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  1. A bottle of MT. Gay Extra Old that is! I had a friend go on vacation in the carribean and sent a wish list with him. Unfortunately he went hog wild buying some rare Tequila and only had room for 1 more bottle, otherwise I might have several others on my list But hey, I can't complain
  2. A friend is going on vacation there in a couple of weeks and I thought I would have him bring several bottles of Rum back with him. I would much prefer to give him some specific names rather than trust to blind luck though. So does anyone know what quality Rums can be had in Costa Rica that aren't available here in the states?? Thanks!!
  3. I found several bottles of Ron Matusalem Gran Reserva today. Of course I bought one I am really looking forward to trying it, I just don't know if I should save it for a special occasion or open it up! Ahhh decisions...decisions!
  4. Well thanks for the info on the Dormoy Sugar Cane Syrup!!! I ordered 2 bottles and look foward to trying a Mojitos in one of the MOR glasses I already ordered
  5. Well count me in as another of the didn't like it category. I tried both Red and Blue, but just didn't care for either one. To each his own.......
  6. Happy New Year to everyone. May your futures be bright and your Rum plentiful
  7. I have had the 1873 Solera before though I honestly don't remember much about it as I bought and drank it on a Vegas trip
  8. That is strange Bolivar. Bacardi Anejo is one of the few Rums that seem to always be in stock here in Alaska. As a side note it is also the Rum that got me started on my search for better rum to begin with.
  9. Well I have had ""fresh"" white king salmon on 1 occasion and it was delicious!! Of course fresh normal colored salmon is delicious as well but there was something about the very hard to get white king/chinook that just made it taste better :) Not sure about the genetic vs. diet thing either but I had heard it was genetics also.
  10. Does sugar cane syrup contain any alcohol? If it does I won't be able to ship it up here without the help of a distributer.
  11. Well here in Alaska we go by their nicknames king, reds, silvers, dog (chum) and humpys (pink). It actually took me a while after moving here to figure out what people were talking about.
  12. There isn't really any comparision to farmed and fresh Steelhead as far as how they taste. About 5 years ago I used to fish for Steelhead on the Kasilof River in south central Alaska before Figh & Game closed it to Steelhaed fishing. Since then I have bought several (supposed) Steellhead from a grocer and was definately NOT impressed with the taste/quality compared to what I actually caught! I can still fish for them though I can't keep them anymore. Oh well I guess thats progress??
  13. I just bought a bottle of Westerhall tonight (batch A1810). I checked it but didn't see anything in my particular bottle. Maybe just a case of slightly poor filtering?? On the other hand I DO like the taste of it I was actually pleasantly suprised at the flavor of it considering it was half as much as the Cruzan Single Barrel I bought last week. Cheers!
  14. I bought 2 bottles of this rum about a year ago and due to advancing age I can't remember the name of it!!! Here is a link http://www.internetwines.com/rws25223.html to a (different) bottle that looks quite a bit like the one I am looking for with a few differences. The main difference in appearance is that the one I am looking for is a square bottle with rounded edges instead of a round bottle with rounded edges as in the link. The label was the same type as the picture and not a stick-on. Now I could have swore ( I may be wrong) that the Rum was made by or had the name Bacardi on the bottle. It also mentioned that it was mixed or came from stock that originated in Cuba. The price I paid was around $55.00. I would appreciate any info anyone can dredge up on this rum!! If you have any questions please respond!!!! Figures that I screwed up the subject line.............what was I saying about age...hmmm can't remember now
  15. Swissmiss I checked out the link. I am unsure if it "Steens Pure Cane Syrup" is the kind that is needed but with a 10.00 surcharge to AK it really doesn't matter
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