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Beijing Islamic in Torrance


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This should be a lot of fun -- try to make it if you can! (Chris Cognac, I know this is in your neighborhood!) Beijing Islamic is one of the restaurants in the Carl Chu book, for those of you keeping score (we are attempting to eat our way through the book...although this will only be restaurant #2 so far...hey, you gotta start somewhere!) :raz:

I invited Cathy (from the potluck) and she will probably be able to make it. Houseberg is still in Philadelphia, so he'll have to eat more cheesesteak instead.

See you all tomorrow!

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Mongo, if it is any consolation, the one is San Gabriel Valley is MUCH better... I think the one in Torrance is owned by a cousin or something, but I may be mixing up my Chinese relations with my Indian relations (the Invitation to India in Torrance was a cousin to Bombay in Manhattan Beach, etc...)

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get togethers are what we are about here in L.A.....I am sure you can count on it....I guess you would want Mexican as you most likely dont have good Mexican in the islands!...We could do a little place...or El Gringo in Hermosa...its where I took Alton when he came out here...good stuff!

Moo, Cluck, Oink.....they all taste good!

The Hungry Detective

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Tad, Joan, Muffin - Hey, I wish I could make it - I'll be in LA with my family in a couple of weeks - a bit late- that's just the kind of place I'd like to visit.  Hopefully if you all have time the same crew can get together while we're there.

sunki, i was supposed to be coming into town in a couple of weeks too and we (tad and joan plus others) were supposed to go to chungking. i am no longer coming into town--perhaps you can replace me in the role of out-of-town asian egulleter. you'll just have to get a tan, and watch the simpsons episode with apu's wedding on repeat to get the accent down. oh, and you'll have to order the mapo tofu and sweat profusely as you shovel it down your throat.

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Just got back from dinner...we missed you, jschyun! It was only Foodzealot, Cathy (Texasgal) and myself, but we had lots of good food and I'm sure Foodzealot will post the photos soon. I think my favorites were the beef soup with pickled cabbage and the flash-fried lamb with green onions, along with the dabing bread. Cathy seemed to really like the three flavor knife-cut noodles. Hopefully next time we'll get a bigger group (so we can try more stuff!) and better weather -- the rain was a real downer...

skchai, we were talking about your upcoming visit to LA -- if you're serious about getting together for a meal with the local eGullet crowd, let us know when you're available -- perhaps this would be a good new thread? I think there would be quite a few of us interested in meeting up with you and checking out a new restaurant!

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jschyun, too bad you couldn't make it, I think you would have liked it. Next time! My usual boilerplate disclaimer applies.

Scallion Pancake - less like a tortilla, more like a paratha (I think) - layers


Dabing - large sesame bread - crusty outside, moist layers with scallions inside - I really liked this and didn't miss having rice at all


Beef with Pickled Cabbage in a Warm Pot - not much visual appeal, but nice, gentle flavor - beef, cellophane noodles, pickled cabbage, and rehydrated black mushrooms


Lamb with Leeks - I was hoping for a little more caramelization, some wok hey, perhaps, but still good


Three Flavors Homemade Noodles (Knife cut) - irregular shapes and thicknesses make for a varied chew


Chicken with Chinese Broccoli


I think the lamb and noodles were marked as spicy on the menu, but nothing had any heat that I noticed. There were some minor timing issues in service. But overall, I enjoyed the meal, and I would go back to this restaurant. However, I can imagine that there might be better to be had elsewhere.

I must admit to not knowing very much about the principles behind what is Halal and what is not, so here is what I found. The short story is: the animal must be slaughtered according to Islamic law, no pork, no alcohol, and all fish and seafood are generally okay. Restaurants should buy from Halal sources only. Here are some resources.




And Sun-Ki, let's definitely "break bread"!

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Aargh. . . bad timing - I really wanted to try at least one Halal Chinese restaurant while I was there. Great pictures, Tad. One site that I've found very useful in understanding the Halal strictures is Halal and Healthy.

And sorry if this really belongs on another thread, but I mentioned that we're coming in on the evening of Dec. 21. December 22 or 23 would probably be the best days for me, if any of you have time. Lunch or dinner, whichever works. We're staying in Monterrey Park (guess why) but would be happy to roam around as well. Have had a chance to get together with Tad before but would it would be great to meet Joan, Julia, Chris, and any of the others who can make it. Sorry you can't be there, Arnab; will not watch any Simpsons but will try to find some Bangla food and down it in your honor and in honor of the (hopefully safe) Bharat-Bong (I hope this is not an insult) cricket test matches in Dhaka and Chittagong.

Sun-Ki Chai

Former Hawaii Forum Host

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