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THANKS for a fascinating Q&A!

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We surely can hold our own in the Beer Forum on eGullet (and some of you HAVE been holding yours a bit too long...), and BIG THANKS to Ray and Cornelia for their thoughtful responses to your equally thoughtful, and thought-provoking questions.

When we all do manage to gather for a gather-worthy beer event in the future, let's hope Ray and Cornelia can be a part of it; you'll find them as fascinating in person as they have been all this week.

GREAT JOB everybody, I hope we can keep the topics flowing all summer!

Rich Pawlak


Reporter, The Trentonian

Feature Writer, INSIDE Magazine
Food Writer At Large


"In Cerveza et Pizza Veritas"

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Thanks for having us here. What a great time.

I didn't know what to expect when I signed up for this but I figured it couldn't be too difficult. I'm not unaccustomed to talking about beer with beer drinkers. What caught me off guard is the questions from a different perspective than I am used to. I had to step back, scratch my head, and think about things differently.

Thanks too to everyone else who participated. As I mentioned in a response to a post from malarkey, I had no intention of trying to convert anyone from grape to grain but if anything I said gives anyone cause to consider beer where they wouldn't have before, I'm satisfied.


Life's a journey... pack a cooler!

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