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'ti punch

Ed Hamilton

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One of the treasures I discovered in the islands was a simple drink called a 'ti punch, literally translated from French this is simply a 'little punch.'

Squeeze a small piece of lime into a glass, add a measure of sugar cane syrup, available in the islands, and four or five measures of white rhum agricole.

This is by far the most popular drink in the French islands but like a lot of things, America doesn't seem to appreciate it. I know rhum agricole is hard to find stateside but I'd love to know what you think about this drink that has become one of my favorites.

I appreciate that it takes some practice to make a good

'ti punch. But it is certainly worth the effort.

Edward Hamilton

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I just returned from my first trip to St Maarten and Anguilla with a new found favorite drink, the Ti-Punch.  Talk about a perfect drink to sit back and relax with after taking in a lot of sun and sail.

I am looking forward to trying my hand at making ti-punch, I even brought back a bottle of the rum that our friendly bartender was using.  I am having a lot of difficulty in finding the cane syrup though, can anyone point me in the right direction?

thanks in advance!

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ti punch is a typical drink from french islands and "state" (martinique, guadeloupe, reunion island and french guyana). A good ti punch it's : 1/5 green lemon juice, 1/5 sugar cane syrup and 3/5 rhum agricole. If you wish you may add a couple a ice cubes. The rhum agricole should be strong enough (not 37.5°). 50°,55° and 60° are the good references.

You can also enjoy a "ti sec" (small dry) : 1/5 sugar cane syrup and 4/5 rhum agricole.

Try the following : Rhum JM, Trois-Rivières, Neisson, Père Labat, Séverin, Charette, Coeur de Chauffe ...

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Can someone give suggestions on a type (or best type) of cane syrup to use in a Ti-Punch?

All of the ones I have found so far stateside are amber colored, and I remember the bartender using a clear syrup.  Or does it really make any difference?

Thanks in advance.

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