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Barolo vs. Barbaresco

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Andrea, thanks for sharing your life's work with us. I adore Piemonte and usually get there a couple times a year. Do you welcome visitors? If so, on what basis?

Lots has been said about the perceived differences between Barolo and Barbaresco. I am wondering if there are any generalities you could point to, or is it a question of overlapping between producers such that even those with a trained palate could not tell the difference a large percentage of the time? This is a weird question, but is it possible to make Barolo-like Barbarescos, or would that be a sacrilege? I love these wines, but I am hardly an expert.

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Hi Robert, I welcome visitors without problems, if you phone or mail to arrange an appointment it's the best.

Good Question!I like to think at the differences between Barolo and Barbaresco, as the differences between Cote de Nuit And Cote de Beaune in Burgundy.

There are geografical reasons, climatic reasons, geologicals reasons and, also very important, historical reasons.I am sure that you will fell the difference from the tannins of a Barolo from Monforte and the elegance of a Barbaresco from the lower part of Neive; but I am also sure that It will be less evident in a comparison between Castiglione, for example and Barbaresco or Treiso.

I mean that the differences are between one zone and the other; if you see it from this particular point of view, things become maybe a little more complcated at the begin but very very interesting!

I'm sorry that I've to go, now.I will continue it, if I can, on this forum or I will send you an E-Mail this evening or tomorrow morning.



Andrea Sottimano

Azienda Agricola Sottimano, Barbaresco (Neive)

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