

I can be reached via email chefzadi AT gmail DOT com

Dean of Culinary Arts

Ecole de Cuisine: Culinary School Los Angeles


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Results are:

USA        1st

France      2nd

Japan      3rd 

I'm in an internet cafe with a very slow computer.  I'll post more when I return early next week.

What shocking results!!!

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According to the website the teams compete in four categories.

1. Baguette and specialty breads

2. Sweet dough.

3. Savory selection.

4. Artistic piece on the theme: "Your country's emblem through bread."

I think the Americans edged out the French with donuts. Of course Japanese crepes are pure genius. :raz:

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